Playstation TV: not ready for prime time


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35 Responses

  1. Shikhar says:

    So basically , the PS TV got BIGBANG KAMEHAMEHAED !

  2. Ruben_Wolfe says:

    Great article.
    As of my opinion PS TV’s best feature is the homebrews, though I guess there are other machines that can do just that.

  3. blueselfie says:

    The PPSSPP PSP emulator on Android is so much better then this, and you can also stream it to your tv, its free

    • Ruben_Wolfe says:

      Yea but it wont run as smooth as on vita.
      I once read something about that the PSPemu inside the vita is not made by software but hardware.

      • gunblade says:

        Supposedly it’s like the ps4 with a seperate cpu for os. Supposedly the vita has a ps2 cpu that more like an atom for longer battery life.

    • gunblade says:

      so the vita media player a lot lockdown a bit maynly cuz the media manger.

    • Jefphar says:

      PPSSPP in Android is too slow compared to TN-V on PS Vita and Vita TV!

    • angel says:

      just buy a used psp…the 3000 can play every single game on the tv…few weeks ago i installed tn-v on mine, but just because i had the patapon game for free, and it was installed on my vita.. when the new firmware came out, i updated it mine.. i like to watch netflix, hulu, and play online on my vita. i had a psp since 2005, and even gave away a year ago the one i had.. i didnt buy a vita to play psp games.

  4. taliesintaliesin says:

    I have 2 Vita TVs. I use 1 as an (expensive) paperweight and another 1 perm hook up to my Sony Trinitron to play Marvel V Capcom 3 with my dog.

    • alpmaster says:

      Same here until my vita tv gets activated it is a paper weight =D
      can’t even play killzone or Sly cooper collection =[

      • gunblade says:

        I would use it as a media player.

        • gunblade says:

          ill use my vita tv as A backup on vita. save games.

        • morky says:

          It sucks as a media player – bad. A $34 Raspberry Pi running XMBC will easily destroy the VitaTv/PSTv, Roku, or just about most other media player systems. It can play every format of video VLC supports and unlimited hard drives. PSTv is not a good media center unless your in the Sony ecosystem. I cant get my Sony TV/BluRay equipment to play anything except low quality mpeg4 content.

  5. gunblade says:

    So I was planning on getting a ps tv thought the new update for the PlayStation tv would let me use the vita as a remote control. But I guess would have to remote the ps4 then use the vita remote play for the ps4 I guess got to get a ps4 I guess maybe next month hopefully.

  6. KonaKona92 says:

    Is it possible to switch US PSTV’s region to Japan?

  7. solidsnake says:

    Yeah. Of course the only thing that works correctly on the Vita tv is the thing you have to pay for! And its not affordable either! I always thought how funny it was when sony thought it was a good idea to start charging full price for pc games on ps3 like Mass Effect games when I had already got them on my Pc years ago for waaayy less. Sony only care about money now!

  8. Telgardrakore says:

    So its exactly what wololo predicted and what all the warning signs were pointing at, PlaystationTV is nothing more then a shitbox of no value other then to play the amazing Wagic on a big screen.

  9. Malaky says:

    Well, a poor box for an expensive price, too deep restricted, no netflix, no youtube… heck you kidding me? For 30$ i can buy a raspberry pi or android box.. I dont undertestand why make this not finished box
    when a cable vita to hdmi come?

  10. UGH! says:

    My most favorite PSP games are the Valkyrie Chronicles 2 and 3. I have 2 for PSP (UMD disk thank you very much) and bought it on PSN. I love the game so I support it. I downloaded VC2 from PSN onto my PS TV and BOOM!!! was not supported. I then loaded it up in the exploit and it worked like a charm. What knuckle head at Sony is able to keep their job that games people buy can’t be played on their OFW. Where as people releasing their hard work and not being payed by Sony are making their systems worthwhile to own. I don’t get it.

  11. mma_jedi says:

    If it would support PS Now streaming at library capacity then it would be pimp..good for kids though as is cheap and straight to the TV. I’m living that tablet life right now. Certain Apps/Games are free and top knotch graphics; playing Arkham,Iron Man 3 and Star Wars: Assault Team on mine….

  12. LennyVita says:

    I purchased one of these, Had it TN-V with Gladiator Begins, loaded with emulators, but returned it the next day after restoring it.

    Its missing key features like listed above. I wanted a machine for emulators and this dont cut it. I want a Amazon fire TV, it supports more and i can run any emulator on android on this.

    The PS4 streaming dont work because i only play online in real time. that second delay is the difference in getting shot, and with a PS4 next to it why bother?

    This is a great system with potential but Sony being Sony did a half *** job releasing it unfinished. it runs a fraction of vita games, little media support. Sonys expensive memory cards, and so many options with a PC/Android/Amazon Fire TV does already why do i need this? i will be putting my money on a Amazon Fire TV and enjoy unlimited media and emulator support

    too bad this Playstation TV didnt run android with vita support also, wow what a complete system.

  13. Thrawn says:

    -$ony 😉

  14. SofaKing says:

    a little disappointed, but that is what I expect with SONY launch products. by copying my blacklisted games to pc it IS possible to copy GTA LCS and crash bandicoot as well as angrybirds (psp) to my PSTV. but the $100 convenience for not having to move my PS4 from game room to entertainment room and back for the FIBBAGE tournaments is almost worth it. over all I find it is not quite good enough for DRIVECLUB or BF4, but it does work well as a conversation piece


    Jeez I’m tired of sony dropping the ball with their vita products… if this had netflix & other sorts of video streaming service right out of the box & some good marketing this could have built up the vita install base but with the product we got it seems like a missed opportunity. Also 18% of the vita games working at launch? idk how they could convince devs to patch their games to be compatible but that’s really unacceptable. I couldn’t care less about Playstation Now, I do not want to rent games I want to own them. just make a software backwards compatibility emulator for our ps4 sony please. (never going to happen)

    • gunblade says:

      Well ps4 got homebrew ps3 has ps2 backword capability. Think to dual boot a ps4 with ps3 os but Idont think the ps3 os can fit on the ps4 costume chip.

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