PS4 firmware 2.00 is out, and as expected, it blocks the Webkit exploit


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27 Responses

  1. sadfsdf says:

    Getting a ps4 is just not worth it, especially with that pay to play online ***…. since sony is obviously in the dire need of money

    • Casavult says:

      While I don’t own an Xbox, I’m pretty sure it’s the same with their system also, isn’t it?

      If so, what’s the difference? If you don’t want to pay to play for online whilst gaining benefits from PS+, then game on a PC.

    • XtremeDerp says:

      You seem to know about Sony’s troubles in detail, tell me more…can you tell me exactly when they’re going bankrupt?

      You guys are a f joke. It was M$ who set the precedent, Sony is a business so they’re trying to capitalize it too.

      • Webkit200 says:

        you’re wrong microsoft stole the idea of the dreamcast.

      • gmk says:

        Sure, the fact that Microsoft gave the middle finger to their costumers totally justifies Sony doing the same.
        They are both the same cancer and the best for gaming would be that they both went bankrupt, along some companies like EA and Activision, and for people to think again before trying to scam the ones that bring food to their table.

    • 2412534 says:

      They need the money to pay for their expensive cars and yahts

  2. Raziel says:

    updated just because of Destiny and i have PSN plus so i get free games so really not worth staying at 1.7x

  3. mystic_shadow776 says:

    Eh kinda pointless to stay on 1.7 for a webkit for ps4 it could be yrs before anything is done. Besides any homebrew stuff it may potentially do my pc can always do better just cost to much to run XD

  4. CycloneFox says:

    Since the PS2 (because of region lock), I’ve never had the desire to hack a stationary console ever again. PS3 and PS4 offered pretty much everything for me, that I want. For everything else, I can just use my PC. So, whatever. I’ll update this evening for those nice features.

    But on the Vita, it’s a totally different thing. Being able to launch homebrews on the go or maybe even (if it’ll ever be hacked on kernel-base) banning the one-account-per-memory-card-policy would be a great thing.

    The only thing, I can think of, where a jailbreak is woth it on both the PS4 and the Vita, would be fan-translations or undubs. But right now, there is no need for that on PS4.

    • dvize says:

      I would like to see dlna support for my ps4 (sony is taking too long and may never add it due to the potential revenue loss of their online stores). If jailbreaking the ps4 gives me that capability, then its a no loss situation for me. heck, the only thing i do with my ps4 is watch streams and video-on-demand.

      • anonanon says:

        Oh god, how I detest the word jailbreak… Wish people would stop using it for Sony consoles and keep it jailed inside the Ios family

  5. meysam25 says:

    yes that right i am not going to update

  6. lollypop says:

    well i wish u luck on further developing the webkit ploit xD
    but i’m having to gonna need to update around the 18th
    becuz i preordered gta5 OMG
    for once i preorder and its a firmware preorder lol

  7. lollypop says:

    im keeping vita on 3.18 tho xD space invaders tekken patapon 2 xD
    plus webkit 🙂

  8. PSP2IsVita says:

    Just please tell me I’ll be able to use a proxy to download GTAV.

  9. DarkenLX says:

    I’ll stay on 1.75 and use a proxy as long as i can but if there are not some mem tools for ps4 like the vita or somthing then i will update as ill need psn for CoD:AW

  10. Reckless says:

    I will be updating… I need my Destiny(Only game on next gen that got me to break down and buy–no I was not ok with the ps3 ver lol).

  11. nope says:

    Well my PS4 has been gathering dust for a little while now, so until I get a game which has online play that I’ll play a lot I’ll stay on 1.76.

  12. Archaemic says:

    Gonna be a bit pedantic here for a moment, so forgive me, but what Sony does for PSP game exploits is blocking them (by preventing the exploit saves from being loaded), but in this case the exploit is actually FIXED (the actual code has been changed to fix the bug).

  13. jake says:

    “but hey, you don’t come to this site to get the official PS news now do you?”

    *** Happened This Week(!)

  14. anonanon says:

    It’s a lot harder to keep from updating a stationary console, compared to a portable one – so in 12~ days once my exams are over and I’m able to get back on my ps4, I’ll probably update it, unless something significant happens in that time. I’ll be keeping my vita at 3.18 though

  15. brunoso says:

    Yep. Just waiting to get home to do it!

  16. zorak_torok says:

    Update…. But if good things come, buying another ps4.

  17. Joao paulo says:

    I need help, anyone here know where I can buy a Playstation 4 in Orlando on firmware 1.76 ? Thanks

  18. Kah says:

    FW 2.00 also requires an updated vita to remote play on it.

  19. Vegeto says:

    Wololo You’re doing a good job! Thank You and good luck!