PSP Custom Firmwares 6.xx ME-2 and 6.xx LME-2 are now available!

The Zett

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  1. Trunk208

    Still I dont get what’s this new stuff :I

  2. Silverton

    if i use this on my PSP go with LME perma patch, will it be bad, and will it take away my perma patch

  3. raveous

    Have’nt updated my psp firmware in years. Works just fine. Even with FF Type-0

    • eighthdayregret

      You must be a PRO user, then.
      So this article obviously doesn’t apply to you.

  4. 007

    The list above lists TA-095 v2 ( 9g ) as CFW 6.20 doesn’t going to 6.20 still cause a sleep bug?

    Also Im curious if having added inferno to LME does it mean also the same no drm as pro is now in LME? I always favored LME but switched to pro for the ability to run more.

    • _A_

      I also want to know if its has noDRM. I use Pro-C in my PSPGo moslty because of that.

    • The Z

      The sleep bug for 6.20 09g 3000s can apparently not be fixed, but the firmware can be forced onto the psp, thats why it is technically possible to install it to the PSP.

      • oo7

        So if one have a 09g with sleep bug and wants LCFW and no sleep bug still use 6.60 right

        • The Z

          The sleep bug appears at 09g 3000 PSPs with firmwares below 6.30.

          Update to 6.30 or higher to get rid of it.

          • JCK07115

            Good day The Z, I responded to your response to get your attention on my question. I have PRO-C2 on my PSP model 3000. Obviously that and this 6.XX ME/LME-2 are both cfw for the PSP, but what is/are the difference(s) in brief (I know they might be numerous). Thanks for your time.

          • The Z

            Difference between ME and LME?

            ME is a full CFW but only for older PSPs (1000 and old 2000s).

            LME is temporary, but for every PSP. LME can be perma patched to some PSPs at 6.20.

          • Oluwafunmiwo Sholola

            Thank you The Z, I appreciate it but I was inquiring the difference(s) between “that” (PRO-CFW) and “this 6.XX ME/LME-2.” Thanks once again for your response. I would appreciate another one answering the clarified question. God bless

  5. Caio

    Any reason to go from PRO-C to this one?

  6. oo7

    What about DRM? same?

  7. BirthByRight

    can i use this on my vita exploit uno 1.81?

  8. Softtm17

    Wait i don’t get it.
    I have a psp go white, with the 6.60 pro-C3…with this news update 6.xx ME/LME-2 is possible to apply the perm.patch?

    • The Z

      Downgrade to 6.20 go

      Install LME-2 CFW

      Launch LME-2 CFW

      Install LME-2 perma patch


    • oo7

      it has always been possible to downgrade your GO to 6.20 then perma.

      I run 6.20 Prop Perma on my GOs

      • Softtm17

        Yeah i know but i wanna have it on 6.60 (the last OFW)…just this ^^
        I alredy know that was possible downgrading the psp on firmware 6.20 =P

        • oo7

          Sony changed the PSP behavior after 6.20 so perma patch of that method can not be executed from firmware greater than 6.20. All perma patch is is the loader hidden in flash lauched as a autoboot. SOny killed this 🙁 Wish the exploit had not been released till 6.60 it would prob still be there.


    Ehm the pro C-2 CFW has 3 UMD ISO driver = Inferno, m33 driver and SONY NP9660!!!