Vita memory card dumped by mr.gas and tomtomdu80


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82 Responses

  1. Nice, I hope this leads to some light modding for custom icons (and maybe sounds too?) in the near future with a 3rd party reader for the pc to make this ezpz!

    • xPreatorianx says:

      I’m also wondering why the heck this is still private information? Stuff like this can be used to explicitly make a new content manager that is completely open. Or even an addon/extension to say Windows explorer to read it directly there.(or heck something for Total commander/insert windows explorer file manager derivative here.) That way it can be MUCH EASIER to backup data/move data over for homebrew, new exploits, etc.

      This information should be shared! Unless it directly leads to being able to decrypt games/licenses, then it should be openly shared.(if it does enable things like that. Then someone responsible should lay the foundation for creating an extension/prog for open viewing while keeping this information sealed.) But no…as always…anything that can be remotely useful….is locked up tighter than a tick’s ***! Tired of most devs announcing advancements in the scene simply for e-peen purposes!!! It’s ridiculous!

      I can already see practical applications for this in relation to making our lives easier when moving over content/backing up content. Whether legit Sony born content, or homebrew/exploits. Instead of going thru CMA, or using an FTP manager that IIRC STILL causes HUGE bugs during some sessions! Which leads to data corruption! But again…no….lock it up behind closed doors while simultaneously publicly disclosing that it’s done so everyone can give you a virtual HI FIVE!

      So WAY TO GO DEVS! HI FIVE! Hope your happy…now go back to stroking your e-peen as I’m not doing that for you!

      • meikyoushisui says:

        The problem with that is that if this gets released, Sony takes countermeasures. It happens with almost any homebrew development — do you wonder why every VHBL gets a ninja release?

      • josh_axey says:

        You are a special kind of idiot, aren’t you?
        All the things you said could be done with this: not possible.

        This is of no general user use yet – and again, what entitles you to others hard work?

        Even if this was “general user useful” why would one release it when it could be used to further investigate the system? So Sony can patch the issue? So you can get your ‘fix’?

        You seem to not grasp the most basic of concepts here.

  2. Imagine a PS Vita memory card adapter for MicroSD cards, no more paying Sony’s extortionate prizes

    • zzz says:

      can’t. simply because the PS Vita memory card is too small to make such adapter.

      • aces says:

        The adaptor doesnt have to be fully internal.
        Something that just plugs into memory slot and has an external dock

        • Gikero says:

          I’d rather pay for Sony’s overpriced cards than have a dongle stick out of my Vita. Too afraid of damage to Vita’s memory card port. Only exception would be they could make the dongle stick out, wrap around and be flush with the case.

          • BRS25 says:

            Why not create an adaptor in the shape of a Vita game card and insert the micro sd there? (like the R4)

        • TRRp says:

          or a card the size of a vita memory card that wirelessly connects to a SD card adapter.

  3. doggystyle says:

    beer anyone?

  4. SkoomaDealer420 says:

    If this was released publicly, I’m sure this could be used for future downgrading.

  5. Jefphar says:

    Count it on in China they can make one without any sweat.Just like the way they do with the DS with R4 and TTDS.They can surely make one adapter for that on the PC, just wait until it comes out.

  6. Brandonheat8 says:

    What I want to know is can we get icons and pictures from the apps and stuff, and I guess it depends on the file layouts of the games but we should be able to copy over content to the right folders and with the right license it be playable like the crash bandicoot ps1 files, just some theories, keep up the good work guys.

  7. Jefphar says:

    Think Positive just as you think everything is impossible. One day PS2 games can be dumped on the Vita.No more cons please think outside of the box or think outside of your bounded thoughts!

  8. Chris.Beanz says:

    This is definitely progress but, as Yifan Lu said, it’s only a small step forward. Great work though guys, could be the beginnings of something big.

  9. Acid_Snake says:

    It is great, kudos to tomtom and mr gas, but this is far from being an actual hack. We now need a way to actually get files in there, and that might be a bit more tricky.

  10. I just wonder what that id.dat file contains looks interesting…..Has anyone thought of reengineering the Vita’s USB driver

    • tomtomdu80 says:

      id.dat contains your PSN nickname, your account ID, system version (ex 03150000) and 3 other ID (PSID?)
      So id.dat is the file that links your account to your memory card haha

      • So it could be possible to keep all your games from your previous account and have them while you are on your new account….just switch id.dat files and some of the ids that are different…also with the icon layout file can you change how many icons you want?

  11. HaYNigloo says:

    I wonder if and when an adapter becomes available, if we could find a native exploit utilizing OCMA, Vita, and mem card+adapter! Any thoughts?

  12. chronoss says:

    Nice news 😉

  13. lolwut says:

    10 of 100 still a long way to go for real native hack

  14. sniff wifi mode says:

    this is an important step. Congratulations tomtom and mr. gas teams.

  15. JCK07115 says:

    Thank you so much tomtom and mr.gas. We appreciate the efforts being put into understanding the PSVita much more. /o/

  16. percival says:

    Always hoping…

  17. Buzzcut says:

    Oooo, sounds cool. Glad to hear some Vita hacking news (actually any Vita news, Sony doesn’t seem to care to advertise)

  18. Xine says:

    that’s great news! it’s too far for native hack (because this is the *first step for softmod) but for exploits, it would be favorable for the devs/hackers from VHBL TN-V/ARK etc…

    I hope that they can release some exploit for FW 3.15 soon :)

  19. Crazycat36 says:

    It might be possible to hack the vita if there is a game downloaded on the memory card. For example if you took a modded executable of the game to include a native cfw for the Vita. It might actually possible assuming the original executable wasn’t encrypted.

  20. Crazycat36 says:

    Also I would wait for a kernel mode exploit before a release in hopes of preventing Sony from patching it before any real progress is made.

  21. Xine says:

    I think it looks like a micro sd content from android/ios phones but it would be hard to unencrypt the encrypted files because of f**king $ony’s way of encryptions. It’s totally different to sd card’s encrytions but still there is a way to unencrypt that. I hope mr.gas & tomtomdu80 can unencrypt that…

  22. Lord Darton Staker says:

    This news is always good news, I hope these lead to greater exploiting.

  23. Seven89 says:

    i doubt this is anything but… just on a hunch i opened the vita web browser and tried “mc0:/id.dat” as the web page and got a error saying could not find the application… then tried C:/id.dat and get the error couldnt load web page…makes me think the web browser could load things from memory card or internal memory say a service mode or debugger moder?

  24. Makbd says:

    Nice, I hope this time be psvita hacks

  25. thedicemaster says:

    i wonder how secure the bubbles are.
    it would be interesting if a psp demo could be replaced with a signed homebrew launcher.

  26. John says:

    Good new, hope can see cfw as soon as possible, or even can see new hack base on vita game, not psp game anymore. thanks for those people hardworking . wait for more good news coming.

  27. tvt says:

    Oh wow the rest is so easy now…. open id.dat in hex editor and replace the name to have lot of “A” then load the card back and the vita will crash and we have a native exploit.

  28. Night says:

    Now just clone the Hardware of the Memory Card and write the dump back. :)

  29. Naarkz says:

    you can get game free ?

  30. Jamski says:

    My oh my!… I guess it’s just a matter of time before we could actually push the vita to its very limits! Good job for this news and specially for those 2 who did the experiment :)

  31. recre says:

    Creeis que sera posible conseguir hackear la ps vita? Yo la tengo y la tengo guardada en su caja. Yo solo la queria para tener una consola portatil. Y con ella poder llevar conmigo mis juegos de toda la vida de mi CPC de mi amiga de mi psx o las recreativas. Ya los modernos tampoco me preocupan tanto es por tener una portátil para llevar e distraerme.

    You think that will be possible to hack the ps vita? I have it and I have kept in its box. I only wanted to have a portable console. And she can take with me my games my whole life my friend CPC my psx or recreation. And modern me not worry so much about having a portable and distract

    • recre says:

      Creeis que sera posible conseguir hackear la ps vita? Yo la tengo y la tengo guardada en su caja. Yo solo la queria para tener una consola portatil. Y con ella poder llevar conmigo mis juegos de toda la vida de mi CPC de mi amiga de mi psx o las recreativas. Ya los modernos tampoco me preocupan tanto es por tener una portátil para llevar e distraerme.

      You think that will be possible to hack the ps vita? I have it and I have kept in its box. I only wanted to have a portable console. And she can take with me my games my whole life my amstradCPC my amiga 500 my psx or arcade mame. And modern me not worry so much about having a portable and distract

  32. spanner says:

    Hi I don’t like there memory cards,they are way to expensive and the games are too,most of the games are online and getting them in the store is hard ,they only have a handful of them.The PSVita sales are low cos of the smartphone,One question Are you going to buy say Fifa14 for the Vita when you can get it for free on your S3/S4/S5 or Iphone..well i went for the free one.I don’t use my PS Vita that much anymore its a collectors item now,in about 10 years it will be obsolete.Its a PSP with a touch screen..sorry.

  33. strat0sphere says:

    I’ve been able to change icons via CMA, by reloading backed up data with an different picture file in the same format, if we could exploit commonly known and open source software like back on the PSP with the tiff exploit one could load a properly signed exploit via CMA. On another experiment I had edited one single bit in a game with a hex editor (retro city rampage) and the game would cease to run, opening the file and saving as into a new field changed the md5 but still would run as a game which leads me to believe only portions of downloaded game binaries are encrypted and may house a payload if we can encrypt it or hash out one from a game.

  34. nevercall says:

    Next Step: Dumping the game card. 😀

    Im excited to know whats inside those and its maximum capacity.. 😀

  35. sensetalker says:

    In the reading of this article I have found that the website is getting more and more boring after each post. I wish keeps its freshness so that more and more people get to know about it.

  36. Tray says:

    Would this allow me to use my vita memory card as a sd

  37. NSX says:

    Oh look. the memory card uses some linux Filesystem.
    I am sure, our pictures are saved somewhere, so why don’t we just place a symbolic link bomb into the picture folder, pointing to the root of the flash?
    as soon we Access fhe picture viewer on the vita, we get Access to unencrypted Firmware content like /dev/bin
    and if you happen to copy that spoofed folder over with CMA to your PC….

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