PS Vita Firmware 3.30 – What is patched? What is still working?

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  1. Stef

    What about webkit ?

    • josh_axey

      Yes, currently used vulnerabilities have been patched by updating the WebKit build on 3.30.

      Mozilla/5.0 (PlayStation Vita 3.30) AppleWebKit.537.73 (KHTML, like Gecko) Silk/3.2.

  2. Globule

    1st 😉

  3. Globule

    Oh… No …

  4. Dacio

    They don´t use webkit anymore?

    • DarkenLX

      no they use the webkit still but its a updated version meaning that the 3.18 security hole was patched does not mean there are not others though.

    • josh_axey

      Currently used vulnerabilities have been patched by updating the WebKit build on 3.30.

      Mozilla/5.0 (PlayStation Vita 3.30) AppleWebKit.537.73 (KHTML, like Gecko) Silk/3.2.

  5. Frank

    So rename H.BIN into Z.BIN… 🙂 Just a joke.

  6. Brian

    I just want to make sure. I’m using the tokyo travel exploit. this update wont stop that from working right?

    • wololo

      It will stop it from working. At least in its current form. Don’t update.

    • SteelWolf89

      What I gathered from the post was that the exploits themselves still work, but the system now fails to load either VHBL or TN-V on 3.30.

      Stay on 3.18 and use the various tricks to keep playing new Vita games, and keep your exploit games and saves on backup with QCMA.

  7. macoman

    what happen with the webkit?

  8. zorak_torok

    One word: Do not update!!! Huh? Not one word? Then you are not saying it fast enough. I put six red bulls, 1 oz hand picked ginseng and about 10 grams ephedrine in a food dehydrator and snorted the powder… So do not update is not only one word, its one syllable. Gonna be a lil while befor anything else major. Relax and enjoy the now.

    • roswell108

      So you snorted coke and tried to come up with a legal explanation for the powder on your nose? That’s special.

  9. YZ Rum

    Welp, thanks for the early Christmas gifts. I really appreciate them. Take your time with the native hacks. I rather have you guys develop a full hack instead of a temporary one. Good Luck!!!

    • ErnieBall

      a native hack would be just as temporary as an eCFW. From my understanding the webkit method is allready fixed in 3.30.
      In the second article about native hacks by Acid_Snake it was recommented to stay on 3.18

      • YZ Rum

        Yeah, I know. Just like our famous hackers, most of us are going to remain on 3.18. Since the hackers are going to focus more of their time on that FW I recommended them to take their time. If it comes to the point where the Vita ends up like PS3 CFW 3.55, then I guess for now we’re at a safe place.

  10. xoombie503

    Why are you still trying to revive and keep the PSP hacks going? I thought the purpose of the leak was to kill it off.

    • Dmaskell

      Something is better than the handful of nothing we’re getting.

      • Eddie

        I’d rather wait a year for them to work on a Vita hack instead of old stuff. You can even get PSP emulators on phones these days (although not super fast ones) The next console probably won’t even support PSP emulation anyway so the homebrew and what not will be invalid anyway

      • reprep

        Totally agreed. Right now i am more interested in playing PS1 and PSP games on Vita than playing retail Vita games.

        Yeah a native hack would be great but till then i am more than glad with TN-V10 and PS1 Loader.

      • reprep

        Totally agreed. Right now i am more interested in playing PS1 and PSP games on Vita than playing retail Vita games.

        Yeah a native hack would be great but till then i am more than glad with TN-V10 and PS1 Loader.

        • ErnieBall

          I think your expecting way to much from the native hack. I’m not saying that i understand the technical aspects but form what i understand, the native “HBL” that we might get would be very limited and it is a very long way until we might actualy play game backups ( which as we all know is just a nicer word for pirated games. With the Vita’s memory Card prices, there is no real benefit in backing up retail games.)

          • reprep

            nope, i never said i am interested in game backups with Vita native hack. I just said i am more interested in e-psp and e-ps1 than retail vita games.

            what i am really interested is homebrew and emulators in native vita mode. and maybe a better ecfw with media engine problem and 32 megabyte ram limitations removed.

            I am not interested in retail game piracy as there are only a few retail games i like and the total sum doesn’t make a lot.

  11. maskofsin

    just a quick question from a newcomer: many of us bought a new (and bigger) memory card for vita. is there some way to change the exploited game to it now?

  12. DAKSTM

    I am still at 3.18 now I hope native exploit release very soon ,the long time they don’t release that the less chances we get that If sony patch the proxy or require new file to Certification before access to psn at next version . Mybe no one can get exploit anymore at that time

    • InMyUndies

      In my understanding, the native hack for PSVITA which is through the webkit should not cost you anything as long as you stay under 3.18, unlike the PSPEMU exploits which relies on the exploited games that you have to buy from PSN. In native hack, you do not need to access PSN,
      As I have said, stay on 3.18.

  13. TerrorOfDeath

    guys can we transfer expoits game without update the vita 3.18firmware right now? how? i tried it but it still wanted to update or “could not connect to pc” .. 🙁

    • champ

      Dude, look on this website. It’s been said several times. Its literally under the freaking FAQ on the vita forum!!!!! Do you expect us to do all the damn work for you?

      • TerrorOfDeath

        like i said.. i tried it and follow the instruction many times but still cant u damn champ..

        • agp670

          just install open CMA in your computer, and don’t forget to turn off your vita’s wifi before to plug it in your pc.
          regards from mexico.

    • agp670

      and if you are trying to transfer your exploits game from your ps3 to psvita, do it by pass way (connect vita to your pc, once Content Manager is ready to transfer files, unplug it and connect it to your ps3)

      • TerrorOfDeath

        Thanks agp670 for ur advise.. now both of my psvita(psvita1000) and my bro(psvita2000) has been succes.. the truth is there was a little trick to do it.. u just cant disconnect wifi then transfer.. need to follow the damn step..

        1)download latest cma on sony and install
        2)close the cma if its running
        3)download hack file cma5 on wololo
        4)extract&copy the cma5 on the original cma
        5)run as administrator file “run.bat”
        6)now OFF ur pc connection, not just disconnect
        7)then OFF ur psvita wifi connection and enable airplane mod
        8)REBOOT ur psvita after enable aiplane mod and off wifi
        9)connect ur psvita to pc(after reboot)
        10)open cma on ur pc
        11)now go to psvita and it can connect without update

        regards from malaysia

  14. Raziel

    still rocking 3.01 hack i almost went for the 3.18 hack but i think i will wait for a 3.30 or above hack

  15. YZ Rum

    How long does it usually take for Sony to patch proxies? And even if they do patch it, is there a way to circumvent it? If so, send me the link.

    • nope

      If you did any sort of reading what so ever you’d have your answer. It’s only been posted several times already.

      • YZ Rum

        I did do my reading. That’s why I’m asking. The last time a proxy has been patched, that I’ve was aware of, was on 3.01. There’s always a way to go around Sony’s ridiculous rules and policies, just wondering if anyone discovered it yet. Smh, thanks for your answer tho.

        • mlc

          The proxy method only works temporarily on the immediate previous firmware. So it will either stop working in a few weeks, or stop working the moment 3.31 is released.

  16. mlc

    So what was the other patched way to access the package installer?

      • Ruben_Wolfe

        I wonder if this:
        has anything to do with the package installer.
        Maybe he found a way to edit pkg files? well..thats not likley, because if so it means he has the encryption keys. still quite interesting tho’.

      • mlc

        You just said that it was patched for both methods on 3.30, so why not release your newly useless secret method? I want to see if I can open it on a firmware that doesn’t have net access or the mail application.

        • The Z

          Principles and we might find new apps via the different internal IDs.

          • mlc

            “Principles,” as in the person who discovered it doesn’t want it released? Because keeping it for exploratory purposes makes perfect sense, but “principles” is a nonsensical reason to avoid releasing anything. If it’s somehow piracy related, though, then – if you had any “principles” – you wouldn’t use it.

        • Vertex

          Look, just because the package manager is no longer launch-able, that doesn’t mean that a technique for invoking any application desired isn’t still useful. If you can invoke the application, you have extra control. Plus, there may be ways to pass data to the package manager on launch, and make it install packages anyway. It may fail to launch due to it not having any data passed to it. That seems like a legitimate move to me anyway. Still, why would an exploit that doesn’t do anything useful for average users be presented to average users? It would be pointless, and therefore it will not be released. Better to keep a door open than to needlessly slam it shut.

          • mlc

            “Better to keep a door open than to needlessly slam it shut.”

            …Until the next time some prima donna releases everything because of an argument. I’m entirely skeptical of the need to keep exploits secret for a long time, when the people holding those secrets aren’t necessarily acting in the best interests of the community.

  17. circuit.dll

    From what I’ve seen of the vita scene the devs will take time to access the vita fully. The wait will be unbearable but the results will be promising. This is just my view, cause I just think the vita will be a powerful emulator and with full access to ram daedalus64 will be amazing.

  18. netwako

    Can i still buy game exploits in PSN. I just upgraded to OFW 3.18. Can anyone advise?

  19. blankets_mcgee

    when can I use my vita as a portable hub for time travel and a phone and a jetpack and a girlfriend and still be able to play all my favorite games while rubbing one out to crunchyroll and use it to communicate with the dead?!?!?!

    you guys expect too much from these guys. want native hacks? learn to code and break security protocalls yourself. stop complaining and be patient. be lucky they were even nice enough to share what we have now. Full PS1sound, homebrews and emulators, you think they just now found out about what they’ve been sharing? they’ve had these for years now just had to perfect it so they COULD share it. Just as i’m sure they are close if not already at a native hack just don’t wanna ruin it for all of us by sony catching wind or releasing something that doesn’t work properly. patience is a virtue.