PS4 Slim Date: This is the likely release schedule of the PS4 Slim


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48 Responses

  1. RandQalan

    😆 nice chop and move USB location for slim 😉

  2. Cameron

    Don’t forget the PS one,
    JP December 3, 1994
    July 7, 2000

  3. Andre104623

    I hope they don’t change it for a while I love the way the ps4 looks it’s the most stunning console I ever seen too bad the OS sucks *** and the store still doesn’t have anything

    • gamr13

      This is why I don’t own/want a next gen console, the games don’t interest me, it seems today that devs are looking to get games out that look stunning rather than focus on gameplay or storyline, two of the most important things. I’d play an Atari 2600 *Which I have* and have more fun with that than a PS4…That was not an exaggeration. In my opinion this gen is a total flop. Last gen wasn’t the best either.

      • Timber

        I agree with you, it’s all about specs and hardware these days. Who’s the most powerful and has the best graphics seems to be the battle. 16bit is all I will ever need. 2D all the way.

        I bet they already have a slim version designed for ps4 though.

      • mixedfish

        “I’d play an Atari 2600 *Which I have* and have more fun with that than a PS4”

        Maybe you just hate games and actually prefer to live under a rock. A games console does not dictate genre nor design, there are more choices today then there were decades ago.

  4. EJ

    It’s already slim, more like PS4 Square and make it into a box shape or something. But who knows with them.

  5. Charles Fasano

    I don’t like the PS4 parallelogram shape as it prevents me from using some USB Flash drives as the bottom sticks out too much which forces me to use a USB extension cable. If the PS4 was completely rectangular I wouldn’t have an issue.

    It would be interesting to see how much smaller Sony could make the PS4 since it’s pretty small right now even smaller than the Xbox 360 S. They could make it much smaller by making the Power Supply external which I wish they did as I hate internal Power Supplies. The PS4’s Power Supply takes up quite a bit a space.

  6. James Way

    I never jumped on the bandwagon…so I’m glad to wait for the xbox one slim (if any) and the ps4 slim. I say once uncharted 4 comes out, I’ll jump aboard, otherwise I’m happy with my ouya and my new 3d printer. Got more than enough toys for now…gf included.

  7. faiz

    we just want 1tb or 2!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Superbacon87

    If believe that more important than a slim revision, is a PS4 with at least 1 TB HDD

  9. Drew Horvath

    I could definitely see a design that loses the Blu-Ray drive and therefore drops the price another $50-100. That would make for one extremely competitive machine and could even compete with the Nintendo audience.

    • Acid_Snake

      The PSP Go didn’t go well and Sony is not the type that repeats mistakes.
      Full digital consoles is not there yet as most AAA games will take up a lot of space on the HDD.

    • Kira Slith

      Actually, they’ll more likely go with a pop-top drive as that is far less expensive than the slide-in style drives currently in use than they are to forgo the whole disc drive entirely, because as N1n10 and $0ny learned last gen people like physical media over digital distribution.

      Also, Wololo’s depiction of the slim doesn’t leave room for both a ODD and HDD unless most of the current PS4 mobo is unpopulated, and even then it’ll have use a large Heat spreader to keep the whole thing cooled even with a fan installed.

  10. Timber

    All companies should merge and make a super system that every developer can create for.
    Also many slim versions thereafter.

    • Acid_Snake

      In the magic fairy land you live in that might be a great idea, but in the real world where the rest of us live that’s called a monopoly and leads to corporations abusing their control and mistreating their customers (look at Microsoft with their PC market).

      • Timber

        Well obviously it wasn’t a serious suggestion, but in my magic fairy land it’s a reality, and all companies are super nice and give out cotton candy with each purchase. Plus the games are free. It’s called the X-Station-U

    • Darth Agnon

      That’s called Skynet…

  11. hotdogicn

    I have to say that PS4 is much hotter than PS3 slim(I haven’t had a chance to see PS3 1000 myself,anyway, PS3 has a louder fan than PS4),which makes me worry whether it will stop working because of high temperature. Anyone have the same worry as mine?

    • Acid_Snake

      I made an article about that some time ago, the problem is that consoles like the PS3 need to be periodically maintained (air vents cleaned, thermal paste changed, etc) and most people don’t know how to do this without causing mayor damage, so they tend to keep using their consoles until it eventually dies due to lack of maintenance.

  12. Irax

    I’m not surprise if PS4 Slim does not include Blu Ray media and has stock 1TB HDD, which means the system only plays digital games, but not sure if it actually a good thing or not.

    My guess is it probably be announce next year on E3 and 3 months later will be release on market.

  13. ivo

    i think a ps4 slim slim like the ps2 slim
    will release in 2018 hence
    three or four years laters …

    or the later u get
    the better it gets
    nodejs file ssh vitagame

    hence i was the first in my city
    hence i could only play rubaduck

  14. WildBILL

    How often should i replace the thermal paste on my wii u ps3 ps4 and 360? Even though i hardly use them i want to be able to maintain them : )

  15. DarthDiggler

    The only problem with this assessment is that the PS4 was kind of designed as a slim to begin with. Look at it vs the XBONE. Not saying it won’t get any smaller, but your concept photo is highly unlikely given what I know about heat dissipation (my company has a simulator).

  16. Mart

    It doesn’t have to be called a real ‘slim’ to have improvements though.

    The PS3 fat got a shrunk die on the Cell and RSX through its ‘phat’ period, downwards to 65nm/45nm before the real slim was there.

    heck I waited for a late 2008 PS3 fat/phat and got me a 65/45nm model. I am expecting a 20nm PS4 instead of the current 28nm PS4, while it won’t be called a slim yet.

    • DarthDiggler

      I am making an issue out of this author just pulling stuff out of his ***. I am sick of reading speculation articles from those with little expertise to be speaking about said subject matter. The point of websites like these is to inform, but most authors only care about hits and informing their audience takes a distant backseat.

      The Cell/RSX architecture is radically different, the initial runs of the Cell CPU were quite large so there was much more room to trim, the RSX wasn’t super tiny either. The AMD platform is more mature so you won’t see that big of a size cut this time around.

      Please re-read what I said, I never said there would be no new improvements. The improvements will be less though. That is given my experience with pushing heat tolerances on Intel Xeon E5-2600 Processors. Much of the “how small” things can get depends on the fans that are employed. If the smallest fan you can use is X high, that is the limit to your slimming effort.

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