The Case of the 3DS Part 2: What Do I Need?


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  1. SsJVasto

    Can’t wait for Part 3!

  2. kat

    So, now Gateway 3DS are deemed safe for use? I thought I read in a few articles back, about the dangers of the Gateway 3DS?

    • josh_axey

      There was a bit of a scare around some anti-clone code built into a beta firmware release, that was designed to brick cloned devices (R4i 3DS Gold Deluxe for example) if they were using Gateway firmware. This backfired and (apparently) under very rare circumstances caused a very select few legitimate units to brick innocent 3DS consoles.
      There was also a lot of fallout post the 2.2 preview about Gateway cards being sold as legitimate when they were not. This lead a lot of people to believe these minority reports were false, given how easily fake cards had been sold (now that we knew for sure).
      It has matured quickly and is now quite a stable product. I have been using one since Day 1 shipping with absolutely no problems. They are considered safe for use.

      • kat

        thanks for the clarification. Needed it. And thanks for the two awesome articles! Keep up th good work, guys! I appreciate the time and effort you guys spend to explain these stuffs 😀 Kudos!

        • josh_axey

          Thanks for the kind words.
          I feel I need to clarify that it is, of course, my opinion. Many consider the device safe, many don’t because of how the company has handled itself. At the end of the day you should do some research and decide for yourself. 🙂

    • wololo

      The guest bloggers’ opinion and my opinion might differ on some topics.

      At a personal level I don’t like the idea of hardware hacks like the Gateway 3DS, but everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and this article is extremely informational so I saw no good reason to prevent josh_axey from writing about this.

      • josh_axey

        For clarifications sake, I do agree. I don’t like hardware such as this morally, for two reasons. One is rampant piracy, the other is the device specific nature of it. But given that it can let us play imported games and now ARM11 homebrew I’m happy to have it in our tool belt until we no longer need it (very excited for Smealum’s SSpwn). These last few weeks are the most I’ve used my 3DS ever (besides a few Japanese titles and Pokemon).

      • pssss

        But u even provide links 🙁
        And when i said wololo i meant the site as a whole. Every blogger/hacker/member etc.
        its informational indeed, about how to play pirated games on the 3ds! Only if it would be more like about the proccess the gateway team followed, i would accept that.

        • josh_axey

          You might want to give Part 1 & 2 another read through, for clarification. I have only linked devices and software you will need to get it running for our finale in Part 3, where we work on our own code. Check out Part 1 for more info on the process that got the product to this stage. I can’t exclaim how much I do not support piracy. I even poke fun at it in the article.

    • You will have people convince you that Gateway is the safest bit of hardware you can buy to “hack” your 3DS, but any company that purposely bricks legitimate customers 3DS’s are in no way to be considered safe.

      But people have to make their own choices, buy a Gateway to play Pirate games and hope the creators don’t release bricking firmware again, or wait until a decent dev releases a software version.

      • josh_axey

        I should rephrase to: I personally consider it safe for use (I guess I am mad 🙂 ). And yes, bring on SSpwn, or another solution.

      • Jackattack

        The bricking code didn’t affect legitimate users if they didn’t run the diagnostics. It wasn’t targeted at LEGITMATE users, but clone users. A lot of people spread lies and misinformation at the time.

        Was it stupid to “brick” the consoles regardless of intention? Absolutely. Was it as nefarious as you like to make it? Absolutely not. And they also have made good on replacing LEGITIMATE users’ 3DS’.

        I’m not a Gateway booster, even though it sounds like I’m defending them. I just loathe idiots that spread misinformation and outright lies to make themselves feel superior.

        • lol last time i checked, this site wasn’t the Gateway “male chicken” riding site, perhaps you should go to a forum dedicated website for that Gateway gratification.

          This bricking code did indeed affect legitimate users, that’s why there was such an uproar about it, if it had just affected the clones, not as much would have been said.

          I do find it ironic and contradictory when you say it “didn’t affect legitimate users”, then say “And they also have made good on replacing LEGITIMATE users’ 3DS’”, makes you look a lot like a donkey 🙂

          Oh and if you are willing to lie for a company, then you are indeed a booster for that company, also i don’t need to “feel” superior, i already am <3

        • wololo

          @Jackattack : no reasonable business would put such dangerous code in their own software for the sake of punishing their competition. This is a dangerous move, and nobody can guarantee this code didn’t have a bug that would impact their “legit” users.

          The “idiots spreading minsinformation” (that includes me) probably have a better grasp at the actual risk of this code than you do. I’ll stick to my words: Gateway3DS has proven that it is not a safe device.

  3. pssss

    Wololo doesnt support piracy right? Pfffff
    99,9% of the users who will purchase gateway are gonna play pirated 3ds roms. knows that piracy “sells” lol. I mean many people pirate games and how-to-pirate articles are popular. So does support piracy in a sence. They give “food” to wonna be pirates. Dont pretend like its all about the homwbrews. Its like 1% about homebrews and 99% about piracy.

    • wololo

      If we were in this for piracy, we would have talked about the Gateway 3DS a long time ago, don’t you think?

      Or do you think it’s a coincidence we are talking “positively” about it just now?

      • pssss

        So why are u talking about gateway 3ds now? Again the article IS informative about the gateway but please dont pretend that users u will follow the “guide” are gonna use it for non-pirate reasons. YOU EVEN PROVIDE LINKS. Come on…

        • wololo

          We are talking about it now because it supports homebrew.

          I’ve been driving this site for 6 years now, all the efforts I’ve personally put in software have been on an open source homebrew game and an open source homebrew loader that cannot be used for piracy. I think this history gives me and the bloggers here the benefit of the doubt when you might think we are all of a sudden condoning piracy.

          The fact that we don’t agree with 99% of the users of the Gateway3DS doesn’t mean we can’t speak to the remaining 1% users. It’s always what this site has been about, and that hasn’t changed.

        • josh_axey

          Links to the products website, yes. Please tell me what way you are conveniently and cleanly executing your own ARM11 programs if you have one. Currently and unfortunately this hardware solution that was initially aimed at pirates is the only public and convenient way for most amateurs and end users.

    • Anyone with a brain knows that Gateway is a piracy enabling piece of sh*t, though i do not see this article as “supporting” piracy, what it is doing is talking abut the 3DS and unfortunately the crappy Gateway is part of that.

    • josh_axey

      I would have agreed some time ago. Its one and only use was piracy for a long time. A lot of people purchased it as a glimmer off hope for things to come. Eventually we could use it to launch imported region titles, now for native ARM11 unsigned code. The days of it being a piracy only device have passed. The tables recently turned, and I hope you check out some of the neat stuff I have mentioned, and will be covering later :). I’m OK with supporting the product (I was not before), because it has grown into something else now. Something better. When we have no need for a physical cartridge I will be even happier. As wololo said, there is a reason we’ve not covered it until now 🙂

      • pssss

        Ok i see your point of view. But im sorry. I cant accept the fact that ppl u will purchase gateway are not gonna pirate 3ds games. Its just the way i see it.

        • josh_axey

          You are entitled to your opinion. I am here to show that the 1% of the user base does exist, and I want show people who own the device already, or have no issue with purchasing the hardware while a software solution is worked on, that there are more fun things to do then pirate peoples hard work. I am an android dev and freelance games artist in my spare time. I know how much it hurts to see your work disrespected.

    • Jackattack

      Does it really matter? Like it or not, Piracy and Homebrew go together. I also find it disingenuous to act like homebrew is victimless if you view piracy as having victims.

      Also, Piracy rarely affects anything. It only killed ONE system, and that was the Famicom Disk System. Period. END OF STORY. If anyone even dares to mention the Dreamcast, they might as well declare themselves uneducated morons. The PS2 killed the Dreamcast, sales data explicitly backs this up. The PSP also THRIVED. THRIVED! AFTER piracy took hold. There was indeed a sales slump, but it did rebound and many can argue that the PSP was saved by piracy and homebrew because it kept hardware sales steady when there were software droughts.

      If piracy really, truly acted like mass destruction and danger, the DS would have been destroyed. It had incredibly high piracy rates across the world and even higher in Japan itself. Yet software sales only grew stronger. Also, how did the PS3 do during that “unbreakable” period? And how did it do after it was broken? I’m not saying piracy encouraged sales, absolutely not in that case, but it sure wasn’t the reason why the PS3 was failing half of its life…

      Piracy has victims, absolutely. But it’s more of a boogeyman than anything else. Deal with it. I’m not justifying all piracy. (since legitimate fair use is considered piracy by warped minds. I have a right to rip my own media and use it as I see fit for personal use.) but I’m sick of people hiding behind stupidity in the name of piracy for all industry woes. Thank god Sony didn’t blame piracy for their problems. (Well, they did on the PSP and how did that go for them? Not good until they moved on from that excuse) They would have died because they didn’t address the real problems at hand.

      • Samsara

        Hardware sales may have thrived, but it nearly killed all 3rd party support for the next generation to come. Where are they now? Indeed, on mobile development cause they go after where the money is.

  4. AliFOJ

    I’m using gateway on my 3DS at 4.5 and I’ve updated everything on the NAND. I’m really looking forward to get homebrews for it. 😀

  5. Alex Chapman

    You silly kids and your arguments 😉

  6. z2

    Wish there could be free CFW version.. It’s very fun if you could make 8-bit games with 3D effects.. Like remaking all of the rockman/mario/kirby games with 3D effects…

  7. rice

    You don’t need emunand to play newer games. Emunand is used for newer firmware items and online related stuff. I don’t use emunand at all and I’m able to play what I want.

    • josh_axey

      You need it to play new legitimate cartridges and use some online features. But yes, it is mainly for using updated system apps (such as the store) unless you are running illegitimate games.

  8. friv

    Great post