PS Vita firmware 3.30 available, no official announce yet


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  1. Abdulec

    “and allowed gamers to run a Custom Firmware on their Vita within the PSP emulator.” ??? does this mean that the hack of CodeLion is working on 3.18 or 3.30 ?

  2. Yuri

    I let`s hope a new exploit on 3.30….

  3. Yuri

    2 weeks until the new exploit come out

  4. Luppien

    I have installed netflix(EU) thanks to the package installer. If i update now will netflix still work? I don’t mean the package installer it self just the app i installed.

  5. Wrozen

    Umm *** is this?! 3.30 just autodownloaded and tried to install on its own. luckily i unlocked my vita and caught it trying to install and i canceled it.

  6. Rikku

    It’s better to be up to date, the psp game on vita really bad, jaggy , I just waiting for native hack 🙂

  7. Killer

    Is Go Sudoku! patched ?

  8. Epoxxy

    I’ve exploited 3.18 with TN. Now when I try to copy thing from my PC I only get prompted to update both the PC software AND the Vita.
    Of course I won’t update, but HOW can I continue to install apps, roms, isos etc.?

    I’m a newbie at this so please tell me 🙂

    • Dante69

      Just install opencma r5 on your comp and you will have no problems. You can find the files in the downloads section I believe.

  9. Sickness

    Just turn off wi fi on your vita, and on your computer and you ready to go. That’s if you have open cma.

  10. linuzo

    Well for anyone wanting to play minecraft vita, it’s going to ask you to update.. This is Sonys bandaid..

  11. XtremeDerp

    hahahahah Already updated. Keep going Sony, you’ll crush those pirate leeches!

  12. ZpectroO

    the patapon could probably still work? Since loading the data shows no error, but not yet loaded the ECFW… Sorry My English :S

  13. zpectroo

    the patapon could probably still work? Since loading the data shows no error, but not yet loaded the ECFW..

    pd.: Sorry My English..

  14. aramaru

    i seems that web browser was secretly improved. i have comfirmed this on html5test wite. i dont understand however why didnt sony include this in changelist as this is big deal for me, best nearly as big as vitas themes in their current state. btw this was written on vita but site keeps refreshing and killed my message before

  15. ArthaZeko

    Does ZHP still work?

  16. nonelol

    This actually patched the vita package installer portal which i found ON WOLOLO and now jt says the operation is currently unavailable.
    PS can you guys find a way to install custom themes through cma or browser?

  17. Defcon

    For those who haven’t updated already, this firmware update also patches the Package Installer exploit. Clicking on the start button in the mail will lead to a message saying “This operation is currently unavailable.”

  18. Steve Nugent

    My son was playing with my Vita and it told him to update…and he did.
    Only had the Vita a week and was luckily enough to get go suduko and had all my PSP games on it as well.
    Just hope another exploit comes soon.
    I just want to play Persona 3….have UMD but it’s *** useless now.
    No way I am paying £25 to buy a game I already own.

  19. Zik

    O_o so…the themes was kinda awsomes and at the same time, fail…cuz it only allow you put a skin…it doesn’t modify anything else…

  20. Geralyn

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  22. Sagi

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