Who needs the VHBL? – Homescreen bubbles for PSP Homebrews spotted!

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  1. Chihuahua says:

    Now this is something I cannot wait to try! Only thing is do we need an exploit to get access to what ever is required to install the homebrew…. Keep up the good work.

  2. Abdulec says:

    The first …… Good work

  3. darkstorm-ud says:


  4. MadZiontist says:

    Awesome! I no longer need to mourn 3.18 not working on my PS TV come Oct. 14th. I knew there’d be something eventually released, but not like this, and so quickly! Very nice work.

  5. darkstorm-ud says:

    Can this way to installing pspfile for checking vita’s file system or it just like runing in a pspemu and cant sreach anything native like cfw?

  6. CoolMan says:

    tomtomduo80 on talk forums claims he can run the hombrews with the default bootscreen (black screen instead of minis) so I doubt the minis screen has to do with anything

    • dNTE123 says:

      he also said it’s a pspemu hack not a native one .

    • Rhodderz says:

      This is a PSP emulator thing, main key point is it is using psp homebrew. So this in a way is a shortcut straight into the the app in the emulator. Im guessing he has found an exploit with a mini that allows him to replace the content in some way. and removing the bootscreen is actually easy as seen in the TN-V recovery options. He also goes to mention it is not a native vita hack

    • Manuel N says:

      It has nothing to do, still the same trigger: the minis, but instead of watching the PSP BIOS and then selecting the game and then waiting to load… you just see it going directly to the homebrew. So exploits still relevant to trigger and accelerate the process of entering a homebrew

      • CoolMan says:

        No i have to disagree with your suggestion since he clearly claimed that he didnt use any savegame exploit on talk forums unless you are saying that hes lying

    • Keith says:

      I’m curious how he spawned the bubbles in the vita menu and if that’s true (how he can cause loading directly using any eboot ) we may have a native heck sooner that we expect haha. I may join in on the project

      • lolwut says:

        it seems he could do something with .PBP or he found vuln in files which handling the bubbles.

      • Ruben_Wolfe says:

        I think he didnt.
        my vita sense tells me that those 4 games he presented were 4 different psp’s games before he injected them each with his own different eboot.
        I could be wrong tho’, and I hope I am 🙂

      • lol says:

        My theory is that they managed to decrypt (and also edit and encrypt now) files transferred via CMA (That’s how they got the memory card dump… I guess)
        Then they just need to copy a PSP Game (demo should wotrk too), edit its files after trasfering them and ta-da!
        Obviously, if they were doing this, is because they already got to understand how it works (for PSP related files, at least). So no native hack.
        Also, this is just how I think they did it, not sure how it was done.

  7. NakedFaerie says:

    It’s not hard to change icons and text so it could be fake.

  8. BahamutBBob says:

    There is hope for the NA/EU Vita TV being hackable! I approve of this.

  9. brunoso says:

    I dont wanna piracy. I Just wanna my trophies from my banned account Back…

    • N says:

      This has nothing to do with piracy. How you managed to get that idea in your head is hard to figure out.

  10. brunoso says:

    Piracy its like a dissesse That kill the investiments on console, That on psvita its todo small, and this kill the console on market… I expect That isnt come a psvita backup game way…

    • reaper527 says:

      you know what else kills investment on consoles? poor sales. the vita still hasn’t been hacked for piracy and it’s been almost 3 years since the system launched. since sales across most of the world have been pretty bad, sony has been actively scaling down their investment and has publicly said they don’t have any big first party games planned for the future.

      piracy isn’t the huge sales destroyer that people like to say it is, and the vita is a prime example of that.

    • Stone says:

      Just seems like English is not his native tongue. I can’t speak any other language besides English so in that way I’m more stupid than him.

      • lolwut says:

        I can speak in 4 languages (not including, C/C#/C++, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, etc) and i absolutely hates VB

        • brunoso says:

          E ai galera, então. O fato é eu não quero que esse projeto termine com um aplicativo capaz de rodar cópias piratas de jogos do PsVita, pois acredito viementemente que isso vai acabar com todas e quaisquer chances ( que não são muitas diga-se de passagem ) que o aparelho tem de receber jogos AAA. Nesse ponto eu acho que o PSP foi muito mais feliz em receber grandes clássicos como Date’s Inferno e God Of War ( jogo inédito desde então). I expect that you can understood what i mean in my discourse above. If not try to use google translate. I’m doing my best to write english properity, so keep calm guys….

        • lol says:

          I don’t know Portuguese but since my first lenguage is spainsh is pretty easy to understand it.
          dude, this is no piracy, not related to piracy anyhow.
          I repeat:
          Not related to piracy
          Not piracy

    • Jack Attack says:

      Piracy sure killed the DS and the lack of it sure made the PS3 super duper popular during those golden YEARS of being unhackable…

      • mlc says:

        While I don’t really care for the whole “piracy killed it” argument, the DS is kind of a unique case in that it got an absolutely enormous install base and was ridiculously successful. Half of DS owners could never ever buy a game and it still would have been very profitable to market games for the DS.

        There’s really no time for piracy to kill the Vita, even if someone finds a way to pirate games, since Sony essentially put the Vita on its deathbed. I don’t see how anyone could blame piracy if the Vita had already been all but abandoned.

    • lol says:

      Si que eres idiota…
      Ni le entendiste lo que escribió, español imbécil :v

    • d@rk51d3 says:

      We all know that Piracy won’t kill the Vita.
      It’s biggest problem is ………………. stability!?!

  11. dimy93 says:

    Yep, this definitely looks like game signing – I remember that back then when we would use the game signing the portion of the original demo used for the signing would boot first similarly to the minis boot logo shown here

  12. Giggione&Donatello says:

    The only way to hack ps vita isos is in the cripted vita’s backups

  13. warfaren says:

    I hope this won’t require us to buy a Minis game. If we don’t already have one, it’s probably too late for most as you’d want to stay on 3.18… Unless you can get it on there without updating (for example using proxy or a PS3?)

    • Andgtr08 says:

      I can still buy a game on my browser and start the download on Vita without the PSN. I’m on 3.18. I bought NFS Most Wanted on Monday in this way. No Proxy or PS3.

  14. Meler says:

    yes this is cool ,but somehow i belive in future we will see more advanced exploit which will show psp games and all that 😀

  15. hrosales says:

    Sorry if I sound weird, but I would like to know, when talking of native hacks, does it mean, we won’t need any purchased psp game from the PSN?, I have bougth some psp game to run the exploit until FW 3.01, but then I updated to 3.18, I do not want to update since I am waiting for Native Hacks news, It doesn´t matter how long it takes, I just will wait.

    • ErnieBall says:

      From my understanding, the native hack that that is being worked on is triggert in the Webbrowser. So no game required.
      But keep in mind that what is shown in this article, is not a native hack.

  16. streity says:

    Maybe its kermit exploit that the guy has found to bypass the firmware within the psp exactable pkg. tricking kermit into thinking the game is signed?

  17. lollypop says:

    i think if this is possible for psp in psvita native mode
    then sooner or later it will be possible for psvita targets to

    just makes me wonder witch dlc hack it requires (opencma,qcma … pspcma? )

  18. Charles Fasano says:

    If anyone has used PSPFiler on a Vita you may have seen some uncopyable files with the file name “__sce_menuinfo” which I assume is what tells the Vita to put a bubble on the home screen. Can someone confirm or deny this?

    • CallMeFlax says:

      __sce_ebootpbp handles the .pbp signature, __sce_menuinfo handles parameterization when launch the game.

      • Charles Fasano says:

        What exactly do you mean by “parameterization”? Only PSP games that have been installed via the Vita Menu have this file.

        • tomtomdu80 says:

          __scemenuinfo contains config for PS1 settings, where __sce_ebootpbp is the eboot file signature

          • Charles Fasano says:

            Then why do only PS1 games installed via the Vita PSN Store and not the ones installed via TN-V via PSN Store have them?

  19. alvin1122 says:

    is this working on firmware 3.18?

  20. lollypop says:

    can we expect tnv bubble ?

  21. sneaking says:

    i wish they can pop up psp games too.that would be very nice im still enjoying my vita cause of those people and ty for that …im fw 3.03

  22. Brandonheat8 says:

    I think he’s right, he found a way to get fieldrunners or some other quick loading game, and was able to duplicate them or has a lot of quick loading games at his disposal was able to modify the PKG files, just enough so they don’t have any corruption, as anyone will know changing out icons on PSP games doesn’t make it any less unplayable, many people watermarked their ps1 custom eboots and so forth, what I’m saying is that that’s probably numblast or some quick game duplicated or different games running with modified icons with auto booting a eboot.pbp from a homebrew, most likely usermode, so no isos.

  23. Matteo says:

    please dont stop!!!!!!!!!! native hack c’mon i love you!!!!

  24. Raul says:

    If I buy Vita today with 3.18 firmware can I still make it run Tn V 10?

  25. Ruben_Wolfe says:

    The vita’s scene is just briliant.
    just think about what the scene provided us with so far:
    -vita homebrew loader(VHBL)
    -kernel exploits[which can be divided into psp xmb(TN-V), ark and other menus]
    -package installer
    -webkit exploit
    -bubble exploit
    -UVL (…)
    – a way to install .pgk files without using the package installer(according to skfu)

    And thats only what publicy known!

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