Best Vita / PSP Homebrews for October 2014


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  1. Fox says:

    Cool! Gonna give Picodrive a shot

  2. David says:

    More Pure Power Is Onelua!!!
    In Programming homebrew 😀

  3. hrosales says:

    Do you happen to know by any chance if (I am on FW 3.18) I buy Talkman travel Tokyo, Can I still run the exploit?, or the game is already patched?…by the time the list was leaked, I added the game to my cart in my account, but unfortunatelly I didn’t buy it, but I would like to know if the game is still working, or better to wait for a native hack vita?…thanks in advance.

    • Rose says:

      As long as you haven’t updated past 3.18, you can still use the Download Queue on the Sony Online store to send the game to your Vita and run the exploit. However, you should do this soon, as the Download Queue might stop working for 3.18 when the next firmware update is released.

      • anonanon says:

        Just downloading my PS+ games with this trick, so can confirm it still works right now. If you leave it too late, the only other way to get new games onto your vita will be through a PS3.

        • anonanon says:

          To give you more details, it’s the firmware that gets patched, not the games. So if you manage to download the game onto your vita (Using the download trick or PS3) and you stay on 3.18, you’ll be able to run exploit just fine.

  4. lollypop says:

    A PSP emulator made using javascript (actually typescript). It works with modern browsers. git


    why not mod this emulator to have ms0:/ and flash
    so u could mod it to run tnv in ur webbrowser

    that is
    if it is the best new homebrew tho (tnv)

  5. anon says:

    Hello I have a quick question, how can i get the game exploit for 3.18 if I am still on 3.01 and can’t access the PSN?

    • anonanon says:

      you only have two options
      1. Manually update to 3.18 and use the download list trick to download the game (DO NOT update to 3.30)
      2. use a ps3 to transfer the game

  6. lollypop says:

    js psp and psp2 emulators ?
    and js pcsx2-online running ps2 bios and browser and games on vita via webbrowser ?

  7. lollypop says:

    this means
    tank god we got webserver emulators on ps4
    or is the webserver the new homebrew method for ps4 …
    ifso do u got a copy of psphttpd660 ?

  8. zpectroo says:

    I Have The v3.30 🙁

  9. lollypop says:

    if u have the 330 i guess u should wait till they release the bubble things
    or have fun with psvita browser and js emulators

  10. TheEVILwithin-fan says:

    have another question please Reply….

    I Have a PS VITA on 3.18 and patapon 2 exploit (TN-V10) and 8 GB memory card…
    I want to buy a 16 GB memory card now can i log on with my Pfofile with patapon 2 without update

    Or is here a way to log in to psn on 3.18 (with proxy)?

    Please reply want really know it

  11. TheEVILwithin-fan says:

    Thanx Dmaskell92 for reply now i can buy a 16 GB Memory Card without the risk to be useless

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      If that doesn’t work you can always copy all your game saves and games then copy them to the new MS.

  12. TheEVILwithin-fan says:

    Thanx Dmaskell92 will try today or tomorrow and reply than if its work

    I thought I have to log-in to psn once to register my psn account to the new memory card

  13. TheEVILwithin-fan says:

    @Dmaskell92 its working!

    I can transfer games and saves from the 8gb memory card to the new 16 gb memory card but now i have another problem please help if here is a solution for it

    my Vita is not linked to PSN anymore!

    Proxy trick dont working anymore?

    Is there a way to log in to psn on 3.18 without update to 3.30?

    Please Help if somebody can.

    I love to learn new stuff about vita but need some help please because i dont understand some things!

  14. TheEVILwithin-fan says:

    im registred on Wololo talk too would be glad if somebody would help

    wololo/Talk member edu307

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