The 6.xx ME & LME Custom Firmwares for the PSP will receive yet another update in near future!

The Zett

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  1. jake says:

    Wait, why discontinue .dax instead of .cso files…

  2. bubbles says:

    Give bubbles ahole

    • Cody says:

      They really should add a ratings system for comments, and then have the low rated ones automatically deleted. I think that’d solve this pest problem.

  3. bubbles says:

    Give us bubbles

  4. bubbles says:


  5. NeonAera says:

    PSP scene is still very much alive I see. 🙂 Can’t wait to try the newer CFW for better performance on emulators and etc. Awesome.

  6. witzberger says:

    Hey Zett Stumped On 3.35?……

  7. witzberger says:

    It’s Not Rocket Science, PSP Emulator……Try Vita Games…Backed Up.

  8. slashmegaman says:

    I wonder if plugins would work?
    Cwcheat, anyone.

  9. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    I’ll be honest, and this comes from a PRO user, that this sounds amazing. It really looks like a complete firmware, with every possible feature added. Hats off to Rahim-US, looking forward to this.

  10. Tail870 says:

    heck yeah!!

  11. bubblezzzz says:

    Wow this was useful like 5 years ago….

  12. Iugoslavija Muisca says:

    the 6.60 pro-B2 is fine for me

    • StepS says:

      Pro-B2? that’s a very, very old version. You should get PRO-C (PRO-C2 did not change anything except for introducing a bug with opening PSN-PS1 games)

      • Dan says:

        “Pro-C2 (fix 3)” is a slightly modded version of C2 which sorts out the PSN PSX games I believe. This is the version I’m on, not that I have any PSN downloads, but I like to have the latest stuff. I’m sure Pro-C is just fine.

    • StepS says:

      Actually, I assume you’re talking about Pro-C2 as firmware 6.60 didn’t even exist at that time yet…

  13. Ziontist says:

    Amazing! I was just about to bring up the “High Memory Layout” feature. Then I got to the last paragraph, and saw that it’s being covered! Maybe now RetroArch won’t run like *** on ME. I wanted to bring it up in the forums, but I didn’t want my request to look like I was making a request or anything like that. 😉

  14. ChrisHighwind says:

    What saddens me is that half the comments on this news post about what seems to be a decent CFW for PSP are people (or at least one person) complaining that the bubble hack isn’t released. It’s certainly not going to be released anytime soon if you keep that up.

  15. wady says:

    I hope DLC hide folder option will be available just like TN-V on this new update.

  16. hyno111 says:

    I thought DAX format was developed by mighty Dark_Alex himself, but abandoned after he retired?

  17. Salar says:


  18. Anonimo says:

    Dark_Alex is back ? WOOOW

  19. ExtremeRyno says:

    This is great news! We still have a PSP for every member of the family. Can’t wait to start converting my backups to DAX. Oh…Wait…PSX backups still have to be EBOOT, don’t they? Oh, well. Still really cool news.

  20. FonFon says:

    About the new permanent patch is PSP 2K with TA-088v3 be supported to?

    • The Z says:

      After davee is finished with his version of a 6.60 perma patch, all PSPs will be able to use it, regardless of their generation/motherboard.

      As of now any PSP with the 7th/9th/11th generation or a TA-095v1/v2/TA-096 motherboard is (officially) excluded from the 6.20 perma patch, due to firmware limitations/bugs.

  21. arnold says:

    From my experience using the DAX format, the files were generally smaller compared to CSO by a little bit. As for the speed, it was often slower. I’m not sure about the details of the format though so I could be wrong.

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  23. rodger says:

    Good day.. Im pretty new to the psp scene and would like to know.. is it possible to hack the psp e1008 street (no wifi) running 6.60. If I can hack it, what do I use. Thanx

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