Playstation TV coming this fall to the US and EU: will it fix Vita TV’s mistakes?


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21 Responses

  1. Lai says:

    this is what i was dying to get… glad they will release in US 😉

  2. john_scott says:

    Vita tv is not exclucive to japan. It is avalible in most asian countrys.

  3. jpum48 says:

    Because of testing, I expect the ps vita tv to be able to connect to eu/us servers before December if its going to at all

  4. :v says:

    “the Vita is a failure from a market perspective”
    Obviously, if Sony didn’t make an even small effort to sell it or to help developers to make games for it. Just compare Ps4 launch and PsV launch, I know Ps4 is WAY more important than Vita because it can be considered as “the main PlayStation product” nowadays, but the fact that they put 0 effort on selling the Vita or making it a good console is so sh*tty.
    Humhh, I won’t buy Tearaway until I can disable camera shutter sound. C’MON SONY, ***!?
    We all know Sony people read the blogs, I just hope they also read the comments and aticles like this (that may not be related to hacking).
    Just my 2 cents, goodbye! (Also, don’t buy a new Playstation handheld again, I love my Vita and all, Is an amazing console, but if you’re going to barely support it (and that’s thanks to indie developers and their 2D games) then i’d rather not buy it)
    PS: Oh, and they did the price-drop too late, TOO LATE, if they really wanted to sell anything.

  5. Memento says:

    I had no problems with importing VitaTV, TN-V runs great with it and I’m happy with my purchase. I will for sure be picking up this Playstation TV. I love gadgets like this.

  6. Thrawn says:

    Good article indeed.

    The vita was stillborn!!!!
    You would need Frankenstein (or Dr NED) to VITALIZE IT!! XD

    Honestly I don’t know what $ony did wrong, it can’t be the lack of games at startup because the 3DS had a game release hole for over 4 months after its release and is doing great now. I mean the 3DS already sold 43 million units (source Wikipedia) that is more than 6 times the amount the vita sold (7 million units, source Wikipedia).

    In my opinion they were working on a mobile product, but until they had it finished the mobile gaming market was already completely overtaken by Nintendo, Apple, Android and the rest of the mobile (phone?) market.
    They obviously didn’t know what to do and so they thought: “Hey we worked on it and its finished so let us at least squeeze the development cost out of that piece of sh*t”. Then they bribed a few studios to create some launch titles, packed it, slapped it, sold it!!! End of story.

    That’s the reason why $ony shows no love for the vita any more, they know its dead. And with the upcoming Playstation Now, they will put another Nail to the already nailed, sealed and buried coffin. $ony can theoretically turn every mobile device and computer into a playstation device playing what ever content they want to stream ps one, psp, ps2, ps3, ps vita…. whatever they want to… theoretically!

  7. ivo says:

    after the playstation mobile thing comes a …
    playstation top ==> a playstation laptop
    playstation tab ==> a playstation tablet thats a psvita
    but what brings the new age …

  8. Zerogoki says:

    A official software to rip our PSP games to run them on PS TV would be fantastic.

  9. faiz says:

    oh well thats ***,the vita failed………………..:(

  10. faiz says:

    e3 was the vitas chance to shine along with the ps4,but the vita was left in the shadows,4 TITLES,wow lets compare that with the new titles for ps4.*SIGH*

  11. lolwut says:

    You just overthinking about it. i whised they were demoing Dionne (Freedom Wars) battle through the end.

  12. PspJunkie says:

    Please save future kexploit for US release of this thing. We want to sell some.
    Thank you.

  13. Truth says:

    NO it won’t. This will fail very much the rest of the Vita line.

  14. sathriel says:

    I was pretty excited when the first news about VITA TV appeared on this blog. The device could have been so good… yet Sony blew it completely the way they did with the portable it was named after.

    The biggest problem still persist: there are not that many games for VITA yet VITA TV manages to play only a small percentage of those. Why? It is beyond silly. I can understand that they didn’t want to use VITA as a main controller for VITA TV as it would increase the price but why not give the option to the people who want to have both devices?

    And why would people invest their money and time into acquiring VITA TV now? There is not that many games for it and from what was said at E3 there won’t be that much more coming. So as a console it is subpar. Most of the streaming options will not be available for VITA TV at least for some time so as a streaming device it is pretty pointless.

    All in all seems like VITA TV (oops, sorry Playstation TV) will go in its portable predeccessor’s footsteps – towards obscurity.

  15. gunblade says:

    Finally now to jus get two vita tv and take my vita apart and get a WiFi/bluetooth usb card and a usb Ethernet card or a psp go or psp. I still need a rooted android or a windows tablet for portable.

  16. Mike says:

    Sony makes terrible decisions with anything that isn’t their main console. They poke at me with amazing possibilities and crush them just to see me squirm. The fact that the Playstation TV can run Vita games natively because its the same hardware means every game I would want to play from my Vita, Sony will block. I love my Vita. Would have loved the cable to connect to the TV too. Instead they release PSTV so I can’t play Vita games on the big screen.

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