Vita native hack: vitasploit released by Hykem


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  1. Behrooz

    i wish there was youtube video to see how to do that

  2. Jordan

    Hope the Vita will have some good news…this Christmas. 🙂

  3. Me gustaría poder contribuir en el aspecto gráfico ya sea cambiando la interfaz del psvita creo todavía no hay herramientas pero tal vez un creador de launcher.

  4. CoolKey666

    Btw, heading was a bit impressive, native hack, lol
    btw can this lead to psv backups……gud thing I kept my vita at 3.18

    • Khyle

      They aren’t ones for piracy here if that’s all you care for find somewhere else… Be happy of they get home brew running on this…

      • zorak_torok

        on my indian theme here; Road paved with same quary. The walk make the diffrence. Take from comb but leave enough to not get stung. (IE : someone else will use what is learned to take the side step and hold blame)… Bed…. sleep good me will.

      • Ash

        He didn’t mention piracy. Although allowing backups as an exploit can unintentionally cause some people to pirate, many people just like having backups of their physical games, so they do not have to swap cartridges, or bring a pile of games with them wherever they go. I remember the wii had a backup app that only lets you play the game if the same controller is connected as when the game was ripped.

      • A

        you rude man, go read better thank you

        • zorak_torok

          You guys had a problem with that post? Nothing is rude about it unless your native american. The one below is where I was being a ***.

      • thisguy

        what’s with all the uptight fgts on the internet? pretty sure he didn’t say anything about piracy.

        • zorak_torok

          I will NOT apoligize, Ah Ha Ja!!!!! “Backing up” Sony games is considered piracy under that good ole sen agreement. You dont own the games yo buy. You are liscenced or subliscenced ther use.

        • anonanon

          Guys, stop being idiots. We don’t live in 2004 anymore, There was a reason to create backups of PSP games, they were on large inconvenient discs, and until 2008, there was no way to buy digital games. Even then, the library was rather small at first, and even now you have some games that were never released digitally.

          Now we’re in 2014, The digital playstation store exists, and contains the (As far as I know) entire ps vita library, vita cartridges are tiny and not inconvenient to carry around, yet if anyone found them inconvenient they now have the choice of digital purchases for their games.

          This ‘He only said backups!’ Excuse cannot be used in this day and age, there is very little reason to want backups, apart from piracy nowadays.

          • zorak_torok

            Agree.. Also, think about it… Why dont they allow people to get the digital for free when the card is purchased? Most people would sell their original and keep the digital.

      • reaper527

        the vita is a mobile platform. there is a lot of utility in a hack that allows people to take all of their games and get them onto a single cart so they don’t have to travel with a ton of small, easy to lose games (instead letting them keep them all on one overpriced memory card that never has to be swapped).

        running game images != piracy.

      • PeAcE

        I’m curious why you come to check for exploits? This is what the site is about and piracy would be inevitable and any emulators you run would still be piracy and isn’t likely you’d be dumping own roms unless you want the odd homebrew? But the potential of the Vita being exploitable is a bonus and I prefer homebrew too and don’t mind buying games but backups is also a bonus or likely run faster like PSP ISO but drop the liberal act… You’d be lying if never downloaded/streamed something even if movies and the problem is easy access but too much of something isn’t always a good thing and soon wears thin or personally not that into movies even with fast net. Many love that *** though and feel clever haha!

        • PeAcE

          **** lol

          • PeAcE

            Ok, its censored? Haha! The statistics of the Vita being used for piracy seems quite low though compared to PSP and maybe because taking longer? Judging amount of views even on YouTube of Vita exploits.

          • PeAcE

            I’d like to finally run Goldeneye 007 smooth on a PSP and I tried that so many times with updated emulators with no avail… lol 2 analogs is also better if configured right and strife C set to left/up right/up but on a handheld like Vita would be cool.

    • zorak_torok

      Really? “Man who has to ask also has need to not ask.”… Or so an indian high on payote once told me.

  5. jkoiou

    I’m assuming this is for coders who know what they are doing and not for those who like a simple install process? Bc I wouldn’t know left from right if I downloaded the code… should I dl it anyways?

  6. ......

    any tutorial video please.

  7. BirthByRight

    how to use this??? 🙂

  8. The Z

    *3.20 and below 😛

  9. Интересно!Продолжайте!

  10. Киноман

    очень интересно)у мя аж дух захватывает)
    гбх привет)

  11. joel

    im still on version 2.02 using the uno hack soo how those this help me i dont get it

    • xoombie503

      Doesn’t help you right now until someone creates a homebrew or some other cool hack ready for the public.just don’t update past 3.18 if you ever want to enjoy it in your vita.

  12. xoombie503

    Those are some really interesting modules.

  13. sloples

    Most of here just end users can’t figure out how to make this happen without any detail video tutorials ,but always same theme like this on the home page teasing people .

  14. Shikhar

    Well , if there was a way to
    1. Play REAL LEGAL (MY OWNED) backups , it would be great. I won’t have to carry cartridges
    2. Also having multiple PSN accounts on the same Vita – more like the PS3 interface. So I dont have to format my Vita or buy a second Vita (Example – I have Asian Killzone Mercenary and I purchased dlc for it but now I am on a US PSN so I can’t play the Asian DLC for Killzone Mercenary). So irritating Sony !

    • lmao

      1. Download from PSN.
      2. Digital download solves it all.

    • anonanon

      exactly as lmao said, we all know you want backups for piracy, don’t try and hide it. Now that the PS store exists, there’s hardly any reason or benefit to creating backups, since if the cartridges annoy you so much, just buy your games digitally.

      • tabegoro

        I have to call half-***.

        I have Star Ocean on my PSP, and I wanted to play it on my vita TV. However, they do not sell it in the JP psn store, so I had to hack my Vita TV and rip my Star Ocean UMD to play it on the Vita TV.

        So there are people that sometimes don’t play backups for piracy. Although, we might be a small minority.

      • Shikhar

        Well Sir , I would have to disagree with you for a variety of reasons :-
        1. I can’t resell my game later if I download digitally .
        2. A native Vita hack may allow third party companies to create cheaper and bigger capacity memory cards. I don’t support Sony’s overly priced slow memory cards.
        3. To download digitally, I need to update my Vita and hence lose the capacity to enable homebrew or CFW in the near future.
        4. In my place of residence , I pay a hefty amount just for a 12 GB internet connection. Downloading digitally uses up my bandwidth so I prefer physical games.
        5. Also buying used physical copies is also economical and smart , especially when the games are already overpriced in my country (India).

        That’s why I am Pro-Native Hack ….

        Hope you understand where I am coming from.

        Thank You 🙂

        • anonanon

          To me, 4. Is the only legitimate point you’ve made,
          1. your choice
          2. Sony cards aren’t necessarily slow, even if third party cards that were faster were created, I doubt the vita would actually be able to take advantage of the speedier cards, and even if it could speed differences would probably be neglectable.
          3. your choice
          4. This is a legitimate point, data caps are the main issue digital downloads have
          5. again, this is your choice, not a legitimate argument for backups.

          Though obviously you have the right to have your own opinion, and you don’t have to think the same as me, but please take this into consideration.
          The majority of people who want ‘backups’ want them for piracy, if a native kernel exploit was found for the vita and playing backups became a reality, sure people like you who don’t seem to have an interest in piracy may not misuse it, but you can be sure that 99% of people who do hack their vita’s, will do it for piracy, it’s the reality of the situation, whether you like it or not. A console like the vita, which is suffering badly from a small and poor game library could only suffer from opening up the ability to pirate, on a console like the PSP, DS where they were actually popular, you could argue that piracy didn’t harm either that much, but you can be sure piracy WILL harm the vita. if you love the console, you need to understand that piracy could only hurt it in the long run.

          • Shikhar

            @anonanon ,

            I won’t say I think but i know you’re 100 % correct about the piracy concern. All people want is to pirate.

            Regarding the Vita’s future if it gets Pirate friendly, it’s difficult for me to imagine or conclude whether it would hurt the vita more or even kill it in the long run . It seems to me that only Japanese market might support the Vita in the long run so less piracy in that region. But in other parts of the world where people want First Party games or FPS, they will definitely pirate all games. At one point , even I thought that if Vita got hacked, I will also pirate all games. But my thoughts were influenced by the anger caused by non-availability of good games on Vita and not to support piracy.

            Coming to third party memory cards , well , I don’t know what to say. Just wish, I could use a larger card for an economical price and not Sony’s limited edition stupid cards. Even if speeds performed a little better, consumer must have always have choices, I hate corporate monolopies.

            Thanks for your valuable feedback though, I enjoyed reading it. Feel enlightened , hehe 🙂

        • StepS