The shock of playing the OUYA, one year later


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  1. Conjo says:

    “I’d have to go maybe 10 years back when I discovered Dance Dance Revolution (actually stepmania) for the first time.”
    Do you like DDR? Great! 😀

    • wololo says:

      Oh yeah, I used to play 1h of DDR every day for about one year, 10 years ago. I’ve probably lost all my skills now, but I still consider it as one of the most fun video games I’ve played. My neighbors didn’t share my passion for it, somehow 😀

      • Conjo says:

        I’ve only played DDR on PS1 when I was like 8 years old or so… Here Pump It Up is more popular and I play it 2 hours every week at the Arcades.
        Dance games like these are so fun<3, I wish I had the PS3 or Xbox version, or at least the pad to play on my PC

        • DjDylan says:

          Pump It Up is also bigger where I’m from. There’s just something about it. I’ve always found that it “flowed” better than DDR. It just feels better playing it.

          • Conjo says:

            Well, i’ve read reviews of people who liked DDR/ITG and then tried PIU, they all said the same: Since it has 5 arrows (actually 4 arrows and 1 center step) you move more and it feels more like actually dancing.
            And I personally like more the classical mixes of PIU rather than DDR (IMO, Winter from Banya, is way better than V -For Extreme- from DJ Taka)

      • DjDylan says:

        I would have to say that some of my favorite gaming memories are also from the days of DDR. A bunch of my friends would crowd into my very tiny car and we would take a drive down to the mall and play for hours. DDR is just a great game!

  2. Be0ut says:

    You hit the nail on the head, as ex gamers with families now it’s hard to devote the necessary time to even get started on some of the big title games let alone put in the time to actually excel in them. I’m tempted to purchase the ouya now after reading your article but lol my wife has been complaining about my ps4 gathering dust, let’s see if I can control the inner gamer inside me.

    • Jeff says:

      I have one and I play with it on a daily basis… The single player games don’t require the amount of dedication a current gen “AAA” asks from the player. I highly recommend it.

  3. little-vince says:

    Really great article, Wololo! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 🙂
    But why do I get the feeling that you almost have some kinda of grudge against Nintendo? ><''

    • wololo says:

      Yeah, I’m kind of not a big nintendo fan… I tried to not let that show up too much in the article though.
      And really, that’s mostly because I never owned a nintendo console, so I don’t really know it besides the popular characters.

      • Pup says:

        I own the ouya but I’m also a Nintendo fan (not die hard, do most of my gaming on my pc). After reading the article you I definitely think you should check out first party Nintendo games. Ouya has some good games going for it, but Nintendo trumps overall for local multiplayer. They do rehash characters a lot, but the game play is always different between entries which is the important part anyways

  4. Botarguirix says:

    El OUYA es genial… en cierto modo… al final de cuentas no es una consola hecha y derecha me gusta muchisimo el concepto que maneja de los juegos “gratis” pero tambien hay muchisima basura y muchos desarrolladores metieron su version rapida de los juegos en el ouya, las joyas del ouya son las mencionadas… amé towerfall y bombsquad las mejores horas en local multiplayer de mi vida!

    Rapid Translation:

    The ouya it’s great… in some way… i love how you can try every game (towerfall is free yes) and the real hits on ouya are Towerfall and Bombsquad (Bombsquad is exclusive to OUYA and MaciOS)

  5. А says:


  6. k3nn says:

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  7. naki says:

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  8. np3228 says:

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  9. qwikrazor87 says:

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  10. Majaraja says:

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  11. Adams Myth says:

    Sorry this is out of topic. Just wanna say:

    The new webpage layout is very modern – but confusing. Let’s see again in a few more days.

  12. stefan_mi says:

    Whoa, new website and no article about the change… it’s cool-looking but it lost all of it’s dark “underworld-scene” no-themed feel.

    now it looks more like a blog… well, heck, times change

  13. lmm says:

    After a couple of paragraphs I was already thinking of the Wii, so it’s a shame you’re not in a position to properly compare them. That’s what the Ouya needs to beat if it’s going to win the casual party gaming market.

  14. says:

    Wow, on top of Hacker News!

  15. partisan says:

    Very nice write up. It makes me long for the days when we used to play NetTrek on a LAN in high school or Quake, Action Quake 2, StarCraft, and Counter-Strike in college. Those were definitely the best days of my gaming career. Now that I have kids (jesus god almighty), I don’t get to play much and my Xbox 360 mostly collects dust while the wife plays COD on the PS3 somewhat frequently.

    But, my wife did download Warface on the Xbox two weeks ago and I found it to be just enough fun and frustration to draw me back in. I am once again looking forward to the Saturday afternoons when I get to play for an hour or two. I will be playing Warface tomorrow.

    • wololo says:

      I hear it gets better when your kids grow up. Can’t wait for my son to be old enough that we can play games “seriously” together 🙂

  16. Amazing article, however the word “staid” instead of “stayed” had my OCD bugging out hardcore.

    • wololo says:

      Apologies for the “staid” thing. Although that’s no excuse, I’m not a native English speaker. I corrected (which might, or might not appear in a few hours when the cache decides to make a move), thanks for mentioning it.

  17. Psichi says:

    I didn’t see this on the Ouya subreddit, so I linked it over there –

    This is a great write-up. I think you hit the nail on the head with some of the issues that the console has, especially around pairing the controllers and content discovery. Thankfully they have fixed some of the firmware update weirdness, so future updates should be much easier.

    I had to send my controllers off to Ouya to get a firmware update to fix a bunch of lag issues, and I hadn’t booted the console up after getting them back. I was so excited to get the console at first, but the death by a thousand paper cuts killed that for me. I have friends coming over tonight, and this inspired me to boot my console up and get ready for some multiplayer fun.

    If you are looking for a fun single player game – check out Knightmare Tower. It has a great art style and can easily be picked up. It is worth the purchase price for the full game, but they have a trial version as well.

  18. Andreas Ejdrup Lauritzen says:

    Hi longtime Ouya owner here.
    Great to see a reviewer playing the console (in my humble opinion) the way it’s meant to be played. Some quick notes:
    Towerfall does have a free mode. In the free version, only the first map is available, but it’s otherwise the same.
    Amazing Frog technically has “modes” such as point attack or shooting eachother, but really it’s most fun when you’re just running around all crazy. I’ve enjoyed playing it with friends more than single player, but I guess it requires a certain mood.

    Also, I’ve haven’t had to change my batteries since I got my Ouya, so they last quite a while.

  19. Adman says:

    Hey… I’m the dev of Hidden in Plain Sight. Someone pointed out this article to me. I just wanted to say thanks for the kind words about my little game, and that it’s really rewarding to know that I played a small part in your fun afternoon!

    • wololo says:

      If you ever come and visit japan, get in touch with me, I owe you a beer for one of the best gaming afternoons in my life 🙂

  20. arz02 says:

    Towerfall Ascention it’s coming to PS4 or already is

  21. Rolenzor says:

    The best game ive ever played with a group of people is the wii/wii u.

    It curb stomps the *** out of the ouya and *** all over the ps4 for multiplayer. This is fine though because phenomenal gaming is for entertaining people who are completely alone in life. That’s the purpose. It’s not for people who have a social life. You should go skiing or have an orgy if you want to do something social.

  22. Jon says:

    You need to pick up ‘Sportsfriends’ for PS4 right now! It’s basically 4 games like you described for 15 dollars total. Every one is fantastic!

    (Also Towerfall is on PS4 too)

  23. Derringer says:

    “I can’t praise the OUYA enough for having a system where every single game on the platform can be played for free one way or another (trial version, time-limited full version, etc…).”

    Except Towerfall.

  24. kingknuts says:

    No brakes Valet costs 1.39€ and there isn’t trial version in Spain

  25. primal says:

    “…a system where every single game on the platform can be played for free”

    This is no longer the case. Ouya have now allowed games to not have a demo. That’s why you couldn’t find one for Towerfall (because it was removed soon after Ouya broke its promise of free games).

    “…its compatibility with other controllers. I own a PS3 with 3 controllers…”

    Although the system itself is fine with a WIRED PS3 controller, the problems that the Ouya has with wifi/bluetooth impede that compatibility. USB devices connected to the Ouya can impede our block bluetooth connectivity, while adding a USB keyboard and/or a mouse can further limit wireless or even USB connected third party controllers. This is compounded further by the lack of support for third party controllers in many Ouya games.

    That’s probably why you spent over an hour trying to set up your Ouya (while a PS3 or even a standard Android device can take mere minutes to work with similar comptrollers).

  26. Greggman says:

    Come help me make better party games. I’ve been making a library/framework for a system that lets players use their smarthphones as controllers. I’ve had 14 player bomberman, 17 player space wars. More coming

  27. shul says:

    hidden in plain site sounds lots like spy party, you should give it a try 🙂

  28. scrapmetal says:

    I was pretty much sold until I read the last paragraph and realized you haven’t played Wii at all and don’t seem to like Nintendo in general. Now it all just sounds like a poor mans Wii to me.

  29. scrapmetal says:

    I also suggest you give Wii/Wii U a go as it’s the best multiplayer fun to be had and the consoles are very affordable these days. Don’t let the familiar characters fool ya as you’re missing out on some serious fun. Some great MP games to check:

    Wii Party
    Wario Ware
    Mario Kart
    Wii Sports
    Super Smash Bros
    New Super Mario Bros
    Boom Blox 1&2
    Mario Strikers Charged

    There’s a lot more, but those games alone will provide weeks worth of good MP times. Oh, and I think your kid will love ’em too!

  30. I’m impressed you had such a positive experience with OUYA. To be honest, I hadn’t given it much consideration, and I didn’t realize it could use controllers for other systems (or really that it had much multiplayer potential at all). I wonder how soon the original box will start having issues with all games, especially as the OUYA “platform” becomes hardware agnostic, but I’m glad to hear it has some legs for those willing to give it a go.

  31. capcomlegend says:

    Playing dead trigger 2 and asphalt 8 is the *** on the big screen, with a rooted ouya of course…

  32. Jay says:

    TowerFall Ascension is on PS4 and is better than the Ouya version. Starwhal, Nidhogg and a plethora of other couch multi player games are out on PS4 or coming very soon… did you even check the PS STORE since you’ve bought your PS4? If you listened to Sony’s PS4 announcements they kept mentioning their focus on indies.

    Oh, also, Hidden in Plain Sight is available on other consoles along with a few other Ouya games (the good ones).

  33. Jay says:

    How much did you get paid to write up this ad?

  34. Bob says:

    Ok this article is full of ***. AAA games are Easier than they have ever been. Call of Duty/Assassins Creed/GTA etc. take 5 minutes to get into and almost no challenge throughout the whole game. Want to cry about hard? Try Ninja Gaiden or Ghost and Goblins on NES. Almost all the Ouya games are On PC/Playstation/Wii U/Xbox One so really it’s just a worthless Tegra 3 box. Want to play “Ouya” just get an Android Tablet, in fact most are more poewrful and have a better library of games and support controller. Sounds more like you don’t want to play games anymore which is fine but trying to trick people into Ouya is dirty. It’s a ripoff console that is running Android, just use your phone/tablet if you really want to play microtransaction BS games.

  35. crkva says:

    The last few comments is what I have seen everywhere since the Ouya came out, which pretty much confirms to me that most people haven’t even seen or tried playing any games’s on it. Please stop comparing it to much MUCH more expensive systems. It’s not meant to replace your XBOX or PS4, it’s got it’s own niche market which it still caters to. I have one as well, does it make me want to game more on it then on my Gaming PC? Nope. Does it have some good Games that are a ton of fun when you just wanna lay on the Couch when your tired from Work? heck yes. It was a cheap buy-in to get something like this, don’t even get me started on Prices of Consoles and Games in my Country. If you are in the US, I can understand the Point, Consoles are almost given out to you for “free”, it would costs me a very big chunk of my paycheck to get one of the better Consoles. For something that I still wouldn’t use as much as my PC when I’m in the mood for some “AAA”, “Serious”, “Real” gaming or whatever. I enjoy it for what it is, a pretty cheap Android Box with some Indie Games that can be as fun if not more then some AAA titles. Yeah, it had a ton of hickups since launch and is still not as smooth as it could be, but I don’t really care. Most of my problems go away once i restart it. The Review was spot on as I have had similar experiences. My Wife and I had many Hours of playing on the Ouya, it’s just something which we can do together to relax. Although the Situation is very similar to yours, I’m quite good and most Games that I pick up, and She simply isn’t, which makes most games really boring to her after a while. (Ice Rage was great for us) I didn’t yet have a chance to play with more players over, but am definitelly going to when I get a chance. Thanks for a nice Review, I might even buy Towerfall, although a Try before you buy would be great. Also, my Ouya is rocking a Noctua Fan for some time now. 😀

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