And another one – TN-V9.6 is now available!

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  1. Sakleiro says:

    I’m still waiting the exploit game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. agent smith says:

    thank you total noob

  3. ololow says:

    wololo pls relese hecks for vita to play humbrew

  4. lolwut says:

    wow this guy nuts

  5. Ian says:

    Waiting for FTP to be added back in before I update, but thanks for all the work!

  6. ivo says:

    what about porting nodejs to psp
    one that integrates ssh ftp and fileservers

  7. ivo says:

    so if this is minor update
    what will be the major update sonner or later ?
    meaning running 2.71 se B ” on vita with full libtiff possibilities ?

  8. urcent says:

    hey i need help for a sec
    everytime i plug my vita into the pc it keeps asking me to update and im using the person innocent sin exploit and im not trying to update it. do anyone know how to bypass that force update ***?

    • Mark says:

      You need to install OpenCMA. It’ll bypass the online version check and stop asking you to update. Wololo has a blood entry about it on the site.

  9. kepohe says:

    Cool! i have updated my TN V this morning. I can play with snes9xtyl emulators (supermario), ps1 games (DBZ ultimate battle 22), and psp games!!

    I hope the emulator DSonPSP will be updated one day….

  10. urcent says:

    hey thanks you guys
    i owe yall

  11. Allan says:

    I would like to seek help regarding upgrading to the latest TN-V. Everytime i try to update via xmb.. I get the error message “the download failed. A connection to the server could not be established. (80431021)” i hope someone can help me with this.. Thank in advance.

  12. tobyjug says:

    Try resetting your router and internet connection settings

  13. eric says:

    Does this play iso? I want to back up game card and play from menu

  14. tokia says:

    restore backup again 3.12

  15. wartaf says:

    nice! 😀

  16. RiotDX says:

    This fixed all of the issues I was having on the Persona 2 exploit with Final Fantasy 6! Thank you TN! You’re the real MVP of the PS scene!

  17. Lord Darton Staker says:

    Glad to see Total_Noob at full swing again. Tops to your hard work Sir. We all appreciate it, especially those whiney fools who think that complaining will get them anywhere, keep up the good work! +1

  18. meler says:

    yes its getting better every update 😀 better that $ony 😀 progressing like 😀

  19. gui says:

    how do i play metal gear solid 1 on the ps vita?
    already downloaded several eboot and I can not run.

  20. jonas says:

    where can i get a vita below 3.01?
    should i buy a brand new vita 1000, or get a used one for half the price with the latest fw, and wait for a kxploit if there ever will be one? tnks

  21. Alex says:

    Am i the only one getting the BSOD in a loop? I press start to restart TNV 9.6 but it just goes right back into the blue screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  22. Ghost66 says:

    Need for Speed Most Wanted for PS Vita crashes into safe mode when i keep restarting the race (any race). Firmware 3.12, old fat PS Vita, not the new one, btw the game is digital DL, not a cartridge

  23. hi says:

    My tn-v got bricked after i updated. What’s going on?

  24. Is this work in firmware 3.15

  25. Im goona kill my self if you dont tell me if i can get it in firmware 3.15 if it cant i will kill my self

  26. Hedonism says:

    Guys, can someone please help me out here. I have tried OCMA using fw 3.01 and cannot transfer Numblast to Vita from the PS3. It keeps showing an error saying some content items could not be copied. I can’t download it to PC from the PS Store either. Any help is really appreciated! Thanks =)

  27. Alex says:

    I guess i am the only one getting a BSOD loop. I guess ill just go back to TNV 9.5 until i see if anybody else gets this issue and/or its fixed.
    I have no idea why this is happening cause i updated from 9.5 via TNV system update, but it’s a total no go for me.

  28. dean says:

    I’ve got a hand on a PS Vita with 2.60 system version but problem is its not linked on any psn account. How can i sign in a new account without updating the system software?

  29. Xc@liburn says:

    Could the recently found VHBL exploit for 3.15 lead to eCFW use the same exploit as well?

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