PS Vita: TN-V11 eCFW announced for October – Feature requests allowed!

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  1. Zach says:

    Would be nice to have the other March33 and NP9660 ISO drivers back in, for the sake of compatability

  2. Frank says:

    Will the Ninja release be back or the game will be annouced and instantly get removed ?

    • ErnieBall says:

      This isn’t about a kernel exploit release, it’s about the TN-V update. You will be able to use it, with 3.01 or older exploits.

  3. darkness_shadow says:

    Hot Pixel’s DLC working 😀

    • mindglitch says:

      are you saying that it is working or you would like it to work? since i dont have a psp anymore, ive been kinda fiendin’ to play that dlc again..

  4. Faiz says:

    So if they release this with an exploit,and a new fw is released to patch this on a later fw then 3.01,and if i have my own vhbl exploit,will i be able to update and keep my tn v if it does come to l8r fws.

    • Why would he release this with an exploit? It’s not a later firmware kxploit. It’s just an update to TN-V. But if you have a VHBL game on 3.15/3.18 then it should be able to run TN-V when a kxploit is released.

      • faiz says:

        But if they do release one,and i update,will it go?

      • Lord Darton Staker says:

        *drools*…still waiting trust me…

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        This is a update for TN-V. Whats needed at 3.15 is a new Kernel exploit. Once that’s released, any revision of TN-V can be ported. With that being said, I know Acid says he has a few, TN might have one or two kernel exploits himself, but it’s not wise to release kernels until a dramatic change in firmware occurs.

  5. ggesa says:

    Hope ftp come back next version

  6. What you want to bet there are at least 5 requests for TN-V for 3.15/3.18?

  7. User TN-V says:

    Camera xmb is broken, dosbox not work

  8. ajom says:

    i want to fix Camera and need in touch home baton

  9. DarkMyName says:

    It would be possible to create applications to run Android? It would be a Great idea!

    Maybe you could start from the current project?

  10. psvitaman says:

    Would be nice if it could get installed without a game exploit. like on psp

  11. hotdogicn says:

    I think it is already good enough, thanks to Total_Noob. It would be nice if the minor performance problems(like the one in phone mode in Akiba’s Trip) were solved. Also, faster and more convenient file transfer would be brilliant, if possible. 🙂

  12. TheUnchosenOne says:

    I’m really waiting for the day when Sony stops supporting Firmware updates. For now, I just gotta save money for another Vita

  13. mistery says:

    ftp back! please…

    • chad says:

      Just use the the Vita FTP homebrew it is way more stable than what TN had built into the XMB for whatever reason.

  14. Patches says:

    I think it would be cool to change the xmb layout and make it look like the ps4 if possible that would be sweet

  15. .... says:

    you can use ftp by using android divices apps esfile explorer

  16. hutch says:

    Make it run your own firmeware!

  17. You says:

    So should I never spend $20 on an exploit game again? So far nothing good has been done with that game, no eCFW

  18. ivo2376 says:

    feature request=ORP server and client for both psp and pc

    so that makes it ..
    pc-orp-client (check)

    obtained from the usual places
    in the ps3 decompilation map
    meaning the remoteplay server prx’es
    for the servers

    and the pc-client allso on psp ported as
    opensource remoteplay alternative to sony’s

    other requested features would be everything
    that we’ve learned from psp
    from the beginning till the end

    meaning plugins+eboots in allkind of flavors
    meaning categories for apps emus games movie eboots or iso’s
    meaning a way to easyly update tnv with homebrew
    without going thru cma as its crucial.

    meaning a tnv collective ebot collection downloader aswell as uploader
    for non psn titles
    gta1 psx
    gta2 ps2

    aswell as a port of pcsx2-online to psp with
    fastboot option with no game inserted
    so u see ps2 browser xmb.

    aswell as gta2-ps2
    and some other gta mods i always fail to mention
    gta gangs of london
    gta london1969
    etc …

    an alternative to psn ?

    aswell as integrate ftp failsafe option
    if cma dont respond anymore

    maybe but just maybe
    a timemachine version of tnv

    • Dockotis says:

      Dude, you do realize TN-V can only utilize the power of the psp emu, right? Although it’s like a full psp inside a vita, it’s not exactly apsp, you understand? Not everything can be perfect and exactly like the psp…

  19. Blank says:

    really need that FTP back. its the only reason i haven’t updated to the newest version. using the content manager is just a pain. ive never had a problem with FTP

  20. jhuebert95 says:

    A feature I would love would be better compatibility with certain ctf themes. Some themes crash the exploit during the coldboot, so skip sony logo has to be enabled. If this were to be improved then TN-V would be perfect!

  21. Star*ucker says:

    Please, return FTP! Because, there is no other method to transfer PSP ISO’s games to a Vita. CMA requires upgrade PS Vita firmware, and Open CMA dosen’t work with the last version of CMA too.

    • carnby77 says:

      No, please set your PSvita to flight mode. Then off and restart your PS Vita. Then only connect it to your Open CMA…

    • chad says:

      I will say it yet again JUST USE VITA FTP HOMEBREW I know it is available to download on this site. How many times are people going to request something that already has a solution, and a solution that is much more stable than what they are requesting.

    • Dockotis says:

      There is a homebrew app that allows you to transfer anything to the vita without CMA… Please read and do research… You WILL find it if you search for it…

  22. Charles Fasano says:

    I want to see more improvements with the Sound PSU Plugin as most PSOne Games I play (launched from TN-V) sound like *** with lots of static.

  23. edu307 says:

    FTP is needed really dont wont to use CMA to transfer files

    and of course better Ps1 support

    • chad says:

      I will say it yet again JUST USE VITA FTP HOMEBREW I know it is available to download on this site. How many times are people going to request something that already has a solution, and a solution that is much more stable than what they are requesting.

  24. Michele says:

    I want play wwe smackdown vs raw series,it won`t run

  25. Alaster says:

    Proper (and faster?) and internal ftp support without the need of a third program. Is it possible to hope for a proper Memory Card viewer as a whole as in the PSP or is it impossible due to Vita fw not having been hacked?

    • chad says:

      What is so bad about having to use a seperate FTP program, especially when it is much more stable than the one that was built into the XMB?

  26. firmware says:

    please release tn-v version for firmware 3.18

  27. hary mason says:

    silenthill, the sound is perfect? grateful for the work!

  28. Diag says:

    i just hope for better ps1 support…

    everything else is already perfect for me ^^

  29. Dockotis says:

    My request is actually simple:
    For more PSOne compatibility in terms of gameplay with sound, and for people to stop requesting ftp in xmb… maybe bundle the homebrew vita ftp with tn-v so they realize it exists and to hush them up?… just a thought…

  30. Haseeb says:

    Can’t Total Noob make a way to play PS VITA isos ??????????????????????????????????
    That will be the best thing ever!

    • jhuebert95 says:

      oh my god freaking noobs. Please at least attempt to read the forums before posting inconsiderate comments. Had you bothered to read anything at all, you would know that playing vita iso’s is impossible at this point…

  31. kineticUk says:

    NP9660 ISO option

  32. lollypop says:

    thats it
    im making a ftp-serviced client-server cma laternative ! lol
    with automatic network discovery and topology
    a server service on pc and a cma-alternative on psp
    u fill with brew from pc to psp or visa versa
    with a download tool for roms and emu’s on pc … psp ready
    and lots of brew to u to.

  33. meysam25 says:

    how can i download ps vita game with pc

  34. Tommy says:

    Will this work for the people that is currently running on the 3.18 firmware?

  35. Manuel N says:

    Please enable Vita screenshots !!! It could be useful for tutorials, and all that stuff…

  36. Andre says:

    So, the sound of the PSX Games Will be perfect as the PSP CFWs?

    • lebro says:

      Reading half of these comments, it makes me realize that many users of eCFW have no clue about about how it works.

      TN will not let you play VITA backups since it is a PSP mode exploit, and it will not allow ppsspp style uprezing/upscaling, only what the Vita currently does with PSP titles

  37. SAL2K says:

    Add a flash player browser so I can play ROTMG or Facebook games in there. And also if possible a very stable Android emulator.

    • SAL2K says:

      Oh and if the flash player browser is implemented, then make it so that I can map any button of the pc keyboard to my ps vita buttons

  38. g3dn says:

    it would be nice if TN can optimize the graphics resolution. like the ppsspp emulator on android you can choose from native psp resolution to HD.