Preview: Upcoming PS Vita Half Byte Loader for Firmware 3.15 by 173210

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  1. karpenter says:

    So nice

  2. odanyaelo says:

    :-S lol that is all… but ya nice!!

  3. Kenshi says:

    So can i play isos with this hack?

  4. Fugelmir says:

    It got to the point that i wanted to play new games and have access to the kernel so i just picked up a used vita at a pawn shop for 79.99

  5. Keen says:

    Regarding the use of the term “soon” for the announcement the Japanese exploit game… How soon is soon?

    1 day? 3 days? 5 days? 7 days? 10 days?

    I am just wondering… and planning my time for the week…

    Thanks all for your hard work!

  6. Jeffrey says:

    Is this in Region 1 or North American PSN. Does the game still exist on PSN any clue how much the exploited game cost?

  7. UraniumDude says:

    Won’t be updating my vita after this vhbl is released, Waiting for some indie fun indies like Nazi Zombies Portable, Conscript and Solitude Reborn-]i think[-

  8. Nigga says:

    is there a possibilities that the exploited game can port the kernel xploit? for upcoming release of these VHBL? dont like to get this one if only run homebrews

    • gbobo says:

      No, it will not run your is0z until a new kxploit is released (which will happen near 2019). Hold patiently, please

  9. Junya8971 says:

    Again, great news! Gonna update my vita to 3.15 now that this is going to be out. Great work!!

  10. Jeffrey says:

    Please send me the exploit game. Wololo username jefphar at my email

  11. xlovenuggetx says:

    thanks for helping keep the scene alive 17. wololo, how do the ninja releases seem to be going up to this point?

  12. Faiz says:

    would it be dangerous to buy a private exploit?.

  13. Dilute says:

    Ah, another VHBL release soon. Wish I had the money D:

  14. dragon quest says:

    thank you wololo, this game run vhbl How much it costs ? becouse i have only 9$ on my paypal. Please answer me.

  15. User says:

    So he’s what? (Partly) German?
    The Pokemon-Games all were in German..
    Dude 🙂

  16. faiz says:


  17. Matt says:

    So I THINK! It might be a psp mini, called I Must Run. but I am not sure, I am just running of the quote “It can not only ‘just run‘ these emulators” it is the only game that comes to mind if this was a hint.

  18. Lien says:

    Nice. 🙂 Can’t wait.

  19. Buzzcut says:

    Will this require a specific game off of the PS Store? At first I planned on keeping my vita up to date, but I want to play Boogerman! xD

  20. jacey1972 says:

    So for the ninja release will we be informed by our log in email address or am I missing something?
    Is there a mame emulator for vhbl too?

  21. MorisatoKeiichi says:

    Would these Vita exploits work on a Vita TV (Asia region) as well?

  22. jacey1972 says:

    Well done fella’s can’t wait for the release!
    Just updated to 3.15 on acid_snakes advice hope Santa brings us a kxploit this Christmas.
    I would love to get into machine code but last bit of programing I did other than HTML was basic on mi old 48k spectrum lol

  23. 66rpg says:

    this “very soon” turns out to be really a long time….

  24. fantasy says:

    66rpg:i don’t even think this will release in one month, or one year. it may be release just like the 3.12 one, just after pull off the store then released, honestly say, i even doubt the called “as much as you want to pay for the game”, i have put 10000 yen in the JP psn, and now, anything? nothing! you just got our money in the psn, for what? help Sony through the financial problem? if you get the game then give us, we can wait for the emulators, if not ,why you announced it “very soon”? i don’t want check this site just for nothing everyday!

  25. Fernando says:

    Do I need a specific game from psn store?

  26. NairolfJFK says:

    Shure it is a game thats only in the japan store?
    Im looking the last 10 days on this site cause i hope that the game is also available in the eu store.

  27. ruur says:

    trust me , man , it really need one specific game to exploit, or say”load” the emulators and cracks . and according to the hacker’s words, this specific game is only available on the JP psn store, and it will never post on other stores, that’s sad.

  28. BALAJI says:

    please find release as soon as possible. i had updated my vita to 3.15 and i am struck.
    Jikkyou power for 3.15 is not working (not showing in the home page)

  29. abood says:

    when will they release it..? am stuck at 3.15 that got nothing in it..

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