PSP Custom Firmwares 6.20 ME-1.8 and 6.20 LME-1.8 are now available!

The Zett

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  1. Frezzno

    hehe, think I gonna take out my PSP3000. It got FW 6.20. Works on PSP3000 right?

  2. keane

    That does sound pretty cool! 😛

  3. NonsensNinja

    Who is working on the perma patch and where can i follow him?

    • NonsensNinja

      or is Zett developing the patch? 😮

      • The Z

        Rahim-US is doing the work of porting the ME/LME CFW and developing the perma patch for the 6.20 LME.

        I am just helping with beta testing, and pretty much sacrifying my devices, if the patch should fail to work ^^

        • RandQalan

          Hope it go’s well no bricking for your PSP
          I do not mind testing but no way do I want another bricked GO

          Yes I did the no no flash0 and like duhhh forgot and tried to update big mistake and a brick to remember it by

          • The Z

            I will test it at first at my 1000 and 2000, if everything works fine, I will test it (very carefully) at my Go.

            I dont want to brick my go, not now. The “full” LME CFW is nearly there, I want to use it, not brick it ^^

  4. XeLasar

    Im still on 5.50 gen d3 xD

  5. Mr. MaGoo

    Nice!! I just picked up a second Go for some nostalgia gaming on the go and a pet project. I’m going to install a second analog stick and move/slip the start/select buttons. Should be interesting due to the short ribbon cable (I will have to add an extension to it).

  6. ivo

    comeon ps3 softmod exploit uno now …
    ps4 softmod exploit ps4 laterz lulz

  7. shapeshifter

    awesome,now if we could get pandora battery etc as well……….high hopes

  8. NNNRT

    I miss those golden ages of the PSP!

  9. sathriel

    Pretty cool. Will install that on my PSP 3000 🙂

  10. brandon

    Are psn psx games playable on this versión?IIRC there was a bug causing an error. And I had to downgrade my 3000. And is this tested\safe?

    • RandQalan

      From my own testing it seems that so far the CFW sees the OFW any PSN or ISO game above 6.20 will have problems

      PSN games above will error and ask for update same for PSN games
      with ISO game they will show corrupt saves

      But any games 6.20 and below work fine so I am guessing here but he could find a full spuffing for it they should all work again 🙂

      Give it time he did greet work on PRO C2 collection I am sure he will fix it

    • Brandon

      Forget it, it was CFW PRO I was talking about. Anyone knows which cfw is better? It seems Pro is better IMO, but I’m not sure.

  11. raikov

    Funny how perma patch was ”useless” and now it’s useful.

    • RandQalan

      I have used it a lot with my none fully hackable systems not useless to me

      I do not think I am alone on that one 😉

  12. jayko

    Sorry for my noob question. In your table why is that 3000 support perma patch? Is that mean 3000 after the cfw if I restart it.I still have the cfw without need to go to the game paragon to launch the cfw? Please englighten me . Thanks

    • hunt

      That is if you downgrade your ofw to 6.20. But if you have 07g, unfortunately you cannot.

  13. jayko

    Sorry. Typo. Not paragon. But patapon

  14. just for me

    forever 5.00 M33

  15. Katoche

    I have a TA-95v2 (09g Original) Spent 6.20 LME 1.8 without problem.
    But the “Perma Patch” does not work
    “This Does not install supporting this model”

    An idea about this problem?

    thank you
    PS Sorry for my english: google translation requires

    • Manuel N

      No, as you probably read, there is currently an ongoing work in progress to make it work with the Brite PSP 3000, as TASes-095 (07g and 09g) are not currently working with the Permanent Patch for any CFW 6.20 ME or 6.20 LME developed by Rahim-US. Only 1000s and 2000s will work at this moment, but don’t worry, /TalkForums here at will tell us when this PermaPatch will work for 3000s 😉

  16. narsink

    Ok so I have read heaps before I posted this , I just want to make sure ive go it right.
    I have 4 psp’s
    1001 – cfw 6.60
    2002 – Ofw 3.93
    GO 1002 – cfw 6.60
    3002 – cfw 6.60
    so to install the permant patch with the 3 psps on cfw 6.60,
    -I need to install ME 1.8 6.60
    -downgrade to 6.20 ofw
    -install 6.20 Lme 1.8
    and it should be a permant patched.
    With the psp I have on 3.93 upgrade to 6.20 and install Lme 1.8 and it should be permant patch too.
    It this correct.

    Thanks heap very much.

  17. jeriko

    i’m so verry happy to install 6.20Lme 1.8 in to my psp txn bro! and so success. 😀