The Case of the 3DS Part 1: Brief History & Standings


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  1. Faiz says:

    wololo,u havent sed anythin about da rumored crash bandicoot for ps4

    • lists says:

      Prolly because
      1) the rumor originated straight from sonys video
      2) Naughty dog is probably gonna develop it
      3) Naughty dog is doing TLOU PS4 but then
      4) Naughty Dog is gonna to UC4 but then
      5) Naughty Dog is gonna plan out the story for crash
      6) Try and make crash not scary looking as he always does in semi hd
      7) develop crash
      8) wait for release date
      9) this is just a *rumour* but since acti took him off their site it’s kinda obvs someone bought him
      10) High impact Games could also be the ones making it tbh

  2. Albatar says:

    We finally have online play but some issues remain (*** I spoiled part 2)

  3. Yifan Lu says:

    Finally an article worth reading on the front page 😉

    The 3ds scene is really interesting right now (unlike another console’s scene). The original gateway DS profile payload had a neat trick with fitting a second payload (loaded into another profile). The 4.5 kernel exploit was pretty stupid on Nintendo’s part (don’t know if it’s public knowledge). However the most creative people were the ones who originally reversed the gateway profile rop payload with no information but some comments from yellows8. Multiple people/groups most likely done this independently but I saw one of these groups reverse the payload and the method used was genius. I hope one day, it comes to light because it really was something.

    • josh_axey says:

      Thank you 🙂

      Yeah, it is a clever piece of (reverse) engineering on both parties behalves and a well deserved accomplishment for the people who ‘figured out’ what was going on behind the curtain. I hope to sink my teeth into the juicy specifics one day.

  4. mangosteam says:

    Like! haha if only this wer facebook

  5. psYos says:

    Good job on the article! I’ve been waiting to hear something about this for quite some time now. Looking forward to part 2!

  6. pploco1996 says:

    Wololo, your page looks very cool know but I have a simple suggestion (if possible) : Make the left bar hideable or dragable.

    It takes like 1/3 of the screen width. It’s much better to be able to read in fullscreen

  7. Charles Fasano says:

    Remember how the Wii was hacked by using GameCube mode.

    Any company that intentionally bricks devices is not to be trusted.

    Can’t wait to see the next part.

    As for the off topic comment about a Crash Bandicoot game, Naughty Dog is probably NOT going to develop it as it hasn’t owned the rights to Crash for over a decade. They only made the PSX versions. PS2 and later games were made by various developers. Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex was the last GOOD Crash game. The rest were mostly junk.

  8. z2 says:

    gateway is pretty expensive, hope that there is a free, CFW alternative that loads on 3DS’ memory card instead..


  9. Mud says:

    This is cool news I bought the AceCard 3DS Deluxe and bricked my 3DS after playing a few times.
    I would love a good, safe exploit and sweet Homebrews for my now and only 7.X 3DSXL.
    Is there a easy way to unbrick a 3DS yet!!!!????

    • Mud says:

      Sorry I meant the R4 3ds Deluxe is the card that bricked my 3ds, I don’t think AceCard has a card for 3ds files.

  10. deckardbr says:

    Gateway’s multi loader is a great piece of functionality and has really made getting a low firmware 3ds worth it. The screen just can’t compete with the Vita’s OLED for homebrew and emulators though.

    This new site look is awesome. Its like being on IGN but with intelligent articles!

  11. SsJVasto says:

    Is my 3DS on latest FW useless? (Like my PS3 running latest firmware)

    • Shiggitay says:

      This is a great first set of steps! All I want from 3DS CFW is region free. I don’t care for homebrew or loading of ROMs. If someone is able to crack it on ANY firmware by either finding a hardware vulnerability or if the encryption keys somehow leak like they did with the PSP and homebrew is able to run without piracy? Sure. Until then I only want the region lock to GTFO. There are at least 2 games I want to import, and until this happens they’d only be wasting space on my self.

    • Shiggitay says:

      Simple answer, yes. More complex answer: yes, due to the current exploits only working on FW 4.1-4.5, and anything above that it’s been patched.

  12. Shiggitay says:

    wololo: once you or a mod accepts my comments could you take the longer one and make it its own comment vs a reply to SSJVasto? the ‘simple answer’ one is what I want to be a response to him, and not the longer one. Thanks.

  13. Brenza says:

    Very interesting, thank you very much!

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