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Can the Vita “bubbles” get your account banned?


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  1. anonanon

    “So, er, I just bought an extra vita to play with the 3.18 Native exploit…. do I need a third one to play with bubbles?”
    Why can’t you use the same 3.18 vita to play with native + bubbles? Is there some requirement to be on a later firmware?

    • V13

      I think what they are suggesting that developers will provide you the convenience of utilizing their tools. But it’s not their responsibility that you’ve got banned from Sony. However they will try to minimize the possibility of that happening.
      And as to your 3.18 – you can play both native + bubbles with it Wololo is not suggesting you to get another vita, but purely to alert you of what happened to other users. Hence incase you’re vita get banned, there’s a potential you can’t get hold of another vita under or equivalent 3.18 which you’ll lose the native feature.

  2. :v

    When you run a PSP/PSone game it doesn’t say so on the friends lists/info (if I recall corrrectly)
    So why does these bubbles do it if they’re running on the PSPemu?.
    Also, they could just change the name of the bubble to the name of a legit game and it wouldn’t be spotted, right?

  3. Modasucka

    Damn, that’s crazy. I never even thought of that. Thank God I bought a second Vita. My main one is strictly for TN-V and native exploit. That will forever remain on Airplane mode. As for Katsu, I don’t think it’s bubble related. I think he just did something stupid and ended up getting himself banned. It’s like qwikrazor87 said. He used the bubbles online and has no problem with Sony. Anyway, I’m sure it ain’t all bad.

  4. Geminicontractor

    Sorry if I’m incorrect, but couldn’t one just rename the application before making it a bubble?
    Certainly it should be possible to disguise it as an ordinary PSP/Vita game, right?

  5. NakedFaerie

    $ony first banned my PS3 then a week later they banned my account. I NEVER cheated online and I never placed games online. I dont know why I got banned or how they knew? I was online on PSN but never played any backup game online. It was when there was only dongles so no CFW installed at that time.
    If I took out the dongle there was no proof of any custom firmware or backups except the savegames so they DO ban for no good reason.
    I was told I could’ve taken them to court as I could bring in the PS3 and prove its not customized but I didn’t, I went the other way and I installed CFW for free for anyone wanting it. If $ony were going to screw me then I will do the same to them.

    So if you have the smallest thing installed they will ban you in seconds. Just like a eCFW on the Vita, you can easily remove it and there will be absolutely no proof on any CFW so in court you can prove its clean and how will $ony prove otherwise? You have the device in front of you and they have what? logs? They can always be wrong, a log of activity is not proof where the actual device is.
    Thats like the cops taking you to court and them having their word and you having video evidence. You have proof they dont.

    • wololo

      You broke the terms of services by using a dongle on your PS3. It gave Sony the right to terminate your account, you agree to those terms every single time you install a firmware update.
      How they detected you, and the fact that you never did anything “bad” is irrelevant. It’s possible they decided to ban everyone who’s been using dongles, CFW, etc… as a preemptive measure to clean up the PSN experience. Point is, you knowingly broke the terms of your contract with them, that left them the right to prevent you access to their online services.

      It sucks that it happened to you, but I don’t know how you could in your right mind think you’d win a court case in those circumstances.

      You also don’t know what the dongle actually did to your ps3, unless you fully reversed it (which I think nobody has ever managed to do). For all you know it leaves a signature on your console and that’s how Sony identified it. How would you explain that to the judge?

      You played the game, you lost. I feel bad for you but you should admit defeat with “honor” instead of being a sore loser. Plus you just publicly admitted to pirating games on a high profile website that Sony monitors regularly. I’m not sure that would play in your favor.

      • Raul

        Thats why I dont buy anything on PSN. I couldn’t care less if they ‘ban’ me. I have my games, i can sell them or lend them. Why should I care about greedy company which doesn’t care about me?

      • Dmaskell92

        I was banned for playing a backup of BO2. I played GTA IV for years without any issues. So anyway, I lost allot of purchases and I’m still not happy. This is why I won’t buy another “Playstation” related anything. I know I agreed to their TOS i just feel like “I bought it and I’ll do what I want with it”. I never cheated, just tried to keep my games nice by running backups.

        • zike

          whether if you didn’t cheat or not, you still violated teh TOA when you first boot up the systems. Also, i assume that you’ve signed up for a PSN account, there still a TOA attached to the PSN. While you’re free to play with the console, you’re only free to play with it offline. The Minute you hook it up online and use PSN, then you’ve agreed to the TOA.

          There is no and/if/or/but around it. I’m certain, if you’ve read the ToA that also came with teh console, it’ll also state in it that you’re not allowed to use modified console or attempt to modify the console EXEPT using those “skins”.

      • Hurr Durr

        “My website is high profile”

        • andoryuu3

          The thing about copyright laws is, if you have something copyrighted, you must (by law) protect it.

          Wololo’s point was, in regards to Sony and their obligations to protect their copyright, this is definitely a high profile website for them to keep track of.

          In any case, I don’t recall checking any other site when I was hoping to exploit my Vita….

        • lawlsuit

          lol… this site is not high profile. It’s only a small community. 75% of the people with a PS3/PS4 do not know that you can even do half the things that are possible (i.e. playing backup games, etc) with the information available on this site.

          Please be realistic. Sony is probably not even looking at this site. It’s probably just some guy with no life who looks at every article and tips off Sony through e-mail.

    • lawlsuit

      LOL taken them to court. ROFL.

      Yeah, go try and file a lawlsuit.

      Idiot. You forget you’re using SONY’S services. They have a right to ban you from using THEIR services if they feel you violated their TOS in anyway.

  6. Hutchy

    What if the dev changes the name to a psp title? So instead of playing”TNV Launcher” it says “Gladiator Begins” or something like that to hide it all together.

  7. SmurfyD

    Kinda sucks if true but then again I”m not really too excited for the bubble hack when I already have a exploit game. Just patiently waiting to see if all these new discoveries lead to something bigger.

  8. jeremymd

    honestly, I was a pspirate before, but the Vita and PS+ converted me. i’m currently on firmware 3.35 but I still fully support the devhack community for the sole reason of one day having an alternative to the oh-so-crude-and-dumb “Bubble” OS of the Vita.

    so much power under the hood, but they left out the friggin gas pedal.

    i hope one day i’ll have a Vita with the same versatility/utility I had on my irShelled PSP.

  9. Fate full

    Stop it. Just, stop it.

  10. Sett@

    I think Katsu intends wanted to get banned that would be us in the future to protect against bans! because he most likely gets to the core Vita ))

    Katsu we are your console will not forget )) true guys

  11. Sett@

    I did not write it! я этого не писал! это проделки гостей комментаторов которые пытались меня копировать жаль что эти малолетки не знали что я из Украины ))

    I did not write it! this tricks are commentators who tried to sound like me it is a pity that these youngsters did not know that I am from Ukraine

  12. Anon

    Vitas on 3.18- firmware are unbannable due to not being able to sign in to PSN in the first place, aren’t they? Why would anyone having 3.18 Vita (for eCFW, obviously) need another one specifically for bubbles?

  13. Thomas

    They won’t be able to tell what you are doing if you have flight mode on so if you do use the exploit then you could just use flight mode at the same time.

  14. Raziel

    My PS4 got banned when there are no hacks for it. and i called Sony and they said it was for hacking/modding. I would be willing to send them my system to get my account back. heck i would buy a NEW system just for my account. I was going to hack my Vita but not anymore. Just because Sony ban’s peoples for nothing


    Im a troll, but i do not aprove online cheater… like wololo said :”People who cheat online deserve to be banned to oblivion by Sony”… anyways, how they can detect some hack if i dont conect to PSN? Im still in 3.11 with Numblast…

    • bubbles

      Post on Sony network your username and flame Sony and threat it … Ull get banned

    • xoombie503

      In sonys server,your vita is still activated.how do you transfer games to your vita? I mean vita games not PSP? With a ps3?the ps3 is connected to the internet and ps3 checks its the same account on vita to activate that game for you.how do you know what information gets transfered to psn servers??vita firmware?Mac address?

  16. nielsoet

    Sony Sucks. Why not just let people create homebrew on the Vita? Just open source that *** and let us mod. It’s dead anyways.

  17. xoombie503

    You don’t need to connect to psn to be detected…your vita probably transfers information with psn servers when you activate,transfer a game to your vita using your ps3 or simply leaving WiFi on. Heck they can ban you for having a lower firmware.

  18. Guild

    Where do you people get the money for 3 vitas? I don’t even have enough money for 1 vita, let alone 2 or 3.

    • Jamx

      It’s pretty cheap to get one these days, even for a brand new VIta 1000 model. Refurbished model can be get for about $140 and used one is about $100, depends on condition, extras acc., sellers and location.

    • xoombie503

      Bought one at launch price and second one for $200 last black friday

    • lmao

      Vita is cheap, only people are crying out loud because it’s slightly pricier than a 3DS. heck, for its price, it has 10x of 3DS performance. LMAO now look, most of good games in 240p. If vita was selling better than 3ds, then most of those games definitely on vita at better resolution, quality and performance. in the end, it’s people fault for buying something cheaper without thinking price/performance value.

    • Ricky D

      They’re called having jobs and working for what you want instead of complaining about being broke. You should try it

  19. Coxy

    Just an idea….

    why not release the bubble hack?
    Millions of testers get banned, theory proven. Everyone still on 3.18? Still enjoying the self imposed ban from psn? No problems.

    PS3 CFW was stuck on 3.55 for donkeys – and that didnt faze anyone – as the homebrew was worth it. Deank’s media suite was a stroke of genius!

  20. Speedy

    I could see it now people getting there ps vita ban then selling it to gamestop/eBay then buying a new one. while people buying used gets sc***.

    • Modasucka

      Lmbo!!! Yo I can actually imagine that happening. Do you know how much profit they’ll gain? Imagine the looks on those filthy *** who got fried like that. Looking like they popped a loose Molly with their eye slits. Rofl. Money ain’t a thing when you got Sony banning rings.

  21. Asmith906

    Is there no way to make it say the name of an actual vita game instead of TN-V. Seems like that would be the giveaway.

  22. lollypop

    can wololo ban u if u cheat online ?

    “‘ I Ilike cfw’s for the ability ofp online cheat systems”‘

    especially gamesave-ploitz like those
    hidden non spoken of
    ps3 psp cod
    and beyond

    i like u for providing online cheat tools.
    dont blame the tools …
    blame the cheatas

  23. zvmz

    This is one soapy situation.

  24. bubbles


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