Codestation’s QCMA Updated: Now supports PS Vita firmware 3.30!

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  1. riddle43 says:

    super cool….. and of course first!!!!

  2. taliesintaliesin says:

    I wonder if i could use qcma to transfer files to ps tv/vita tv…

  3. Warfather says:

    i need help installing on linux mint if you make a video tutoriul il vote for you on the /talk

  4. rimana says:

    Can this be used to transfer content from a ps3 by unplugging like the openCMA trick?

  5. Davide says:

    Can I play Patapon 2 at 3:30 ??

  6. YZ Rum says:

    I wish you could downgrade with it. Then it would be useful

  7. Yazeed says:

    Is there any tutorial for this app ?

  8. chronoss says:

    Very good, merci beaucoup 😉

  9. Rob says:

    where do we find the download in 66 pages of forum thread?

  10. Galion skyedragon says:

    I need help refreshing the databass and on top of that it keeps saying know ps vita is registered

  11. Chrysolite Stone says:

    I have QCMA working and TN-V10 working, but my ISO’s won’t show up and the savefile size won’t change.

  12. BTS Boys says:

    what is qmca

  13. BTS Boys says:

    qcma how do i download it

  14. Zaka says:

    can anyone help… I made a back-up using QCMA … But i cant return it to my vita.. i see the back-up but when i click it nothing happens for a second it jsut freezes at 0/8000 .. it then reboots.. Please help i have very important thing in it..

  15. Galion skyedragon says:

    hey i am having trouble with qcma. i cant seem to find the files i want to transfer to my vita. on my vita

  16. Royston says:

    I couldn’t install the official content manager assistant.. cos i keep getting this error message.

    ” The files for installation requirement Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package could not be found. The installation will now stop. This is probably due to a failed, or canceled download.”

    Hope this QCMA works well for me.

  17. Daniel says:

    I had install qcma but i want now use the orginal sony cma how can i uninstall the qcma driver?

    because i cant connect with USB?

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