Release: VHBL for Vita Firmware 3.15 (Space Invaders Extreme exploit)


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91 Responses

  1. Zahin says:

    I can’rmt find the space invaders extreme link on the vhbl website? Can someone help me out?

  2. sugarshock says:

    Freezes while installing any homebrew. After some time freezed, space invaders gets terminated and “An error occured”-message comes up

  3. Aymeric says:

    Finally :)

  4. Rukito says:

    I opened Vhbl and it sayds couldnt find any homebrew in psp/VHBL… Please help idk how to do this

  5. AceAdrian15 says:

    I get a C1-2858-3 error when I try to load the game. How can I fix this?

  6. Aymeric says:

    I have a little problem, i can’t see all of the ready save file i have transfer and when i install one of them, it’s don’t install of of the INSTALL.ZIP content :/

    • Kili says:

      Yeah, i have the same… I’ve try with 138menu also and it’s the same thing, vhbl does not detect any INSTALL.ZIP, don’t know what i’ve miss :(

  7. Buzzcut says:

    Wow, sounds like a lot of problems. I hope I don’t have trouble when (really hoping I don’t miss the next NA exploit) I try to install VHBL.

  8. KiFeyn says:

    please this is my first hack for ps vita as you add games?

  9. sean z says:

    by the way you dont have to load the save game ….just transfer the exploit… then simply start spaceinvaders and go right to multiplayer and practice,, it autoloads your previous save file and puts you right into vhbl

  10. zerobacker says:

    for C1-2858-3 error correction maybe changing the language to English …. ps vita on the other hand if you want to install the zip put everything in capitals example (ZERO.ZIP) aver hopefully helped a little if not no heed me luck friends

  11. Juanmahl says:


  12. asd says:

    cant install nothing, only mymenu

  13. asd says:

    cant install nothing, only mymenu… :/

  14. Juanmahl says:

    my vhbl does not detect any INSTALL.ZIP!!!!

  15. Axle says:

    Any solution? i cant install a games, no detect INSTALL.ZIP on nesterj, on snes yes but i open a game and the vhbl crashes!

  16. Wheens says:

    Same problem on INSTALL.ZIP please wololo fix it!

  17. roger says:

    the content manager (in the ps vita) doesnt detect snes9x, just the space invaders… why is that?

  18. Philipp says:

    Guys, need your advanced help! I bought that game via PS3 and managed to download it to PS3, but however there is no way to copy it to PS Vita. So I installed CFW 4.55 on PS3. Is there a way to copy game to PS Vita with CFW? Thanks for any helpful reply :)

  19. John.G says:

    i do copy INSTALL.ZIP to other PSP save. and transfer to psvita but not working…install nothing. get error message.
    couldn’t find any homebrew in EAN/
    Please check your config file and/or restart HBL

  20. xXdinoXx says:


    push L Button and then navigate to “savedata”. pick a homebrew and push X or O (i forgot).
    sorry for my bad english.

  21. Waffle_Towel says:

    I don’t know why Sony fights these. The Vita has next to no games, this is all the fun we get on the Vita. Besides, Sony makes money on the exploited games. The most money Vita is making is probably from people buying the game with the exploits.
    VHBL is awesome! Thanks for everything you guys do! ^u^

  22. matt_7800 says:

    The roms are not detect in gpSP, why ?

  23. xXdinoXx says:

    my instruction is without 138Menu.
    when you use 138Menu try 138MenuL3 not 138MenuL4.
    worked for me.

  24. 01 says:

    lets face it, guys
    this is a useless ***
    I really cant believe that in 2014 “this is the” method for playing emulators on the vita. Pathetic.

  25. Nigga says:

    why all of you guys getting error? mine is perfect i install all my favorite homebrew

  26. Davey says:

    How did I miss this!? It got pulled so fast! We need to be on an email list or something.

  27. sean z says:

    My brand new slim runs this flawless its a U.S. brdlands 2 edition on an australia psn I live in the U.S. too sooo awesome thank you thank you thank you to allllll your hard work for this

  28. jimmyy says:

    please someone help me i cant run homebrews they wont show up in the insatall folder

  29. sean z says:

    i noticed if you physically extract the install zip then rezip it the results are not the same
    as just copying into the install zip and using the store method

    make sure its all in caps
    and the directory structure is setup as for instance Daedalus64/data.bin,,param.sfo,icon0

    also make sure the install zip if you did extract it and rezipped it is setup as follows,eboot…etc

  30. sean z says:

    Another huge bug ive noticed ..its an error in the installer code..if you install an emulator.and the roms have too many letters weird characters, or too many spaces in the name the install freezes and c108 errors and sometimes requires a reboot.. simply shortening the rom titles allows them to all pass through


    007 the world is not enough.z64

    Change to


  31. gui says:

    have a ps vita with king of pool, and fw 3:01 tnv9.6
    I use theme at the moment and works psp, ps1 games and emulators.
    I would use 128menu l4. how can I install? I install over the top? I will continue with my psp games and ps1 emulators?

  32. Hugo says:


    The game is already out of PSN :( is there another option??????????

  33. leehaseong says:

    is this for free pls reply thanks

  34. komod says:

    bonjour les mecs, j’ai suivi la procédure expliqué pour space invaders, j’ai même installé le menu 138MenuL4. mais j’ai du mal à lancer des émulateurs, notamment celui de néo-géo pouvez vous m’aider svp.

  35. Samson talyor says:

    Hello hackers! Could you just hack on ps vita without any exploitable games from psn store? Come on hackers, i know y’all have talent. You should able to hack on ps vita just like psp. I wish that alex dark should not leave psp scene . #justsaying

  36. MIKE says:

    when is the nets TN-V coming ?

  37. Dante69 says:

    Awesome work on the 3.15 VHBL! I just bought a second PSVita so I can have one 3.01 ecfw one and a updated firmware one. Got the second Vita from a pawn shop and it so happens the fw is on 3.01, it’s a shame I have to update it, but I only need one on 3.01 right now.

  38. arcy says:


  39. ReinholdtheRunner says:

    I exploited my ps vita with the “138Menu”- Menu. But I’m not able to install the n64 emulator “Daedalus”. Is it probably not compatible with this exploit?


  40. Iv no luck what so ever this is the 4th hbl iv had one of them was mega mix and this is the only one I that will not work for me unfortunately my vita updated so no more mega mix :(

  41. With the original file I get no home brews with the v2 it crashes tried both with 138 menu and no luck can anyone help with this

  42. xXdinoXx says:

    try homebrews install whitout 138menu. hit L Button and search for “savedata”.
    otherwise try 138menuL3.

  43. KRUK says:

    So I managed to install a game boy advance and when I load a room it crashes and I can’t install any other home brews at all I deleted the gba and now won’t reinstall iv used v1 with and with out 138 l3 and l4 and that same with v2 to no avail. I really like the work you guys do but this vhbl just seems to be the worst one and just seem like it was rushed with no real attention being paid to it I no I’m not doing anything wrong as this is the 3rd exploit I have used my son got hold of my vita and updated it so I lost tnv can anyone shed some light on this please

    • kaotik-snake says:

      I am having the exact same problem as you I didn’t install the gba tho but still crashes with an error message and no other home brew are detected I think I’m just gana give up on this one and accept iv wasted 8 pound lol no matter what I do nothing seems to work but good luck to you if you find a fix please do let me no

  44. Paul says:

    Dammit! I take my eye off the ball for a couple of days and I miss the exploit! Argh! Next time, Gadget. Next time!

  45. HolyBelias says:

    Will TN-V for Space Invaders Extreme be available?

  46. kaotik-snake says:

    @ KRUK iv got it working now a different way to what everyone else says on here iv emailed you how but the exploit still crashes when you exit the emulators

  47. i should buy the game to make this work if its like that then im gonna sell my vita

  48. my mom does not let me download game

  49. Rxc777 says:

    Is there a way to get alerted when a new exploit becomes available or is it just keep on the look out for the next one?


  50. Gigan says:

    Hi everyone
    I understand that VHBL does not allow for UMD backups to be played. However if the ripped ISO was converted into an Eboot and signed using a Fake_NP would it run successfully or would that not be possible in a user mode exploit. Any information in this regards would be appreciated as Google has yielded no results.

    Kind Regards

  51. franz says:

    I just want to know if gou own an exploit from 3.01 firmware and you reset your vita.. now its asking for firmware upgrade is it safe to upgtade? And you can still run that exploit in 3.15 firmware… Just asking becaues i cannot diwnload the expkoit for the reason that psn is asking fir an upgrade when trying to log in

  52. Nigga says:

    Hayyy no chance of porting TN-V here in new exploit? ***!!

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