Incoming VHBL port for Firmware 3.30?


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  1. chihuahua says:

    nice, you need to edit ‘Additionally, firmwares 3.18 and 3.30 are compatible with the recently released, promising, webkit exploit; while firmware 3.30 is not.’ —– to 3.18 and 3.20.

  2. Galion says:

    sweet i can’t wait

  3. The Z says:

    Keeping this secret until 3.35, seems a good idea, imo.

    Releasing something for 3.30, that is working on 3.35 is a waste, so no release for 3.30 🙂

    Can’t promise anything, though :/

  4. Diogo says:

    @TheZ do you think it would be possible to run android on the vita if some kind of native hack gets released? I mean like a dual boot or something? I know it would be hard without source code, but it could be possible don’t you think?

    • The Z says:

      Not without a bootloader hack.

      And if we have one of these, why an inferior OS like Android?

      Why not a heavily modified PS Vita OS? A simple Vita CFW.

      • Diogo says:

        That’s most likely not going to happen haha

        Well, Idk, in my opinion android is a great OS, I mean we could get the best of both OS’s.

        And you think with a heavily modified PS vita OS we could remove all those restrictions like get easy access to the vita storage? Add support for more video and image formats? That may sound stupid but I never had a cfw on a ps3, so I don’t know what it looks like in terms of features

        • The Z says:

          It might be a great OS (if you mean Stock Android, and not the raped version by samsung), but not for the PS Vita.

          • Diogo says:

            Oh, I’m not the only one who hates touchwizz then, you might be right, there’s not enough RAM to run android on it, at least without lags, thank you for answering :b

      • zanzee says:

        Well that’s not totally true, you can load linux post boot. Not sure how well the hardware would run android. BSD which the vita uses is a good foundation already and could easily run Xwindows if needed.

  5. solidsnake says:

    Your move

  6. riddle43 says:

    awesome no i can old school game on my PS TV im happy again

  7. mangosteam says:

    wish there is a method on webkit exploit to bypass firmware update on accessing psn or updated games

  8. unnamed says:

    hi The Z can you help me? im on 3.18 right but missed the game exploits so should i just update to 3.30 or stay with 3.18 even if i can’t download the game exploits to it’s forcing me update

    • Xoombie503 says:

      Stay on 3.18 there is a way to download the games.webkit exploit doesnt work on 3.30

      • unnamed says:

        ooh ok so does download queue trick still works on 3.18?

        • Eric The Aussie says:

          I’ve tried it, it doesn’t seem to work anymore. I got it to work around October the 18th for the PSN Minecraft glitch, but when I tried to use the trick to get Urban Trial Freestyle onto the Vita it didn’t work, I tried this about 3 days ago.

          • unnamed says:

            so is there another way to download games at psn without the need of an update.? cause i want to download some exploited game and run a hack on my 3.18 ? any suggestions?

  9. brownienz says:

    “unnamed” you need to use the opencma and ps3 trick to download games from psn and put them on your vita theres plenty of info out there on how to do that 🙂 just buy a xploit game from psn on a ps3 using your psn account that you use on your vita

  10. thexMen says:

    hi, I’m noob and I have version 3.30, as I can run those emulators Video

  11. Jay says:

    Is there any homebrew for 3.30??

  12. Anthony says:

    Hey guys, im new to all this emulating on the PSV. When I found out you could do this, I already updated my psv to 3.30. So is it impossible for me to run some gameboy games off my psv now? If there is a way, could someone show me the steps to do so? Thank you so much!

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