PS3: How to access european Netflix on CFW without PSN Login (by mysis)


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  1. David V

    Can you do this on the US version of Netflix? Console is banned but all I used was Netflix for online anyways.

    • Sukunda

      You may be able to. I’m not exactly sure if you can because of the ban. You would need to have your PS3 QA flagged, Netflix 2.16. You may also need to change NP Environment to Invalid. I use Netflix this way, while i’m not banned, I technically don’t log into PSN either. After I type in flase email/password I get a DNS error and it lets me use Netflix anyways.

  2. Elkay

    What wallpaper is that?

  3. v1n2

    Is there a similar thread about installing Amazon Instant (European or German) on CFW.?

  4. Pelan

    Where can i download the European pkg or how can i download it from my PS3?

  5. lollypop

    maybe if the python httpserver cmodule developers …
    got this 3d as a xmb game of some sort(vsh avalaunch unleashx evolutionbar)

    sort like this javascript that in chrome shows an asterix from small to big and moving in the browser window … not only an exploit but allso an exploit portal 😀

    looking forward to future developments and games 🙂

  6. Troll

    Who cares this, we want the bubbles trick, i can pay 100 bucks if someone tellme how to do it

  7. Rizwan Parvez

    Now this is why i would like a full Native Vita cfw so i can sign Netflix App and oh one more thing *** Piracy want a game buy .. Happy Day 😀

  8. Moacoeur

    I don’t know where can i find the package for step 1 can someone help me please?

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