Zeitmaschine Reloaded: Time Machine software updated to support the 6.60 ME-2.2!

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  1. JCK07115 says:

    This is awesome. I enjoyed the tuto presented by The Z. This is a very attractive feature, giving you the ability to “multi-boot” various OFW and CFW. Thanks for the information.

    P.S. First 😀

  2. Mr. MaGoo says:


  3. ivo says:

    so very nice news 🙂
    but is there a nand player to ?
    or in otherwords is ther to be expected a tnv version of the said timemachine zeit ?

    • The Z says:

      Since this requires a pandora battery to work, this wont be possible for the PSP 2000v3, 3000s, Go, E1000 or any kind of PS Vita.

      • person says:

        are you forgetting that PSP 2000v3 can also use pandora? or is it that this specific homebrew doesn’t work?

        • The Z says:

          The 2000v3 can only use a special sony-made unbrick memory stick, not our “usual unbricking scene software”.

          Every device can use their specific official unbrick software, the keyword is “official”.

  4. Trunk208 says:

    Wow never heard of this update before lol nice

  5. JCK07115 says:

    Did it happen again? Was my comment removed?

    • JCK07115 says:

      As soon as I posted the above comment to which I am replying, my OP appeared. There are some nasty cache problems with this server. Wololo mentioned something about it being to keep out bots, or so; the comments disappear and then appear after awhile.

      • hgoel0974 says:

        you usually just need to refresh the page again

        • hgoel0974 says:

          also sometimes the comment gets caught in the spam system and is marked for review, it will then show up when wololo sees it.

          • JCK07115 says:

            Thanks. As I said, the “missing” comment came up after I posted another comment, which reloaded the page. Below, Ivo and I were discussing the anti-spam measures used by wololo.net/, which might be the cause of the disappearance. Although, it does get caught up in the spam system, as you said.

  6. ivo says:

    so no machine alternate firmware for vita then just 660 tnv ?
    jck wololo.net uses ur ip and checks for last known ip for the nickname used
    and heavy chaching problems
    i cant post at home for example

    • JCK07115 says:

      Hmm…interesting. Thanks for the detailed response. Although I don’t see the correlation between the fact that wololo.net/ suggests your username based on the ip address from which you commented last and the disappearance of comments since I comment using the same wifi network over and over again. I hope you get my point.

  7. ivo says:

    old-username-ip != new-username-ip == no comment
    if that explains it better
    as it was one of the anti spam measurements

    • JCK07115 says:

      I feel that is what I stressed in my previous response to you. I am using the same wifi network which implies the same ip hence, based on wololo.net/ ‘s anti-spam measures and info you prodived, I have the same username. Also, can you repost your recent response but more specifically as in:

      old-username | different ip / old-username | same ip

      new-username | different ip / new-username | same ip

      You need to better word what you are trying to say although I do understand all you have said (I feel we are saying the same thing lol, recursiveness)

      • JCK07115 says:

        I posted using the same username and still within the same wifi network. Are you trying to say that wololo.net/ doesn’t allow the same user ID over two different wifi networks. If yes, then that is obvious and somewhat limiting as I may be the same person just in a different location and i won’t be able to use the username I would usually use. Although, no one else would be able to use it either. But still, it doesn’t answer the question. I was connected to my usual network and I used my usual wololo.net/ ID. Why does it “remove” / hide some of the comments?

        • roswell108 says:

          It’s not by IP, it’s by browser cache. If it were by IP, my browser would block the site for malicious activity. Comments not showing up sounds like the aggressive server cache dumping before the comments are updated so the cached copy of the comment is gone and the saved copy of the comment is not yet available. That would explain why they show up late.

  8. dimy says:

    Sweet – I missed the Neuron’s patch but might give this one a try

  9. suloku says:

    Very nice, this is great for people who may want to stay at a lower firmware but still want to play the newer games without all the patching and compatibility problems.

  10. cboushell says:

    I always found this interesting but could never find a reason to switch to a lower CFW. Though I was always fond of using DDC to recver from bricks after playing around in flash.

  11. Sakuryu says:

    What happens if you try to boot something like this on a kernel PS-V/PSP exploit? I imagine it’s a brick but I’ve been curious for a while. I mean obviously not this one which only works with a Pandora but something else.

  12. soulrazor says:

    finally the definitive update to my outdated des cem 8

  13. ivo says:

    NNNRT but it is for 660 but it allso isnt … cuz u need magic stick plus special panda battery.
    some sorta timemachine emulator coming for vita ?

  14. jotax says:

    cool!! psp not dead.

  15. Salah says:

    This brings so many memories

  16. shapeshifter says:

    awesome work by neuron and rahim-us!!! some love for us psp 3k users plzz 😀

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