Total_Noob is back, with PEOPS & TN-V9: A Plugin that enables sound for custom converted PS1 games on the PS Vita!

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84 Responses

  1. Sky Yuki says:

    Wow that was quick

  2. BoggyB says:

    Oh, TN… Always making us crazy about your updates hahahaha!

    • alpmaster says:

      Updates that are actually useful not like $ony lol :p

      • bob says:

        You might want to treat Total_Noob with some respect.

        He may be an imperfect human, just like the rest of us, but he freely offers us services that don’t appear to come from anyone else on the planet.

        • mosisisi says:

          hes just a lame idiot looking for attention
          hes left the scene like 10 times just to see other people crying etc
          i disregard such peeps who are attention wh0res

  3. Edzo says:

    I feel like at some point I am going to click that donate button. Thank you TN you magnificent ***

  4. Binebina says:

    And suddenly the E3 isn’t the best thing happening today.

  5. hotdogicn says:

    Great news! Great to have you back,TN!

  6. Kokumotsu says:

    I’m more disappointed that I updated my vita because there wasn’t going to be a worth wild update.
    Now type-0 patch is out and now audio for psx games… Sooooo saaaad :(

  7. virtualtad says:

    That was sickkkkkk! :)

  8. RiotDX says:

    I suppose this means it’s finally time to buy a bigger memory card for my Vita… How else am I supposed to get Final Fantasy Anthology and 7-9 on there AND still play that freshly released Type-0 translation?

  9. Hellishere says:

    When? the game will be a US release or japan? it will run also psp? because i want to finish the damm Valkirye Profile and Silent Hill Origins for good,when? hahaha.Thank you guys you’re awesome.

  10. Alejandro says:

    I hope this TNV version fixes the “Valkyrie Profile Lenneth” bugs.

  11. realgunner says:

    We are extremely grateful to have you back in the scene again.
    Welcome back TN.

  12. Obito says:

    Holy molly! Finally I will be able to listen to Pandemonium 😀

  13. Frezzno says:

    This IS news! Welcome back Total_Noob.

  14. perfig says:

    Total_Noob is a hero

  15. Mo says:

    Wow this is amazing news! Looking forward to FF9 on vita. Anyone know where i can get the type-0 full english translation from?

  16. Broose says:

    OOOOOOOoooooooh god !! It’s like an Underground E3 (UE3 :p ) Total_Noob you got my donation again, well done ! I never updated my PSVita but now PS1 games won’t feel the same.
    And guys Type-0 is awesome !! (I know I’ve “finished” it 😉 )
    Here you go guys Type-0 patch :!pwp3ARQR!8WCIyHbNd1nF1EdfXwtsP4SSpPN9JkeB5Az519-zpCs

  17. mma_jedi says:

    Hopefully when he’s ready to release, we’ll see TNv9ported to a new 3.15 US kernel exploit.

    • JCK07115 says:

      Well, I am guessing this exploit will be aimed specifically at those with PS Vita OFW 3.15, due to all the relentless requests as well as complaints. I am so glad. God bless you all and Jesus Christ loves you so…

  18. Sakuryu says:

    Heh! He needs to change his name to Total_Phoenix 😛 Thanks for the resurrection, now we just need the next kernel \o/

  19. Sayed says:

    ALLAH AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Lord Darton Staker says:

    This is the sort of work I really admire- someone with the true tenacity to overcome tedious tasks and make them look simple- love it, keep it up Total_Noob.. +1 from me, your work is some of the best I have seen on this and the PSP scene in it’s prime- would be tragic to lose someone that is keeping this place alive!

    RESPECT man

  21. Lord Darton Staker says:

    One thing I must admit- I truly want TN-V on my PS VITA- unfortunately- I buy a lot of the original titles for the VITA and end up being forced to update my version- I think that TN-V is highly superior in the sense that it runs XMB as an original PSP making it pretty much authentic- I only wish there could be development of some plugin that allows for 1. All Region support access on one PS VITA (Getting rid of the need to swap out memory cards to get JAP exploits or otherwise purchase of games 2. The issue of forced updates due to new firmware and games updates.

    Honestly that is asking a lot, but if these things could become a possibility in the future it would certainly make the ps vita the single most interesting console (like it’s predecessor), what this console is locking away is a genuine amount of potential, and we have to explore the chances of opening it up for emulators that are far more expansive, example a micro ps2 emulator, PC emulator, imagine taking your favorite PC games with you wherever you go, the chances are there definitely wont be something that potent but it is a viable concept (the package would be way to difficult to manage and lengthy transfer times..), having an Android emulator? Imagine having a desktop switcher- like in PSP days you had those Custom Browser XMBs, you could load up a XMB that was designed to look like Xbox… blah blah blah, but more advanced and more crisp DIRECT to the current (BUBBLES)… god I wish I could have an alternative… i mean for crying out loud there aren’t any themes for PS VITA… SO terrible!

  22. ambrosjb says:

    Amazing news! If the bugs get worked out and this works for all PS1 games, this truly will be a FULL replacement for the PSP for me. TN, great work as always. For those of you still not understanding the big deal, eCFW w/ PS1 sound would now mean EVERYTHING you love about your CFW PSP and everythign you love about the vita hardware and software, rolled into one package. Just awesome. i know I’m going to donate and suggest that all others do as well. Just think of how much you would pay for each of these PS1 and PSP games on your retail OFW vita! You can spare a few bucks!

  23. Anubis406 says:

    That sort of decrypter will require heavy debugging and reverse engineering skills. Well, if you think you brave enough, try it:)

  24. Persona Fan says:

    Thanks TN! Now I can save money by not rebuying PS1 games I already bought a long time ago. Lol Plus play ones I own that are not on the US PSN.

    • Persona Fan says:

      Games like Lunar SSSC and Lunar Eternal Blue. Capcom vs SNK Pro and Valkyrie Profile which have anime cutscenes and not CG ones like the psp version does.

  25. NeonAera says:

    Welcome back, Total_Noob!!

  26. k3nn says:

    what?? wooot that’s some drama TN. way to go on the peops too…i was like 😮 when i read the title. excited again.

  27. otto says:

    Thats good news but what about people who have 3.15? Will we get exploited game? Thanks

  28. Garrett Cornwell says:

    Thank you Total_Noob! This is what i have been waiting for for eCFW, great work! I’m going to donate right now! awesome! after the next kernel exploit is release i sure hope you will be TN-V to it! I updated to play some ps one games, without sound just wasn’t the same.. Thanks again this time around sony will have nothing to make me upgrade off of eCFW :)

  29. Raziel says:

    Then its time to get rid of the PSP Go and look for my Vita

  30. hailthetn says:

    thanks. i knew i did the right with not updating my vita. damn you psn plus, efcw is much better.

    btw tn-v8 had broken internet radio, wish tn-v9 brings it back.

  31. Meler says:

    I knew sooner or later we will be enjoying ps1 games on TV-9 matter of time 😀 good stuff Total!

  32. Show says:

    First Phantom Dust, now this. It’s been a good two days.

  33. LennyVita says:

    This person never ceases to amaze me. Making the impossible, possible. Again my hats off to you.

    So if a person already has a vita with TN-V can they update to the latest TN-V when it is released? Do they need to get the latest exploit game that supports TN-V9? I am guessing its all good, but i could be wrong


  34. Leires says:

    Y’know, every time i hear ‘well, this is it, TN is done’ i know in my heart he’ll be back. You’re worse than santa, sir! You just keep on givin’! Thanks very much for the work, looking forward to it.

  35. ivo says:

    lets hope once more for more usermode exploits acid!
    so we can see this tnv9 :)

  36. ivo says:

    is there a way i could rewrite uno exploit for myself (no release)
    to work in a different emulator than the psvita emu ?
    currently it keeps running but no graphics.c

  37. ivo says:

    the answer is simple
    ask Henrik Rydgard to emulate framebuffer
    or allso known vram memory offsets 400 till 800 of the little endian memory

  38. Grateful Vita says:

    Thank You TN!
    Welcome Back!

  39. ud says:

    Awosome work!hope TN can figure out psv usermod

  40. Buck Knaked says:

    So, when can I play “Elder Scrolls” on the Vita 1000, 2000, or Vita TV? Yowzer!

  41. Wopa says:

    …they should focus on enabling the PS Vita to play backups instead of working on getting it to play PS1 and PSP game backups. It’s pointless supporting something like this unless for those wierd people that buy a PS Vita to play PSP games and PS1 games on it instead of a normal PSP… D:

  42. trashdinner says:

    Hah! I just sold my Vita since I wasn’t interested in any Vita games and PS1 iso didn’t have sound … When TN annouced he would leave the scene that was the final push for me but now this!! I asked for PS1 sound so many times and now that I sold my Vita there it is 😉

  43. Kepohe says:

    Hello, i had the old exploit gravity crash but i updated with the next firmware. I haven’t my vita with me now but i think i have a firmware 2.xx… I see that some game with exploit have retourned to PSN (for 3.xx) … So can i install one of this exploit or i must wait for a new release? Thanks

  44. ramenking says:

    well done Z for finding this big step for sound for our ps1 games 😀

  45. ponxpunks says:

    i already installed final fantasy type 0 full english patch on my ps vita tnv 8 version sadly its not working im stuck on loading menu i hope this coming tnv 9 final fantasy type 0 will work jahbless you total noobs to all stuff of this site!!!!

  46. noobrstxk says:


  47. ivo says:

    its odd atleast that any exploit reults in a segmentation fault when loaded in an emulator on pc
    except Uno.

  48. ivo says:

    what u do is as following
    install ps3 proxy server update the update file by selecting the proxy in ur psvita
    then update this link with file that fits ur firmware as latest

    then u can go on psn with any firm u like … ps3 proxy server gui that is
    next u can go on store and buy those games and install the savegames exploits
    and even the tnv9 softmod (pspfirm emu cef) will work if its a release for any exploit like last time …
    the kmode only needs a umode house …
    so once u got a game working with a usermode exploit ur all set to find the tnv update for it

    allthough it will be some messing to findout with cma and witch opencma hack u need for ur firmware.

  49. lemski07 says:

    Ill be able to hear now Diablo 1’s epic sound right am I right?!

  50. Awesome work I hope this can be launched I still on 1.81 and i dont want upgrade my psvita works incredible congratulations. TN

    • Don Li says:

      Same here great work but I am too also on 1.81 running TN-V exploit. Would be amazing if it’s launched to work in the same version can’t wait.

  51. Nnuma says:

    Yeah ! ! I was sure that TN haven’t left the psvita scene ^^

  52. RypaFire says:

    I hope this is a new CFW for ver 3.15 vita users. Good Job TN!!!

  53. kineticUk says:

    Wow, this is such great news as Ive missed out so far and wish I had TN software on my Vita even though Ive still got my PSP. Total_Noob work so far has been brilliant. I’m very happy to hear this news. I must research now what I will need to do and be ready.

  54. icyheart says:

    I always Lovein your work TN, please support him every time.

  55. dean says:

    it would be really nice if this can run on 3.15.

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