Vita native exploit: Motion control and touch added to Vitasploit


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  2. NakedFaerie

    This is awesome. 1 step closer to a full on Vita hack / homebrew I’m guessing.

  3. lawliet

    Yes! I’m third !!!! YES OH MY GOD YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! 😀

    My best achievement in my life…

  4. Dmaskell92

    This is so ***!

  5. kevinalbis

    wow that cool 🙂
    every step count 🙂

  6. nes X MEN

    All we need is pong!

  7. rafael707

    Lets just see if $20 takes the bait.

    • ErnieBall

      I think whoever releases something like that, won’t do it for the 20$.
      But i guess it’s a nice little bonus.

  8. NeonAera

    Awesome progress!

  9. Mr Genius

    X-mas is near gift from all of us….

  10. Gezine

    All we need is PONG


  11. kregano

    This is pretty great, but I’d love to see if using a USB stick as storage media in a Vita TV/PS TV is possible sooner or later.

  12. Mizu

    Sounds like great news 😀
    It’ll be nice seeing a only-the-vita-is-needed-to-play homebrew come out of this, as the current one needs the PC as well.

  13. raiden

    well this is news we r waiting for ….and to make it clear ill say y i *** a lot cause this is the only site that covers good vita news as we already have gba temp and psx scene to cover ps3 and other news

  14. Brandonheat8

    Pong then doom 😀

  15. Walala

    Yo all those dummies going “first!!1!!; Secondz!!11!!” Please jump off a cliff and die.*

    *Using GTA5 that is 😉

  16. AsDraS

    Has anyone had a look at the expansion port? If yes is it already possible to control some parts of it via the webkit exploit?

  17. TiberiumFriend

    >I’ll send a $20 PSN code to the first person to release a pong
    Looks like good way for Sony to find a hacker. If they know this PSN code.

  18. niszczycielnpc

    You can use this for racing games awsome 😀

  19. warfaren

    This works for me on Ubuntu 13.04, although I had to compile Capstone myself and run sudo make install from the python subdir in order to get the python module installed. After that the exploit works great, it lets me dump motion control data like in the video 🙂

  20. Bubbles

    First!! Also this is great news as we are finally getting close to pirate vita isos. No more paying for games here we come!

    • Setzer Gabianni

      I remember the time when I buy my PSP: it took me about 3 months to achieve the money and certainly I don’t have the money to buy games: I was a college student and have about 150 dollars per month to spend in rent, food, prints and locomotion, so back there I pirate every game I want to play because for me there wasn’t other option at the time. I get a great and stable job the last year and since then i’m allways buy every game I want (since february of this year to the date I spend more than 1500 dollars in my vita, including the console) so maybe i’n not the right person to tell you this but if you really like videogames, want to say “thanks” to the producers and of course have the money, try to buy the games.
      I don’t think piracy kills the videogame industry, otherwise the PSP had died years ago whitout new games but also I don’t think that piracy it’s complety non harmfull to the industry, also I believe that everyone with a PC someday practiced piracy, either for a game, a movie, music or a program that was not avaiable in his country or because of the money factor (who is without sin cast the first stone), and it’s very hipocrit to tell everyone “do what I say but not what I do (or was)” if you like piracy for one of this reasons it’s okay but remember that here in you never gonna find something that promotes piracy and since it’s the only page that cares in get a native hack in the vita maybe a CFW that allows piracy in vita will never came out (at least from this page) so don’t have great expectations in the matter.
      Sorry for the extention of the post but I allways read a comment like yours and I’m like to share my apretiation in the matter. Hope you read it.

      • lmao

        This +9999999999, i already stopped my high school habits of pirating, now i’m a happy member of society. poor people doesn’t deserve gaming.

        • skpg

          What Setzer Gabianni is saying there is nothing wrong with piracy if you can’t afford the game, but he wishes for everyone to “legally” buy their video game, but that can’t always be the case because there is always people who don’t have a lot of money such as the case when he was in college.

          You say that poor people don’t deserve to play video games, that gaming is only for the rich or well to do, but you’re also probably one of those people who are concerned about poor people in general, which would contradict your original statement. Now if you think poor people just suck and are worthless than my last statement doesn’t apply to you.

          Look at the Vita it’s unhackable and sales or even worse than the PSP. Sales are so bad that Sony doesn’t even want to show the profits on how much the Vita made. People say that piracy can kill a system, name a gaming console that has been killed off because of piracy? People would say that piracy would kill the Vita, but the major thing that’s turning consumers off is the Vita being unhackable.

    • Guild

      Get off the site. There’s no possibility of piracy through this exploit.

  21. Ariakan

    Hey guys, don’t forget to support PS TV & DS4 too !! (3.20, but the same as 3.18 !)

  22. Iugoslavija Muisca

    its good, nearest for the target

  23. yello flash

    wow wololo is genorous he is giving away 20$ as prize

  24. xoombie503

    Lol wololo is just getting desperate as all we are that there are no real homebrews on the vita.

  25. MrNetrix

    Pong is certainly doable with what we have available with WebKit. I’m curious if anyone else is up to the challenge though.

    I would also like ‘real’ homebrew, but that is harder to accomplish.

  26. jonas

    for someone who follows the vita scene closely
    these are some pretty old news

  27. Franz

    Thats why i still use ps3 jailbreak with my ps3 i use it for remote play and free psx games with almost no lag.. No point of having native hack without online that would suck

  28. lollypop

    if u could have the python server have php …
    then u could change the output of the script in js
    run on the output psvita …
    so nobody has a framebuffer running then ?

  29. lollypop

    well pong could be doable in browser with phazer.js
    or with rops if u get a hold of the framebuffer ?.?

  30. lyrical freak

    for crying out loud…. All I want is to run a loader/homebrew on my 3.35 to run snes emulators etc…. Please help someone christ.

  31. Hatsuto

    I cant seem to install this. Im on 3.18 but it says it cant connect to the PC, when im in content manager. Any help on this?

  32. paul

    Is this a vita hack or do we still need those crappy psp game exploits?