PS Vita firmware 3.15 is now available!

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  1. UraniumDude


  2. mixedfish

    For the normal Vita, you now no longer need to register your Vita with the PS4 to get remote play working, you just need to login to PSN on the same account at the same time and it will auto detect the devices.

  3. Heleius

    I love how it says new features are currently unknown when they are. Also it didn’t really patch anything. I heard of one Usermode, but that’s it. I can dig writing articles ahead of the release but the author can be edit before publishing. 😛 feel free to flame me on twitter @heleius is you so desire…

    • The Z

      The blog post said that the new PS4 features are for the PS VitaTV, it never implied that these will be available at the regular vita too, thats why it says “currently unknown FOR THE REGULAR VITA”


  4. gunblade

    Cool post. Guess Sony Woking on the ps vita and vita tv networking.

  5. Some guy

    I have a question. I bought a second vita so I can use one for regular use and use the other for eCFW. The one I want to use with eCFW should be kept as low firmware as possible, which is to say 3.12 as of right now? Or should I just update it since I wouldn’t be able to access the exploit game unless I use the most recent firmware anyway? There wouldn’t be a 3.12 release in the future even with the current firmware being higher, or would the latest exploit always be released for the latest firmware?

    • Ivy

      As of right now no one is planning to release any exploits to the PSP kernel (the one needed to play psp backups) publicly for now and there may be a exploit found in the lower firmwares that Sony may patch with later updates so if you have two Vita’s then just keep on on the lowest FW until a post is made here about a new ninja exploit with kernel access and update the other one you plan to use online with.

    • The Z

      Latest firmware for kernel mode (TN-V eCFW): 3.01

      Latest firmware for usermode (Vita HBL): 3.15

  6. Ivy

    Can’t remote play anymore since the update on PS4 requires the Vita to be on FW 3.15 (I’m on FW 3.01)

  7. Sky Yuki


  8. soluslobo

    Is there a way to bypass the update?

    • JCK

      Yes, inject the psp2update file into the psvita update using Charles of skfupr0xy.

      • JCK

        Charles *or skfupr0xy. Also, to clarify as much as possible, by “into the ps vita update”, I mean when you are about to update to the latest firmware. Charles detects the network action and you are able to determine which file you want to use as the update data.

  9. Question

    I have a vita 3.01
    Are the games listed in that chart still working to allow the exploit, or are those games patched/removed from psn already? Also if I ever grew tired of using eCFW, would I be allowed to update to the regular firmware at no consequences?

    • JCK

      Depends on what you mean by consequences. With regards to your exploit, eCFW, you will lose it. With regards to your PS Vita and maybe Sony deactivating it due to your hacking it in the first place, no. My advice, do not update it. the first consequence obviously holds more weight than the second.

  10. sam2u22000

    this update offers nothing from sony to us will we ever get a app that can benefit us like networking vita to pc

    • sam2u22000

      like streaming music , video, and pics to the vita like a universal media app that would be awesome

      • :V

        I guess you were looking to buy a smartphone instead of a Vita…
        It’s supposed to be for playing… you know, games.

      • Mamimi

        I don’t know why your Vita doesn’t do this, but mine streams music, images, AND video from my PC. Now if you mean you want all that in one app instead of three, you’re just picky.

  11. sam2u22000

    yeah media apps and security where is all the games how about ps2 emulator ? its nothing more than a spiced up tablet and working with ps3 stuff what a joke

  12. Jj

    What is wrong with having a PS 2 emulator?

    • :V

      Er… not enough porwer maybe?
      Unless you want your battery to last like 1 hour

      • Franz

        Dude psvita is capable of ps2 emulator if they wanted to even psp can do n64 emulation i know n64 is older than ps2 but still u get the idea since vita is like 10x powerful than the vita.. But too bad ps2 hd remakes will still sell look at ffxhd so ps2 emulation will not come on vita

  13. Stranger

    I am currently on PSVITA firmware 3.12
    I want to eventually hack my PSVITA to play PSP ISO’s.
    Is it okay to update to Version 3.15?

  14. Makakos

    will this somehow shut down the psp games that became avaliable on the vita for a few days by some bug or whatever? im scared.

    • JCK

      What do you mean? If you already have the exploit from a lower firmware and you do not update to Sony’s latest ofw, no harm done to your exploit. If else, sorry to your PS1 and/or PSP isos, not to mention the lovely PSP environment.

  15. Gmafz7

    I’m on firmware 3.01, is there a way I can still connect to PSN to download content?

    • Jeffrey

      You’ll have to download it through a PS3/PS4 and use the OpenCMA trick, from what I understand. I’m in the same predicament.

  16. lurkerxl

    If you already upgraded to 3.12 then you might as well upgrade 3.15. Not that much of a difference.

    • JCK

      True. Still, I am glad it has been established that there is a possibility for an exploit to be released for 3.15. It may be the last of eCFW.

  17. Stranger

    Alright. I am very patient so I don’t mind waiting. If anything I wish I could help the team.

  18. bungalow559

    any one try syncing the ds4 with vita (portable) yet, you get an option in settins for a wireless controller i have tryed with ds4 and ds3 with no luck times out without syncing anyony get it working?

  19. alterdt

    I’m new with my vita and never owned a PSP. I’m doing my research of there is any hack so I can play PSP iso even if my device is upgraded to 3.15… Any help provided will be appreciated.

    • JCK

      DO NOT UPDATE TO 3.15! As of now, no exploit has been released for 3.15. Although, a lot of nice stuff are going on; hopefully, an exploit will be released for 3.15.

  20. Jayson

    does 101 megamix works on ps vita 3.15????

  21. grant

    now what jailbreak hack does work on a ps vita 3.15 fw.

  22. Claude

    What’s up, I log on to your blogs daily. Your humoristic style is awesome,
    keep it up!