[PSP] How to: patch new games with Iso Tool for M33/Gen users (by vitaboss)


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  1. PspJunkie says:

    No credit to Takka? Tsk tsk..

  2. ovi says:

    comeon pspjunkie u know
    this iso eboot conversion works on vhbl ?

    allso on other news
    write me something really cfw
    write me a vshmain.prx replacement …

  3. ovi says:

    the key is let the wave sit there
    and use vshblit or blit from devhook sdk
    to blit over the wave

  4. Psvita says:

    Hi everyone,
    Some days back a topic was posted on wololo about streaming movies on ps4. I dont own ps4 but have a vita. Did the same procedure on vita and had a problem

    The problem is that almost no video works on vita except the one having the following conditions:

    1- MP4
    2- resolution of 720p or lower
    3- audio format of “AAC 2.0”

    I dont know why sony has put so many restrictions on vita. Any way to solve this problem and get videos working on vita. Please really help me wololo or any other.

    • TecXero says:

      Probably should have just opened a thread for this question, since this is kind of off topic for this. Anyway, you might be able to run a homebrew media player for PSP through TN-V, but you won’t get that great of results. Honestly, it would be easier to simply convert the videos to something the Vita can use.

      It’s not that Sony added restriction, just never coded the codecs needed for the Vita, due to cost and/or legal issues.

  5. ovi says:

    run psp homebrew
    check for a homebrew solution that plays avi

  6. The Z says:

    I would like to add that using an actual 6.xx CFW is much more recommended, than patching games for the older ones.

    Patches games were more than once the cause for bugs in newer custom firmwares (especially savedata problems), not working games, and so on.

    Patching games is a cheap and bad solution, if there is a CFW that can play those games without patching them.

    Better use 6.xx ME/LME or PRO, instead of 5.xx M33/GEN.

    • TecXero says:

      I’m just playing a bit of devils advocate. Yeah, that’s the preferable solution for people that aren’t using homebrew that only works properly on older firmware, but this is a more convenient solution for those that are. For example: this is a decent solution for those still preferring to use IRShell.

      Then again, if the person is sticking to older firmware for fear of problems with updating, then they should just lay those fears to rest and update.

      • TecXero says:

        *devil’s advocate

      • The Z says:

        Pandora and the “Test boot function” exists for a reason.

        I would flash the 6.60 ME-2.2 and test boot the M33-4 via pandora.

        Alternative: Flash the M33-6 and test boot the (1.8) ME via pandora.

        • TecXero says:

          I thought there were severe restrictions with booting from the memory stick. It’s been a long time since I’ve messed with that, so I may be wrong.

  7. eighthdayregret says:

    Glad to see that people are still using MHP631 to patch games for newer FWs!
    Me and Son Goku put a lot of work into that patch, just so people could play Gods Eater Burst back in the day.

    Thank you guys very much! Means a lot to me to still be able to help out the scene in any way I can.

  8. locx says:

    I tried Isotool in 5.50p4 firmware, still cant run some translated iso image.I suppose that some hacking or repacking works made it uncompatible. No need to patch in 6.20pro c2 firmware.

  9. Juju says:

    Patched The 3rd Birthday, but it didn’t work 🙁
    Gives me error 80020148 on iRShell.

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