3DS: Smealum to release Homebrew Loader in a few days. Will support firmwares 4.0 to 8.1


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  1. Fox says:

    I wonder if the game might be one of those given in the Ambassador program, if so, many people will have that already, making the exploit massive.

    • Dunsparsley says:

      It can’t be, because smealum stated it was both physical and on the eshop. Seeing as the 3ds can only play physical ds and 3ds games, that rules out any virtual console titles.

      • drd7of14 says:

        Of course you can play digital games on the eshop, but they don’t offer DS/3DS games on the virtual console is what you mean, and likewise during the ambassador program. Those games are also not physically compatible with the 3DS. Only DS/3DS physical are compatible, so that this game could not be be offered as a game from that program. It has to be both available Physically and digitally. I assume that it’s a 3DS game, but who knows? I’ll buy it once we do. Gives my 3DS more to do besides collecting dust. I miss my VITA. 🙁

  2. fatman01923 says:

    And I just sold off my 3ds! Sigh oh well, its just homebrew I guess nothing to cry over since I got plently of hombrew capabilities on my Vita still.

    • No3DS says:

      Exactly THIS. And even with legal routes, Vita is more open with PSM and Unity. 3DS is just *** weak handheld.

      • N says:

        *** and weak? at least the 3ds is getting work done on it a heck of a lot faster than sonys sorry excuse for a handheld.

        • MrJack says:

          Yeah I had my vita since release and got a 3ds xl Mario and Luigi edition. I just sold my vita because of lack of games I’m interested in. The vita is capable of so much more but I see the 3ds as better for what it’s currently got going for it.

        • nick says:

          Not to mention sonys *** memory cards being a slightly modified micro SD…….

        • mixedfish says:

          He’s referring to the homebrew viability, no need to go defend it with your own console preferences.

    • Flux says:

      Lucky (or unlucky) for you, you can buy the New 3DS when it comes out if you really want homebrew for a Nintendo console. For better or for worse.

  3. NakedFaerie says:

    I cant wait for the awesome hacker to get 3DS ROMS to work. This guy will be good for releasing this but the one who gets backups to work will be the best.
    I prefer to run things from internal HDD/SD as it saves space when going places. Nobody wants to carry lots of games and keep on swapping them, its so much easier to have them all in the console on the SD card or Internal HDD and usually thats also faster, quieter, just all round better.
    I just hope its got kernel access so backups will eventually run.

  4. Leires says:

    *froths at the mouth and falls over on the floor in a gleeful seizure*

  5. NakedIdiot says:

    @NakedFaerie All that stuff is minor and not even a big issue. Physical copies are better and I don’t mind switching them or carrying them around. Your just a lazy kid, and there’s no such thing as the “best” were all equal here. They all put there hard work into this.

    • chocodino says:

      why are they better? I find them worse because they take a lot of space [don’t want to carry them with me, since that makes it possible to lose or damage them], you can only have one with you at the time and they are slower

      • Thrawn says:

        Ahhh yes and when you loose your 3DS with all your glorious eshop titles, then everything is gone instead of only the 3DS or only the games… so you prefer to loose everything, huh?

  6. Ben Dover says:

    *** finally

  7. DANTE123 says:

    wololo · you are mistake about the last part , it’s not that Smealum has put anything to prevent piracy , the exploit itself only allows usermode privilege similar to your VHBL so no Rom loader.

    • The Z says:

      Technically the VHBL can run an ISO loader.

      It is just pretty hard to code one for it and the compatibility would be utter ***. Thats why no one does this.

      The VHBL does technically also support some (usermode) plugins, but that has also yet to be implemented. Not worth it, actually.

      Back to the 3DS: Smea said you could get around the regional limits of imported cartridges, so it does sound more powerful than a simple homebrew loader. I would compare it with a limited HEN, instead of the VHBL.

      Time will tell what we can and what we can not do.

      • DANTE123 says:

        “Time will tell what we can and what we can not do”
        indeed!. but it just has no kernel access and Smea said that SSSpwn can’t be used as an entry point to Kernel whatsoever, so i’m not so optimistic about what it can do especially things like Emunand and Rom loader , anyway let’s Waite and see.

      • yuuki says:

        didnt he also say that its a kernel exploit but he wont release it yet since he doesnt want to promote piracy? or was this another exploit by him?

  8. Screaming Tiger says:

    You said the game “in one local, then Nintendo eShop,” but smealum’s insert says “the game is also on eShop.” using the qualifier “also,” does that mean the game can be purchased at a store or at a third party online store? Also, if there is not going to be a ninja release, where do we go to find out what game it is. Will you tell us here. I’m still a bit of a newb with these ninja release things. Sorry if I seemed confused.

    • Gilles says:

      Either follow GBATemp 3DS hacking forum, here or best : Swea’s Twitter…

    • The Z says:

      You can buy it as a) Retail, b) via the eShop.

      Those are your options. This is not Android, you do not have 23345234 stores for your online content. You have one.

      • MikeBeav3r says:

        @The_Z I think he meant an online store like Amazon, eBay, etc
        Personally I will be out to find a physical copy of the game to use, as I don’t have any payment details setup on my 3DS, just wondering if the game will be required each time to boot the homebrew chanel, such as VHBL, or if it will be a one time use thing similar to the old PSP exploit game installers for CFW?

  9. A regular dude says:

    The torrent for the beta is out and it works perfect. Played tomodachi life and updated all my games. I dont know if i can post the link here but just google it, its one of the first resulst

  10. A regular dude says:

    oops wrong thread, i was talking about the gateway 2.3b

  11. Vegeta Ali says:

    Already have the Gateway but looking forward to this as well. But if it doesn’t plays 3DS roms then its not much useful as I want to play my game roms on my 3DS and some japanese games on my 3DS.

    • Dunsparsley says:

      “Finally, it needs to be stated again, this hack will not, according to Smealum, let people run 3DS roms.” I love it when people read the articles.

  12. 007 says:

    This will be like the early HBL releases on unhackables. Someone gives hombrew capability someone else makes a homebrew ISO loader.

    Will be checking this out.

  13. DevProBox says:

    Download link for 3DS Snes Emulator

    Requires Flastcart to play .3ds File

    Very Very Very Buggy/Glitchy

  14. Acid_Snake says:

    Reading the comments here just make me sick to my stomach. So many f*cking leechers wanting nothing but ISOs and giving 0 *** about homebrews and the hard work something like this requires that is then given FOR FREE, but you do praise a device (gateway 3ds) that is overpriced and is known to brick on purpose the consoles of its legit users. You people should have absolutely nothing at all, no homebrew, no ISOs, nothing.

    • No3DS says:

      It should be hacked to the heck, 3DS is region locked piece of garbage.

    • DANTE123 says:

      ironically Smea can stop this Gateway *** for good, he has access to kernel in 4.0-4.5 he basically can do whatever gateway do without the need of a flashcart but he doesn’t want to release this as he says that it will make pirating easier lol but he’s keeping them alive like that, not that i complain it’s his work , but without emunanad this userland exploit is pointless once Nintendo upgrade their firmware.

    • 007 says:

      Well excuse me. but a iso loader is homebrew. and not all of us are like you who never used a iso image.

      lol with a posting like yours ide bet you have 99% *** you leech off piratebay and 1% stuff u buy on sale

    • ken2802 says:

      well you wont be able to play 3ds iso, not even on the gateway 😉

  15. Hey all! I cant understand why you compare SSSpwn to the VITA hacks? SSSpwn is able to use the 3DS power while the VITA hacks only make use of PSP mode. VITA hacks are similiar to Wii U hacks!

  16. Greg says:

    This is more than likely going to lead to more intrusive exploits.

  17. Greg says:

    Also I already own and use the gateway card, but I would install this on my xl and my girls.

  18. Smoker1 says:

    What Emus or HmBrew are available? Have not heard about any Emulators that have come out. Gateway apparently has 2 HmBrew Games, but they are just kind of small Games

    • DillPo313 says:

      There’s a GB, NES, and SNES emulator so far.

      • Smoker1 says:

        Would those Emulators work on Gateway or only for this upcoming Release? Would be cool to have it for 3DS. Got a XL running Gateway and a Regular 3DS running 7.2.0-17U

  19. Leires says:

    To add a genuine comment to this.. Progress is progress. Even if i wouldn’t use this for many homebrews (as, myself, I love the PSP’s homebrew ability to death and i have that 100-in-one exploit currently, plus the vita is sleeker and weighs less than my XL) it’s still wonderful in my eyes to see a handful of people take down a whole development team’s work to keep it locked down. Human ability never ceases to praise the selected few who have the dedication.

    If this leads to piracy, (which, let’s face it, the 3ds is a popular device with a -lot- of great games), it’s unfortunate, but it’s progress. While it’s morally incorrect, if someone takes his locked-down cfw and makes it open, that’s still progress in my eyes. It’s watching someone with equal or greater knowledge than him cracking it open and then letting everyone feast on it like the vultures they are.

    I’m amoral, personally, so this sort of stuff fascinates me. I love watching the game of cat and mouse. It’s unfortunate, yes, that piracy will likely turn into the biggest selling point of this, but i myself can and will have no part in letting it do so, so really the best thing i can do is just sit back and enjoy what comes next.

    As with all things, patience. Outside of legal issues, (and even then sometimes people are daring enough, thank you graf_chokolo), the only thing that stops most homebrew-enabled releases is finding a hole to get inside. This can take anywhere from days (psp) to years (PS3). Your best bet is to be cautiously optimistic and just wait it out.

    Some people may choose to form some sort of developer Illuminati to hold back releasing progress to the public due to the ability to enable piracy with it, and honestly, that’s fine. That means that people still have morals and are willing to keep things from becoming another PSP scenario. I’m okay with that. It’s not like even with the knowledge of a hole they’re off in some evil lair cackling while they have their own backups, to code such things takes even more time, potentially months (i don’t know the exact timeline myself) and why bother if you’re only doing it for a small group of people that are genuinely going to find you to be a hypocrite and potentially lock you out from any other things?

    That all said (and man, i rambled), still can’t wait for this. His twitter said it’ll be released this week, so high fives to everyone. D:

  20. Joedick says:

    >this hack will not, according to Smealum, let people run 3DS roms

    And I’m perfectly fine with that, however I do hope I can run NDS and GBA roms.

  21. raidiegonovitch says:

    ”Let the carnage begin!”

  22. r.e.b. says:

    I don’t have much $ as of right now. How much do you guys think the game cost?

  23. herp says:

    Nobody gives two ****s about crappy buggy homebrew apps on the ugly 3ds screen when smartphones exist, everyone interested in this is on board for the chance of piracy even if they act moral.

  24. ChrisHighwind says:

    When I heard that ssspwn required a retail game, I have to admit, I was disappointed. The only reason I resort to piracy is because I do not have the ability to go and buy games as soon as or even shortly after they come out, due to a small income and a tight budget (It doesn’t help I still live with my parents and my mom is a strict finance manager), so most likely I will be unable to get the game before it’s too late. But then again, 3DS Homebrew is at a larval state, the only homebrew available still very buggy. I can’t wait until the 3DS can show off its true homebrew potential, however.

  25. Gvtertje says:

    Well he postponed his release… probably till 2015 !!

    Since “New 3DS” is announced, this exploit could be used too.

    He don’t want to waste this opportunity

    • Anon says:

      New 3DS that he wants to have a look at is going to be released on October 11th in Japan, 2015 is ETA of the Western version.
      I’m with him on this one.

  26. X says:

    I only pray for region unlocked. That is all I want. its ok if it cant run rom, REGION UNLOCK PLEASE! I WILL SACRIFICE A BABY FOR IT! *held a fresh baby high*

  27. jon says:

    *** its been more than a month….

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