Minecraft Vita is out now. A guide on how to get Minecraft or any game on a lower firmware for dummies!

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  1. not ALL

    I think your only talking to those who have firmware 3.18. Method 1, 2 & 3 does not work on very old firmware other than the one after the latest. You should have already known that.

    • not ALL

      I mean “before the latest”

      • not ALL

        and I mean Methods 2 & 3 only.

        • Jd8531

          These methods still work and I only described the bare bones methods. There are some instances where they dont below the firmware right below the latest. There isnt strong consistency but they work; all depends on Sony’s servers and when a new push shuts them down (ref. Method 1 and 2).

          Most people are not any lower than 3.18 considering recent events so this is a generalized tutorial geared to that demographic but doesn’t alienate everyone else.

          It should also be noted that for Method 3 you can do some tinkering with the xml files on lower firmwares also. Again consistency isnt great but has been proven to work in the past.

          • Jd8531

            When I said “Ref. Method 1 and 2” I meant “2 and 3”.

          • YZ Rum

            I’m on FW 3.18. I tried using Charles Proxy but nothing appears on my session list. I keep getting error nw-10743-5 when I try to connect with my Vita. As for VitaUpdateBlocker, I put the IP address and Port # that is displayed on the app but it says “Blocking non-related traffic is DISABLED.” I’m still new to these proxy methods and would like some guidance on what I’m doing wrong

  2. Boi

    Well, would it ask you to update the vita if its a newer game, even if you transfer it via open cma?

  3. nocturnalsteve

    It sucks that being on 3.18 with TN-V means yes I now have Minecraft but if I want to use an existing PS3 world or swap saves between them then TOUGH – that action requires you to Update The Software 🙁

    Roll on TN-V for 3:30!!!

    • Dmaskell92

      A kernel exploit isn’t released on every firmware. If fact around here the trend is to release one once a year. So GL with that.

    • ErnieBall


      • ErnieBall

        Opps! That went wrong.

        Use a proxy (i tested with Vita Update Blocker) as explained above. Restart your Vita and run Minecraft (keep proxy on during the whole process). Now you can connect to PSN and download/upload saves.

        This will stop working at some point, so better be quick!

  4. warfaren

    Nice guide!
    I wonder though, is there a demo out in any of the regions and if so, it should be installable via Package Installer, right?

  5. Aneudi

    Can you play online without updating?

    • Jd8531

      If you are using the proxy trick you can indeed play online. But again the method only works for so long and you may experience various interruption while playing.

  6. PiratingIsTheBestThing

    When are they going to make it so we don’t have to buy the game? You know a free download so we can pirate it. Who is going to buy this when you can steal for free?

  7. Ricky D

    Here’s an alternate guide for people that want to play Minecraft on their Vitas.

    1) Power on your Vita
    2) Check that you have enough free space on your memory card
    3) Walk outside
    4) Stand in the middle of the street and wait for natural selection to start working again

  8. DarkDante

    Hello and thanks for this guide. Question on the physical games, I saw you noted that those might have restrictions and force updates, do you know if these tricks would bypass that? and is the restriction built into the physical game, like say i buy a second hand copy of a game from last year, is the game itself restricted to work only on 2.61 and higher (just an example), also if this is the case is there some kind of list that says which physical games work on which FW?

  9. Sky Yuki

    “Lower PSVita firmwares For Dummies”
    Doesn’t this sound just like tutorial for how to lower ps vita firmware?

  10. Tnutbutter

    I already own Minecraft on PC, so I’ll just wait until it is free for ps plus

  11. CycloneFox

    Thanks. Method 2 is working great after a restart! Very simple.

  12. someone honest

    nothing works for firmware 3.10 shame on you man for not telling us this before having us deal with such bullsh…

    shame on you! not to mention some of these methods are very old and you make them sound like they’re new.

    • Jd8531

      I cant predict the future. If they were old then you should’ve known, right?

      Its called a For Dummies guide for a reason; its for people not well versed in the scene. Never said they were entirely new.

  13. brandon666

    Vita update blocker is no longer working for me.