Yet another ME & LME CFW Update – Fixes a few bugs!

The Zett

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  1. Aneudi says:

    Which one should I download for my PSP 3004 04g? LME or ME?

    • The Z says:

      PSP 1000 & 2000 (NOT 88v3!): Always the ME CFW (I recommend the 6.60 ME)

      PSP 2000 (the 88v3), PSP 3000 (03g, 04g, 09g) & PSP Go: Always the LME CFW (I recommend the 6.20 LME permanent).

      PSP 3000 (07g) & E1000: Always the LME CFW (I recommend the 6.60 LME).

      • RandQalan says:

        Your preference to some CFW is showing but that is ok ME is looking better every release 😆

      • 007 says:

        No to annoy but when recommending 6.20 on 09G point out that the system will have sleep problems cause its faking 04g and is not compatible. Most ppl at that point will go 6.60. I hate not being able to perma patch my 09g but Ide rather loose perma than loose proper function.

        Im perma on 03g 04g 05g but 6.60 on lme. You yourself use to say what I say. What changed Z?

        • The Z says:

          I just tell people what I personally would do with said devices, if those would be mine.

          Since I never use the standby mode, I would not have a problem with the ‘enforced 6.20’ firmware with perma LME at my 09g 3000.

  2. 007 says:

    It is already reported the 6.20 LME 2.2 has a save state bug but 2.1 does not.

    • The Z says:

      Only one person has that bug since a few versions, we can not reproduce it and we suspect that the persons build of the PRO CFW is causing that bug, not the ME/LME CFW.

      I tested the CFWs at all my PSPs, and everything worked fine.

      • RandQalan says:

        Then explain the collection version I have been using of PRO 6.20 since it came out having the same bug
        Done by the same DEV BTW 😉
        That is the CFW I use for cross checking

  3. 007 says:

    This firmware as it is with the save bug fixed would be the be all and end all firmware. Yes its missing downgrade optin but there are good apps already for downgrading. This CFW/LCFW is great!

    hope a LME2.2.Fix1 comes with the save states fixed.

  4. Naonao says:

    Something I always wonder … what is the point of multiple firmware versions ? Like why 6.20, 6.39 and 6.60 ? I’m not sure to understand.

    • The Z says:

      6.20 got the permanent patch for newer PSPs, so people like to use the 6.20 version.

      6.60 is the newest firmware, but does not offer the perma patch for newer PSPs. The old PSPs can have a full CFW at any firmware.

      6.39 is an “in between” thingy. Just for people too lazy to switch to 6.20 or 6.60.

      • Naonao says:

        Wow i’ve been wondering that for years, thanks for pointing that out so quickly ! 🙂

  5. 007 says:

    ok so i hear the save bug might be not true, will test when i get home and post.

    • RandQalan says:

      The only thing I ask in your checking
      have PRO and ME by the same Dev BTW
      load game in PRO save the game
      load ME load same game load save and see 😉
      I have been a tester for years now on more then this 😉

  6. Blue says:

    Could anyone compare the strengths and weaknesses of PRO and ME? I’ve only been using PRO with no problems, but it seems like people keep raving about ME.

    • 007 says:

      Pro after B10Fix1 is not so stable. Mind you B10fix1 is amazing. Pro C adds the online capability on the prometheus server. LME 2.2 can do anything pro can in some cases feels more polished.

      I recommend LME 2.2 or ProB10fix1.

      My current favorite LME 2.2

  7. 007 says:

    Just did some testing of LME 2.2 6.20. Amazing LCFW! Works flawless.

  8. tester says:

    I just install LME 2.2 for psp go 6.60 my temp AR 1.64 pluggin works on psp game but not works with pops (psx) game any suggestion??

  9. tester says:

    Sory typo I means temp AR 1.63 not able to show in pops psx game I’m checking the pluging is enabled . Before that I use pro c2 6.35

  10. atreyu187 says:

    Amazing work and nice to see the CFW scene have a new breath of life after being dormant for so long!!

  11. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    This looks so awesome… PSP scene getting all back up and everything, the PSP getting updated by the hacking scene n everything… dope!

  12. zhang says:

    sorry,I can’t find where the LME CFW is