PSP Custom Firmwares 6.xx ME-2.1 and 6.xx LME-2.1 are now available!

The Zett

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  1. Junocaen

    Way to go!
    I think I gona use this one instead of PRO
    keep up the good work

  2. TecXero

    Just to let people know, the “Hide CFW Directory from GAME” option only hides the seplugins folder, not the ISO folder. It’s not that big of a deal, but it might be a concern for some people.

  3. DaVish

    Still no XMB Update function.. Duh.

    • The Z

      We are working at it.

      It would be easier if neur0n could simply upload the new versions to his server, but who knows it that one is still running?

      • eighthdayregret

        The XMB update does still work for neu0n’s version of the CFWs, as of ME-2’s release date.

  4. Timber

    Can’t wait to try this when I get back home tonight. Thanks!

  5. Gabanna

    May i know what is the difference to installing the ME and the ME (OFW) version and which version to choose for my PSP? I am currently on 6.60 ME1.8 and considering to upgrade. Thanks.

  6. hugehes

    Hi! guys, psp 2kslim fully hackable running 6.60 pro-cfix3 perma patch it. Can I just uninstall cfw pro and change/update to 6.60 ME-2.1? cause i guess with this update ME is now much better.,since i can also play ff type-0 with this…thanks in advanced.

  7. colonel

    why you deleted my comment ? retards

  8. ivo

    so can i only install ofw in tnv or does there come a tnv timemachine allso ?
    cfw ofw or ecfw … im intrested in 2.71 se B ”
    and resurrect my tiff

  9. Matt

    Hi, I have a PSP Brite 3000 model 04g with CFW 6.20 PRO-B8. Can I install this CFW and how? Thanks in advanced

  10. oo7

    Hide folders option needs to hide more folders. Currently hiding the Plugins folder however must hide ISO and 150 folders no? There is already reports of software that needs these folders hidden.

    PRO somehow already runs these titles. Could pro possibly already contain routines to hide these? If so can Rahim simply borrow that part of the script to LME? under GPL so shouldnt be a issue correct?

  11. albeart

    Where is 6.60 LME 2.1 ?

  12. 007

    links in the forum post

  13. 007

    They are in the first post here slong with change logs since Rahim-US started work on this

  14. 007

    @The Z I like your theme, Where do I get it? the sparkles look cool.

  15. 007

    Evangelion – Jo doesnt run on this but on pro it does.

  16. 007

    To date two games that dont detect PRO are detecting LME 2.1

  17. 007

    Been testing 6.20 LME 2.1 on one of my PSP GOs and its great!

  18. ewan08

    This patch, still, can’t run Dj Max Portable 3. I don’t know why, I have the hide cfw function enabled

  19. Blue

    What makes ME so popular? Is there an area where it is superior to PRO?

  20. RaelXX

    Mine is 08g and is not on the list. What should I do?