[PS3] How to find the Dev’s KLicensee (by mysis)


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18 Responses

  1. Behrooz says:

    sorry for being noob but what can we do with the license?

  2. Trunk208 says:

    Where is the the part where the Tutorial Begin?

  3. nooby says:

    How about creating a jailbreak for 4.66

  4. Resinheadmg says:

    If i remember right when i copied my psvita content to my CFW PS3 I seen something like the above pictures…. Maybe this will allow u to see them as regular files. I wouldnt know because i have no programming exp.

  5. bubbles says:

    This tutorial is not for everyone… it was a waste of time for me…

    • V13 says:

      Yup, but regardless which contest tutorial it is, it’s definitely not for someone with your “name” or someone like you. Because the developers who release tutorials of what you want don’t usually participate in contest.

      Stop moaning if you don’t even contribute.

      • bubbles says:

        what´s wrong with my name… it´s bother you? its a simple opinion from a noob like me… intolerant people like you make us troll…

        • >_> says:

          n00b. 😛

        • v13 says:

          Nothing wrong with it, even your real name is bubbles. You have your own opinion and so do I.
          If it’s a waste of your time, don’t even bother commenting to waste more time. Because your comments demotivated people who contribute.

  6. retme says:

    nice work!

    BTW, Is there any tutorial about how to find psp game exploits on PSVita…? thx !

  7. raiden says:

    There is tutorial for searching exploits which was posted back in 2012….and plzzzz at least Give us 3.35 firmware guys a hint that there is ninja release soon

  8. nuhhh says:

    whats happening to this website its been going offline the past few weeks