A bunch of VHBL “proof of concept” ports surface for the latest vita firmware


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  1. Hamz says:

    Hi , It’s a pretty good news ! personally i prefer to keep my 3.10 firmware 🙂 🙂 anyone knows if there is a CMA fonctionnal ?

    • Gonzilla says:

      Open CMA Is your best alternative if you want to transfer via USB, if you want to transfer vita games you need a ps3 or a backup of the game in your PC, you also have Vita FTP as a homebrew or if you are running TN-V check the FTP incorporated functionality

  2. Jackattack says:

    I keep missing out on the exploit releases, but I seriously want to play the PSP Star Ocean games on my Vita. It’s so frustrating that so many good PSP games are still not up on PSN so I can freaking buy them for a third time.

  3. PLEASE says:

    *Im convinced it’ll happen soon*

  4. axeloco69 says:

    What happens when sony releases a new firmware and I want to update because of ps plus free games, can I continue playing emulators? Thanks for answering…

  5. SMOKE says:

    I assume when you said “(check here for a list of emulators you can run on your Vita)” You meant to link to my VHBL thread?
    Well, you didn’t add the link..

    Here it is for those that don’t already know:


  6. I'm confused says:

    I’m confused. Why are the games displayed on that picture from twitter? NPJG00034 loco roco jp and NPJG90070 1million ton no barbarra. Is this a mistake? everyone should download the demo on PSN store then.

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