Preview: Upcoming PS Vita Half Byte Loader for Firmware 3.18

The Zett

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  1. Sam

    Very nice! Any reason why regional availability isn’t announced yet?


    is this Release good for a following TN-V?
    want to keep loading also iso …

    • Justin

      Especially when the last leak release was 20 bucks

      • Nixploit1001

        Not to backfire but the price of a game does not matter. You shouldn’t by the game for VHBL itself (although most people do), Z.H.P. works fine on JP games but not on EU US games. I would get a new PSV Memory Stick and create a JP account on that and buy all my exploit games on that. Just a word of advice 🙂

    • mlc

      There will almost surely be an exploit released whenever TN-V is next ported. This particular game will likely also be compatible with TN-V, but not until whenever the next TN-V release is. So the answer is: No, this exploit won’t let you use TN-V, until someone possibly ports TN-V after some future exploit (and kernel exploit) release. This is a VHBL (usermode exploit) release, not a PSP kernel exploit/TN-V release.

      • JCK07115

        Correctly stated. But if you check this chat,, you will notice that all the games that were initially released as having only usermode privileges have been further exploited to provide PSP kernel access (which enables us to use the PSP-CEFs, TN-V and ARK). So hopefully (soon), a kexploit will be triggered from this usermode exploit…hopefully (soon). This is so exciting lol \o/ :/

        • It, like almost every other game, will be able to run the kxploit when it’s released. However, it won’t be anytime soon. I’m hoping for a nice Christmas present! 🙂

  3. ExtremeRyno

    Can’t wait for the ninja notification to show up for me…I’ve primed my account with funds and am ready to rock!

  4. Dero

    3 years, it’s been 3 years of wololo and the gang putting sony on edge by making sony’s own product better.. They never stop amazing me. Great job guys.

  5. Quetz

    Can’t waitttttt 😀 😀

  6. Quetz

    Dear Z, i can see you have pretty appealing files on your ms0 😀 😀 one especially

  7. Maverick81PL

    On this new Half Byte Loader we can play games from PSP (ISO files)? Or this is only for Homebrew?

    • The Z

      Read the f#cking video description, google what the (V)HBL can run or simply never visit this website again.

      • Rzy

        Well that escalated quickly…

        • The Z

          Do we really have to type in EVERY SINGLE NEWS that the VHBL can NOT play ISOs/CSOs/PS1, and that this will NEVER change?

          It was included everywhere else, except for the main article, and people are still asking…

          People nowadays are just lazy f#cks and mentally ***.

          • Agreed 100% Z. It’s pathetic that they still constantly ask if they can play ISOs and PS1. Come on!!! I see it on almost every post about a VHBL. Whether it be on twitter or here in the comments or on the forum. It’s pathetic. If you would just freaking read even the tiniest bit you will answer your own question but being *** isn’t fixable is it?

    • Ricky D

      Homebrew/Emulators only for now. After the next Kernel exploit the ISO loading has always been ported in the past and probably will with this one too

  8. ErnieBall

    can you go to LiveArea screen / use standby and return without the VHBL crashing?

  9. Blablabla

    So I registered in your Forums.
    Is this the only thing I got to do to get the Ninja Realease ???

  10. eirurainon

    thanks for keeping us informed Wololo, appreciate everything this community is doing and I hope I can contribute myself one day.

  11. GrowingTrees

    Hello everyone
    i’m new here at this board
    and i’m very excited 🙂

  12. D1360_Z1k4

    May this xploit run eCFW in the future?

  13. rus25

    Can this exploit run Vita Ftp also like skate park city exploit?

  14. rus25

    or in other words is this new 3.18 exploit better as the Skate park city exploit?

    • D1360_Z1k4

      Yes, so much better than any VHBL release in one year (dev´s words)…
      From what I read, you´ll need no more close xploited game to run another homebrew!

  15. arikad0

    Awesome! This is just perfect – the only emulators I want to run work it. Can’t wait~ (*´▽`*)

  16. john

    I hope they also release the vhbl and not the tn-v only, because I don’t care about XMB and especially if I only want to run e.g. Wagic or GPSP. Going through the xmb menu in order to find the homebrew app and the booting time is a pain in the ***. Or a re-release of the TN-c menu but then for the newer fws and exploits, but for some reason only the TN-V is updated.

    • The Z

      TN-V is superior to TN-C.

      You can use the eCFW version of the 138Menu to boot ISOs, CSOs, Homebrews, Emulators and PS1 stuff, if you really want to know.

      Of course also if you have access to a kernel mode exploit.

  17. dragng8

    That’s good to hear. Thanks The Z. Oh and if your new to this, DONT LEAK THE NAME OF THE GAME! It ruins it for everybody in the long run.

  18. Aymeric

    I think i going to miss the ninja release 🙁

    Ninja release can be see one hour, one day or one minutte on the forum ?

  19. Buzzcut

    I hope this isn’t released when I’m on my trip next week. I’ll have no wifi the whole time :/

  20. Link2sai

    After months of extensive reading and researching, I think am ready for this one

  21. L.Lawilet

    I do not know if compatibility is better than Z.H.P!

  22. Anon

    It’s probably too late already, but if this exploit is indeed so awesome, maybe it’s better to wait for the next Vita firmware and release it then instead? PS4 OFW v2.00 is supposed to come out pretty soon and there are rumors that Vita will simultaneously receive OFW 3.20 (or so).
    Smealum delayed his release because of the announcement of a new 3DS too.

    • The Z

      We will think about it.

      But keep in mind that there is always the chance of Sony randomly fixing exploit games, like the Skate park City one.

      • Anon

        The chance of it being fixed in the next FW is 100% though. Meanwhile only users on 3.18 can download exploit in question at the moment (not the owners of 3.15 anymore), while both 3.18 and [3.20] users will be able to download it on the release of the next FW, at least within a week or so.
        I’d say that releasing this (presumably the best so far) exploit will be more useful if it’s made soon after the release of the next firmware.

        • JCK07115

          You sad the chances of the exploit being fixed in the next OFW is 100%. If that is the case, why would they release it on said firmware, it it would have been patched. If Sony patches exploits randomly and intentionally, why would it be better to release the game on the next firmware, that would fix the exploit randomly (before it is ever announced publicly) or intentionally (when it is announced publicly and Sony aims to fix it)?

          In my opinion, which you also have, the exploit should be released on this firmware; it’s very stable and we are sure that it works. It would be a shocker if it didn’t work on the next FW because Sony randomly fixed it!

          • JCK07115

            Unless you meant the chances of it being fixed after it has been announced publicly, which would differ from the chances of it being fixed before it has even been announced; you need to be specific when dealing with things like this :/.

            So there are two fixes, random and intentional. Hey, I just made some jargon!

          • Anon

            Well, I was talking to Z, so the context should be taken into consideration.
            If the game is revealed BEFORE the release of next FW, Sony WILL fix it.
            If the game is revealed AFTER the release of next FW, Sony may or may not fix it.
            Regardless, there’s some time frame (a week or two) for users on “previous” FW to download games off of PSN even though PSN itself always requires “latest” FW for full access. So there’s nothing to lose by announcing the game soon after the imminent release of the next FW: 3.18 users will be able to download the game either way, while [3.20] users will only be able to use the exploit only if itsn’t patched.

        • JCK07115

          Well, I wasn’t aware of the “one/two -week” time frame access to the PSN Store for users at a lower firmware before Sony disallows them to access the PS Store, and it would be nice if someone else confirmed this. If that is the case, it might be reasonable to do so. But if there is no time frame that allows users that aren’t on the latest firmware to download content from PS Store, and it turns out that the game was randomly fixed by Sony’s most recent update, then that would suck.
          Your suggestion is a long shot but the possibility cannot be entirely ruled out but I still feel that the exploit should be released at this firmware. Either way, we will always find a new exploit so if things go your way and fail, it’s whatever; patience is a virtue. If things go your way and succeed, latest OFW with VHBL (and eventually kernel access), then that would be awesome. Let’s agree to disagree lol 😉

          • Anon

            See video in “New Exploit game for Firmware 3.15 – Tutorial for downloading it included!” blog post announcing Skate Park City for the proof.
            As for the simultaneous PS4+PSV firmware update, someone on forums said this recently (and there’s also Wikipedia article for PS4 firmwares); unfortunately, I don’t remember much about it other than he was trustworthy, but I’m sure that Z knows what I’m talking about.

          • JCK07115

            I saw that video already; using the download queue to stack up games that will be downloaded upon starting up one’s Vita. You are right but even The Z said in the video that this vulnerability might be patched on future updates (5:21 – 5:45 of the video).

        • JCK07115

          Also, what if there is no “imminent” update, although as you said there might be a simultaneous update between the PS4 and Vita, but what if there isn’t. Then, 3.18 could be regarded as the most up-to-date OFW and we could have the exploit. Lots of probabilities here lol

  23. Ernest

    Awesome work guys, (hand claps) keep up the good work 🙂 and for all the people who keep asking when what where why, have some damn patience.. it’s not like you pay these guys..all it does is get on their nerves. They will release it when it’s time.

  24. Ernest

    @Anon I’m sure they think those things through very well, they keep something up the sleeve for things like that 😉 They’ve been doing this for a long time they know what to look out for I’m sure.

  25. D1360_Z1k4

    Dude, I’m afraid of losing the ninja release… My doubt is:
    I’ll have to go to a specific topic, such as Games; Homebrews; General … or I’ll see it on any topic that I’m reading?

  26. warning psvita

    Nintendo anounced new Nintendo 3ds XL hardware, maybe for the merry christmas sales.

  27. nina

    i’m new to the PS VITA hacking scene. I’ve been registered here for a couple weeks (since I bought my Vita a couple weeks ago). My question is, how does one prepare for the exploit/hack? I’m given to understand there is a very short (2 day?) window of opportunity to get this. I understand we gotta buy the game..but then what happens after that? What files go on the VITA for the exploit to launch? And where do we find that information?

    thanks for your time. Looking forward to this release.

    • Conjo

      In order,first there’s the Ninja release: Everyone in the forum will eventually be able to know what game it’s the exploited one before it goes public (public=posted here in the blog).
      Then its name is posted here in the blog, usually on saturday/friday (depends on where do you live and hour differences) sony doesn’t usually remove exploitable games from PS Store on weekends, so it will probably be removed on monday, sometimes it’s even on thursday. You’ll have around 48 hours to buy the game from the PS Store when the name of the game gets posted here.
      The files of the game are released later, so you’ll have the game sitting on your vita for a while without exploit(VHBL) files, but they will get released here, on the blog.

      I would recommend you to check the site every day or so…
      If you have questions about how Ninja releases works:

      • nina

        thank you CONJO, I’ve been checking this blog every day since I joined a couple weeks ago, trying to learn as much as I can about what to do. You were very helpful.

  28. 11770

    no i have yet to see a ninja release, but from what i read on that link it appears in the same type of box as the “random homebrew” thing?