Playstation Vita Firmware 3.30 announced, will offer Theme support!

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  1. Sleeping Booty says:

    Firrst! yay

  2. charlesK says:

    Will this affect the release date of the new 3.18 VHBL?

  3. Longboardb says:

    Thanks for this update. i look forward to seeing what it has to offer us.

  4. Longboardb says:

    oh, and here is the English version of the conference.
    hopefully this is allowed on this forum.

  5. Wiz says:

    Will fw 3.30 also allowed you to change the background music ? It kind of looks that way in the video.
    It be awesome if it did.

  6. Devin Smith says:

    Ah yes…A new feature…Hopefully it will be rushed and extremely buggy.

  7. 11770 says:

    is it just me or does it seem like whenever wololo gets a post going about *new vhbl for *.** vita firmware” sony rushes to push updates out now?

  8. Pirate Cat says:

    An actual feature for a change, that’s nice.

  9. meysam25 says:

    how can i download ps vita game with pc

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