Video: how to run the MyStylist exploit on PS Vita 3.15


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  1. lloyd says:

    Oh, you’re such a tease…

  2. Im just saving the $20 I have in my account for the US exploit from winstin

  3. Jeffrey says:

    I think it have been taken down from Japanese PSN.

  4. BigBossJC says:

    Can someone tell me how to get the game on my psvita from my ps3? I got a jpn account on the ps3 but I cant copy it to my vita and I cant log in on my jpn account from my vita either. Any help would be truly appreciated.

  5. Inflames says:

    Eagerly waiting for the files~ Many thanks to all of you, and great video.

  6. tiico says:

    So with this i will be able to install a gba emulator and play gba game on mah ps vita slim 3.15?

  7. RandomGuyHits says:

    How to video and still no files released 😛
    Sony, we want MyStylst in eu too! Why cant we be stylish and fancy like the japanese?
    Kidding we want it for the exploit….

  8. Help Plz says:

    Hi guys, I need help.
    I created a japanese account and entered all the details.
    So i tried to buy the game but i needed to add funds first. so i tried twice and entered a visa credit card details but it told me the same error so i didnt got the game but i did paid for it (somehow). What should I do?

    Plz help me I really want this exploit.

  9. ivo says:

    what about the next exploit …
    load tnv8 then load psplink as plugin
    then use psplink to stop vsh main module
    now u only have a wavey background
    now run lua plugin menu system

  10. ivo says:

    so my question would be …
    what about writing lua menu plugin systems ?
    like evolutionx but now for psp evolutionp-psp
    and avalaunch for xbox would be avalaunch-psp
    and unleashx would be unleashp
    and the slayers-install-cd would be slayers-menus-psp.iso
    happy coding ur menus

  11. sAviOrrrr says:

    several hours ago there were only 10+ ratings , now is 21
    and average rating now is 4 stars LOL
    i dont think anyone could notice such game if u cool guys dont tell us 🙂
    just kidding~~

  12. ivo says:

    the easiest way of stopping vshmain.prx is by changing its name and doing a reboot.
    example. vshmain2;prx

  13. ivo says: vsh flamez

    now i wish i did it without vshmain.prx or renamed to vshmain2.prx

  14. PSX says:

    How is the progress with PSX games on these exploit? still no sound?

  15. Hakumen says:

    oh hooow secret, try sending massive pms next time, if you can

  16. ivo says:

    then u allso need to enable a plugin prx in vsh mode
    one that lets u rename the vshmain.prx
    to vshmain2.prx
    and to/from vshmain.prx

  17. ivo says:

    the chimera from resistance fall of men and beyond
    will make thor fall and thus the dominion of the red skull is formed.
    loki will have its kingdom on earth.
    all anthology from the mortal kombats world dominion games
    and the dominion lords
    but nevertheless the mindcontrol on primal dinosaurs
    and doctor who ofc.
    allthough i m more of a true blood fan

  18. ivo says:

    i never explicitly said why i would want xbox on psvita or psp
    there is only one reason for me
    burnout crash on ps3 sucks
    but on xbox it was a fun game …

    or my way of saying bring back the fun.
    resurrect xbox blue bios for psp

    and if only we could convert it to pbp or prx instead of exe

    This may not actually be an emulator to some people but everyone considers it one. Cxbx’s goal is to convert a game from an Xbox executable to a native Windows executable.
    This may sound bold but it’s already happening and in theory it’s quite possible.

  19. asd says:

    year after year, now psp mod again

  20. signuss says:

    I can’t wait for release of mystylist exploit…!
    I already bought mystylist on JP SEN store….

  21. -X-77 says:

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows how or why, this game is “not patchable” by sony? Sounds awesome but since i just got back into the scene yesterday (bought the borderlands bundle) im new to the whole scene since a year or two ago. so ive missed out since then. still waiting on my jpn psn card code to be emailed to me so i can purchase the game. So i hope im still right on track with everything. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!

  22. Aeroth says:

    I’d be extremely grateful if one day an exploit for a game which is available in the PSN BR came out. I’m a member of PSN BR and I’ve followed Wololo for some time now, always hopeful that a ninja release will come and it’ll be available in PSN BR, but besides the great work you guys have been doing, there’s been no exploit which was available for us(BRs) here. Besides that, I’m sure you have lot’s of BR followers and you would be able to release at least one exploit for us. Please guys, do it if possible =D

    • wololo says:

      Most US games are available on the BR store. Usually when we release an exploit for US, it is available for BR users. Do you have examples of when that wasn’t the case?

  23. diis says:

    I am eagerly waiting for some dev to give another exploit for US PSN store. Being non Japanese I did everything I could but failed at the last step to buy the game for I did not have a japanese credit card and could not buy PSN credit 🙁

    Please anyone help us US users out 🙂

    • Inflames says:

      Um hello? – The most common way to get Credit on a JPN PSN account is to buy psn codes over the internet from ebay/play-asia etc. This was what I did when the game was released and Im from EU

  24. florinthedwarf says:

    Still waiting for another EU exploitable to be released. Only heard about exploitable games recently so have missed the boat! Going to keep my eye on the ball this time.

  25. lloyd says:

    Damn it sony, take the game down so the hackers will release the files, i want homebrew

  26. GurungGamer says:

    Please Admin send me Exploit for ps vita download link to my email:
    Please help me.

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