Home theatre projectors, a good idea for a Gamer? (How I chose mine)


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  1. jafery says:

    And where would u place the projector also maters if u want to change channels through remote

  2. z2 says:

    1st!!! please love me..

  3. YcO96Ps says:

    I use a projector for classic gaming and it kicks ***! 😀
    I painted the whole room matte black and i am using it on a white wall. Since i use it for classic gaming and Rock Band it’s not HD but it does have 3000 lumens and it looks fantastic! The room you use it in should have darker walls with non-reflective paint if possible for the best experience.
    Enjoy your new toy! Projectors are awesome! 😀

  4. Akabane87 says:

    My advises :
    1st : calculate the max size you will be able to get as rendering surface in your room.
    2nd : Test for real any video projector with same config or similar on an equivalent rendering surface. I personnally have no ideo of what a 720p projector can look like on a 50″ +rendering surface but I fear the quality will look terrible whetever the optic quality will be.
    3rd : If both previous points are OK, compare the price of a classic HD TV of this size if this exists with the price of your projector.

    Finally be aware that a projector will always require lesser ambiant light to have something correct rendered than a TV will require. So : be prepared to live in the dark :p.

    • EvilG says:

      720p doesn’t look AWFUL, but my projector had trouble maintaining focus over long periods of time (had a 500 lumen LED projector from InFocus). I paid $300 for that projector, but decided that I want a 1080p projector instead.

      The Optoma HD140x is on sale on newegg right now – just ordered one for $540

  5. hymness1 says:

    Great article Wololo. Please share pictures once you get it and set it up. I’d like to know where you want to install it? In your living room or in a dedicated/dark room?

    If by “chance” you install it in your living room, please share your thoughts at using it in ambiant light. I too am considering changing my really-too-small-40″-TV, and I didn’t think about a projector. However, I’d need to install it in my living room that is, even with curtains closed, kinda bright in the day.


  6. Fetsna says:

    Thanks for the article and im glad that my pick: the optoma HD25-LV is on your list. I use it for games and movies both 2D and 3D if available. And it does everything that i want it to do. The projector was not that expensive in the Netherlands. But the 3D glasses that you will need cost € 100,- a piece. so if you want to use with friends/family this will cost you.

  7. gunzjones says:

    I play at my GF’s house on a 3d projector. It’s an optoma if I remember correctly. It only set us back about 300 on eBay. We’ve had it almost a year and it’s great. The only issue we had was running the HDMI cable through the ceiling and having the right length. Disappointed by the number of 3d games actually out there, but playing through Arkham Asylum in 3d is pretty neat. Even better on 100″ of wall/screen.

  8. Show says:

    I have an Acer® H5360. Got it for a great deal on amazon a few years back and the thing does 1080i and 3d, not that I use the latter at all. The room I’m in has lots of windows and light walls, but I invested in curtains and pull down screens. It takes a hit during the day, but it is glorious at night. The sound set up was a bit of an issue, but it’s nice to have the screen area be totally clear. All of the electronics are in the corner to the left of the couch, and I have to change inputs to get sound to different devices. I could probably get an amp and streamline that whole process, but that’s my own laziness, not a lack of options. I have an 80 inch pull down screen that I’ve had for a while, but when I got this place, the throw makes the image way too big for it. I’ve had to SHRINK my screen size!

    Eventually, I’m going to upgrade to an 100 inch screen and take full advantage of my viewing space.

  9. Polux says:

    If you have no space and whant a big screen, you can stay for Oculus rift like project, i think 2015 will be the year of 4K for mobile phone, and 4K on a so small screen will be a huge goal for Virtual Reality 3D/2D games and movies.

  10. Shadyblue9o9 says:

    I actually just got a projector! its an Acer h6510bd..1080p native 3d projector for only $800 and it has higher than 2000 lumens! and its a wide angle projector… i can get a 120inch screen on my white wall that is about 10ft away :D!

    • Shadyblue9o9 says:

      Just as a warning though… i used to only play my ps4 once every 2 weeks or so… no i try to play it any chance i get =_=..

      The built in speaker for the acer H6510BD is horrible though… i would recommend getting some great sounding computer stereo speakers with a subwoofer. I got mine for $60 and they are way better than my tv speakers and sound amazing :D! Also… the projector i got was used and off of craigslist… $400 >:D and its practically brand new… not a scratch on it… it just came with 1000 hours already on it

  11. O-bake says:

    The noise of the fan is something many people don’t take into the pro/con consideration.
    If the projector is strictly for gaming, this might not be the biggest issue. But if you are a movie enthusiast it might a different issue. I had a projector a while ago and I got rid of it, because of the fan noise.
    And even if they are called ‘low noise’ or whatever, I am still bothered by it. A movie with tension you are focussing…..and in the background you hear the bssssss.
    No, thank you.

    • gunzjones says:

      This could be said for owners of systems with fans as well…ps3 or 360 from personal experiences. My projector is smaller and quieter than the ps3 when a movie is playing.

  12. muzz says:

    I picked up a pretty sweet projector last year just before Black Friday at probably 70% off general pricing via Woot. I’m not plugging them or an advertiser, just an experience I had. I’d recommend definitely keeping an eye open there and sites similar in the next couple weeks. If you can spring it, then it may be the time to leap. I picked of an 83″ screen with tripod and yea, it kicks ***. 🙂

  13. lollypop says:

    so u got urself a personal home cinema projector …
    i remember when the first xbox was bundled with one lol

  14. jlo138 says:

    I bought mine nearly 4-5 years ago. I have an Optoma Gametime Projector Model 720 or something like that. It’s not the best but it works great. Been playing Minecraft on it lately

  15. Tnutbutter says:

    Was saving up for a 30″ tv. Completely forgot about projectors. Guess I’m saving up for the Optoma’s HD141X.

  16. Ninjakakashi says:

    I prefer small screens in a computer desk set up. My screen also must have low input lag so like a monitor…

    In terms of movies I would love a projecter because the quality is just stunning!

  17. g-sus says:

    I own a BenQ W1000 full HD projector for over 3 years now. It my old appartment, it had 169″ picture, currently only ~90″. I use it primarily for watching movies, but I also play Xbox360/PS3/PS4 on it. The efect of the big picture is not compareable with a small 42″ TV. It is amazing, even though you have to somehow get the room dark if you want to play. Playing at daylight is not possible, that’s fact. If you have the space in your appartment, then I would recommend a projector! Ah, and a white wall is absolutely sufficient, you do not need a special screen.

  18. V13 says:

    Well if you have a proper area and sound system go ahead. Because you will then later be spending money on a home entertainment unit. And organizing everything in place properly is also safer for the kid. ; )

  19. Jamie says:

    I just installed a projector in my basement. If you want an upgraded version of the BenQ W1070, the new model is the HT-1075 and it adds a input for apple TV, Google Chromecast etc. It meets all the above min specifications, if not all the nominal. Best part is that is was just over $1000 CAD.

    I haven’t tried my gaming yet, however with my newly installed Sony receiver, I will get my PS4 connected this weekend.

  20. gunblade says:

    Well always wanted a projecter jus so I could play my ps3 on a real big screen. Thought if u move the projected closer to the screen the picture will be more better quility well was cool playing ps3 on a projecter with one of the homies.

  21. Loute says:

    Last but not least and especially when it comes to gaming, some folks (like me) are sensible to the rainbow effect induced by the DLP technology. I too would have loved to use a DLP projector for gaming but I have to stick to 3LCD panels since the games goes “little Pony” on DLP. The image is clean though it’s an old one (a 720p bought in 2007), the black lacks… black and the contrast ratio could be better but at least I can play or watch an action movie with it.
    Before buying a projector, go test yourself in a shop to see by yourself if you’re sensitive to rainbow effects.

    • wololo says:

      Thanks, extremely good point, I am very sensitive to the rainbow effect myself.

      • EvilG says:

        Congrats Wololo, You filled me with PROJECTOR LUST – I bought an HD141x. Should be arriving today.

        I’ve never seen this “rainbow” effect in my past projectors. Hopefully this one will be no different.

  22. nCadeRegal says:

    I had a very nice hd sony projector some years back. i loved it. I played games on an 8 ft x 12 ft screen and loved it. like stated above the room had to be dark for it to be enjoyable. This is my only gripe with said projector and the reason i now own a 50 inch vizio led tv. After about 2 years of use the lamp in the unit went bad. at the time a replacement bulb was a few hundred bucks from sony. I purchased it and it only lasted aout 8 months. it wasnt under warranty of course so i went with a cheaper brand bulb and the first one was bad out of the box. i returned it which took 3 weeks only to get another bulb that only lasted 2 months, i returned that under warranty and got a bulb that worked but had a crack at the base of it.
    i gave up on the projector after that. my parents also have 2 tv’s that use bulbs and had the same problem after the factory installed ones went bad. They also had the same issues when buying replacements. I will only buy led tv’s now after dealing with the nightmare of replacing bulbs every 6 months. Just beware that after the factory bulb goes the replacements never last as long even if you shell out the money for the brand name one. Although ulb costs have gone down quite a bit in the last year or so. good luck.

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