Release: ROPTool by Davee, could help homebrew development on the 3DS and PS Vita


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  1. Chihuahua says:

    Sounds like perfect timing to be released 🙂

  2. YZ Rum says:

    I think he should focus more on hacking the 3DS. We are already getting so much support for the Vita and i want to see the 3DS get hacked completely. I’m tired of this FW4.5 BS limit. I wanna play homebrew.

    • the truth says:

      Yeah, you wanna play some sweet “homebrew”… like every nds-card like the supercardDS2 is able to and runs nearly on the newest fw…
      if you want to play backups of you games, you have to stay on 4.5 and I don’t see a problem there

      • CallMeFlax says:

        Yeah, “homebrew”, like unlimited health, ammo, instant kill for MH4(G). LMAO

      • YZ Rum says:

        I meant, playing homebrew on my SD card. I don’t wanna keep buying flashcarts everytime a new FW comes out. Every time I try to update my card I always get an error

        • Melon Bread says:

          Sounds like an issue on your end or you are buying crappy flash cards. Should just get a DSTwo Supercard

    • karl.w says:

      3ds is already hacked for homebrews? Vita is not.

    • reaper527 says:

      the 3ds was already hacked for homebrew for all firmwares, and it was about to be released right up until nintendo announced a new hardware model and the hacker decided to hold back.

      google up smealum

    • Modasucka says:

      But for real tho, when can we play backups on the 3DS on the current FW? I agree with Rum, The 4.5 limit needs to end.

  3. Aeroth says:

    And the scene is getting hotter and hotter =P

  4. Abdulec says:

    Wish we will be able to play ps vita games for free

    • anonanon says:

      dat bait post

      • Abdulec says:

        Getting job and studying !!! If you hate piracy, why are you spending your time here ?

        • Aces says:

          Obviously you dont know davee.
          He purposely crippled hen from his chickhen exploit so that iso’s would fail to load

        • anonanon says:

          > If you hate piracy, why are you spending your time here ?
          wut. That should be
          >If you love piracy, why are you spending your time here?

          This blog is not about Piracy, and if you even spent a tiny bit of time here, you’d realize that Wololo, the majority of guest bloggers, and the majority of the community here does not agree with piracy. That is not what the vita hacking community is asking for, and that is not what this site is about.

          • anonanon says:

            The vita in it’s current state would not handle piracy well at all, if you wish for piracy on the vita, you wish for a premature end of a console that isn’t doing well to start off with. It can be argued that Piracy doesn’t affect the majority of markets much, but the vita community is incredibly niche, Piracy would definitely affect the vita in a negative way, that you can be assured of.

        • z2 says:

          I guess that I should be the one asking that to you.. If you are into piracy why are you here? You know that this website doesn’t support piracy..

          I am here because I am looking for a way to dump my Vita carts, I guess you don’t know what it’s like to have 20+ carts and the hassle of swapping them again and again..

          That’s why I am telling you to have a job and stop living off of your mom’s basement and money because you won’t know the satisfaction of having a shelf full of game discs and a room full of limited editions that you bought on your own hard work…

          Cheers! 😀

    • DrRetro says:

      And at the end we get no new Games anymore because of Users like you. The Vita have a difficult stand even without piracy.

      • akian_aray says:

        Yeah, remember that absolutely dead, day one hacked PSP? Absolutely no games were released. Ever.

    • CallMeFlax says:

      go buy 3DS, you can pirate that 240p screen. lulz

    • asdasdasd says:

      Made me reply

  5. z2 says:

    Piracy sucks! Homebrew and dumping your carts is the way to go!!

    *Those Limited Editions*

    • N says:

      Do you use the eCFW on the vita for isos? If you do, you can’t say piracy sucks.

      • z2 says:

        I have dumped most of my PSP’s UMD and those are the one’s that I use on my vita, the only time I download ISO’s are only for preview purposes mainly for Japanese only games.. If it is good I’ll have the game bought and shipped to mine and then dump it again..

  6. CallMeFlax says:

    well no use for noobs

  7. Negroll says:

    Great news from davee!
    The only thing that is left now is dark_alex to comeback!
    Good work guys, Keep it up!

  8. riddle43 says:

    Piracy Piracy Piracy im so tired of this fear it bull there is no way that every person on here plays games they own for all the emulators out there i cant and wont believe i. yes it does suck and can be a little of a hit to big company’s but how many of you really own all the games you play with the help of homebrew. i own over 3000 games form collecting over the years . so stop trying to act as if your all so honest cause the numbers are stacked not with the moral but with the hacker. just tell the truth and enjoy the games you play and soon enough we all will be playing games for free once again.

    • Rayes says:

      Lol thank you exactly

    • robin says:

      3 years are passed and ps vita still no piracy, no AAA games are coming, sony takes is money to create ps4’s games and do you think that piracy/hack will kill definitely ps vita ? I think it will save ps vita from the limbo.

      • Abdulec says:

        yeah dude I agree with you

        • xPreatorianx says:

          Yet another *** who thinks that piracy will magically make Sony want to support the device. When common sense dictates it will do the direct opposite. I’m starting to wonder the age group of posts like this….. People agreeing with those who want piracy must be between the ages of 10 – 16. Teens/young adults. If they are older, they sure as heck lack the common sense/ability to do simple research.

      • Lower says:

        Piracy is pretty much on every console/system. You can’t avoid it despite what DRM or protective measures they may put onto your device. Piracy probably isn’t going to magically revive the system but it isn’t going to destroy it either. I think a simple analogy is actually this. Whenever console gamers talk about PC gamers they always reference the massive amount of piracy that goes on. It’s the easiest and simplest system to do it on. The thing is though is that it isn’t a deterrent for developers anymore. Over the past few years PC gaming has seen a resurgence. A ton of console exclusive titles and series have been gradually making their way to PC. Just about every single game that isn’t developed in house is also multiplatform anymore. Despite the massive amount of Piracy the numbers of pirates still pales in comparison to the number of people actually buying the game and as such are having a less than noticeable impact. I’m sure the same will apply for the Vita.

      • robin says:

        You are right, sony will block the development of the tons of AAA that are coming on ps vita, but wait, there aren’t tons of AAA coming for vita xD. Sony doesn’t care about vita’s user. Why must we stay without homebrew, emulator or piracy?

  9. lollypop says:

    m33 tech built

  10. DarkenLX says:

    The 3DS much like the NDS and NDSi have something i believe vita does not or at least not as evident nintendo has a habit of using RSA security and saying so on the device exterior if i recall correctly doesnt RSA have some Security holes just thought it was worth a mention

  11. outsider says:

    i don’t see how this tool will work with ASLR as is

  12. Shikhar says:

    Honestly , the only reason for me to use ps vita isos or ” pirate ” vita games would be test the game and decide if its worth buying or not. I bought the damn vita to play games like cod and killzone mercenary online . Sony doesnt deserve my money if cit can’t put out AAA games or some new experience and yeah I am absolutely sick of the indiestation vita. If there were a way to pirate games on the vita today , I would probably use the method just to satisfy the rage built up inside me towards vita since the last few years, even if I dont wanna play that particular game or even if it’s japanese or other language . I don’t support piracy but hate these big *** cheating companies. Peace out.

    • YZ Rum says:

      Thank you good sir.

    • Yifan Lu says:

      This is why they call us the entitled generation. When going to a restaurant, do you eat the food and then decide to pay or not? Even if the food is bad you just suck it up and not come back in the future, but you’re not entitled to eat there just as you’re not entitled to try games before deciding to pay for them.

      • TVT says:

        What if the restaurant offers you a shiny plate with a promise to feed you the best food and then does not. Are you going to stay hungry for the rest of your life if what you have is only that plate?

        Stop moral policing others. Morality should lie within the individuals and not within the ideologies of a sony paid employee.

        • Yifan Lu says:

          Lol in the real world, when that happens, yes. You suck it up and admit you were fooled by the restaurant and then you just don’t eat there anymore.

          Also, none of the people here are stopping you from pirating anything. Go ahead. Pirate to your heart’s contents. Just don’t get butthurt when they refuse to help you.

  13. marios92 says:

    Vita piracy would not be so bad then, i think. ita its just abandoned, no AAA games, not masterpiece like FF, RE or MGS, nothing of nothing. In this chase, piracy don’t ruin anything, because just all developer abadoned the ps vita…

  14. Pedrovsky says:

    Vita is abbandoned. Like it or not. Hack scene, like dumping memory, unveiling cryptography and running homebrews and backups is more likely to up vita sells, than down them. But I fears that when those hacks finally comes, vita indeed already became a live-corpse. Much more than it already is now.
    How Nintendo can do so beautiful work on 3ds and Sony can’t with Vita? Sony’s fault. So, i agree that piracy, homebrews, etc have to reach psvita, and a expect sony learn by vita that, for worst piracy is, stay it’s system half open permits people buy it, and nobody at all aims piracy! They just like a little but of freedom!
    Good bye vita, I will vome back when you could runs dumped games.

  15. hrosales says:

    Hack does not affect the vita, but motivate those who still does not have the vita, as the vita sales increase because of this, Studio games developers turn interest on the console.
    The vita is a powefull console that hacking does not mean only play a copy of your game, mean the possibility of using all the power of the vita that is still closed to us.

  16. BigNoToPiracyYesToSharing says:

    I just want to play backups that a friendly guy on the internets is sharing. I wouldn’t consider this piracy. 🙂

    • xPreatorianx says:

      Then your an idiot. That’s the very definition of piracy. People on the net uploading backs for people to download IS PIRACY. It always has been. How do you think pirated games are made available to begin with? Someone get’s a copy of the game from a retail store early such as gamestop, etc and then uploads it to the net. THAT IS PIRACY!

      Backups are backing up your physically owned gaming medium and using it only on your own machine. Not uploading to for the masses.

      JESUS CHRIST! Most of these posts seem to be from kids/teens who have no idea what piracy is.

  17. KitfoxPirateYarr says:

    I am getting sick and tired of all this Piracy/Anti-Piracy stuff.

    First of all, anyone using an emulator [NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Etc.] that doesn’t have the tools to back up their own ROM’s and gets them online? That is piracy. Anyone using ROM’s or ISO’s that did not come directly from Physical Media that they own is guilty of piracy.

    That being said I neither condone nor condemn the actions of anyone that decides piracy is worth it for them. It has been worth it for me in the past, and will be again I am sure. For example, I use an ISO of Phantasy Star Portable 2 on my vita. The only game that I still own a PSP UMD of. However, the ISO I use is not from my PSP UMD as I no longer own a PSP and have no way to make my own backup. This is therefore technically Piracy, even though many would see it justified simply because I own the UMD.

    Secondly, to the DB ***’s that keep repeating nonsense about previous posters’ age and people being too young and other such nonsense. Physical age does not accurately represent level of maturity. Anyone biased enough to put someone else down for their age, or for any other reason for that matter, needs to take a look at themselves and deal with their own level of immaturity.

    • Modasucka says:

      Thank you. If these same people are bothered by piracy so much, why are they on this website in the first place? Smh, a lot of people on here embrace piracy. They are just smart enough to keep that hidden.

  18. ja-ruski says:

    @Acid_Snake are u russian?

    @topic Native Vita Hack would be so Awesome please make it happen will stay on 3.18 for ever if i have to and just buy another Vita for onlineplay

  19. EvilRussia says:

    have another question please Reply….

    I Have a PS VITA on 3.18 and patapon 2 exploit (TN-V10) and 8 GB memory card…
    I want to buy a 16 GB memory card now can i log on with my Pfofile with patapon 2 without update

    Or is here a way to log in to psn on 3.18 (with proxy)?

    Please reply want really know it (I understand English, German and Russian) you can reply in any of this three languages and i will understand

  20. ja-ruski says:

    want to change memory Cards is it possible on 3.18?

  21. Patrick says:

    Not sure why so many people are crying about piracy when native homebrew isn’t even an option yet. The way that I see it, if you resort to only piracy and never buy games afterwards, you were probably never planning on buying games anyway. That said, I look forward to whatever actual homebrew might come in the future. I’d like to be able to read my comics already.

  22. Lem0nade says:

    Support piracy on new platform = no money, lazy, hassle free live wannabe

    Anti piracy = have money to spend, actually care to pay on something, elitist.

    Pfft, piracy , heh,

  23. evilsperm says:

    Reloading on 3.01 Japanese release Vita, so thats a good sign.

    As for those of you who ask what it should look like if it worked on 2.60 I will assume “HELLO WORLD”

    I have not sifted through everything yet but I hope to have some free time to look further into this 😉
    Davee really did an amazing job at documenting everything so it shouldn’t be long before more people start getting their eyes on this.


    • Anon243 says:

      Tested this on 3.01 as well, but from
      had two popups appear, one finding a webkit after pressing start, then i hit refresh causing another saying “Congrats, this vita is vulnerable”.
      progress i guess 😀

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