PS4 Media server. How to stream all videos from your local network to your PS4


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  4. vagtam12 says:

    Plex wolks fine until the ps4 v3.00 update.After a while says the server go away.Any reports….?

  5. Chris says:

    Plex, is absolute ***. The PS4 is good for pretty much nothing but games and streaming proprietary formats through fixed apps. Trying to get it to do anything else reliably is like pushing *** uphill with a sharp stick. If you want to use any consoles to stream movies music or tv shows from your own media player, go buy a couple of old Xbox 360s and watch as they instantly play as soon as you get it all plugged in correctly, as for trying to get ps4 to do the same thing, be prepared to have a fun time re-encoding your videos 50 times to get the right combo of video or audio formats, then when youve found it, be prepared to re-encode EVERY SINGLE VIDEO YOU HAVE in EXACTLY the same format…. then youll find youll still have some that just plain wont work. I also find that files that were absolutely fine on any other system, will claim ‘audio format not supported’ ‘cannot play file’ playing for 5 minutes then having a screen full of artefacts, random dropouts from the PS4. Its just plain not worth it full stop. PS4 – Awesome for games, but not for anything else. Dont bother.

  6. steve says:

    Easier to plug hdmi into pc and tv and get the rigjt channel up an voila

  7. Dragng8 says:

    It’s not cheaper to buy an HDMI cable. Key word is FREE. And yes it works on android, pc, mac, and linux. All you need is a browser. It uses HTML5. Anyone who knows anything about online gaming and streaming SHOULD know how to set up a static ip and manage ports, firewall, and NAT. (hint: google and login to your router and/or modem…starts with 192.168 most of the time). Be patient. READ ALL OF THE DIRECTIONS. PREFER AAC PER CLIENT. PER CLIENT. PER CLIENT. AND STOP MENTIONING XBOX like it’s a cure all for failures. If you can’t figure it out don’t whine and toss salt on someone’s post. If it’s slow, it’s you or your hardware or your network…or Plex.

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