Playstation App v1.70 is now available!

The Zett

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  1. k3nn says:

    :O custom profile picutes?
    :'( no love for PS3 anymore! sigh…

  2. gunblade says:

    Cool psn app update.

  3. tangra87 says:

    there is a new update avalable for the vita.

  4. PLEASE says:

    Please wololo,make a exploit for 3.15,i dont have the equipment otherwise i would’ve made one by now but please make one,i NEED vhbl.

    • Sky Yuki says:

      What equipment would you need other than
      Money to buy PSP games and find crash
      It’s not hardware mod 😛

      • jackkiller98427 says:

        No,he’s got a point,a lot of people dont know even with tuts how to make exploits,i think that if wololo does have extra time,he should try,im not bein ungrateful tho,im just sayin some people dont understand or cant afford.

        • The Z says:

          A kernel mode was available for nearly 4 months.

          if he really wanted to exploit his vita, he had his chance.

          Firmware 3.1x offer nothing interesting, and wasting a VHBL on them would not be a good idea.

          Usually an exploit release was 3-4 times a year (PS Vita; at the PSP it was once every 1-2 years, then 3-4 times a year)), not once a month, be patient!

        • *sigh* says:

          >a lot of people dont know even with tuts how to make exploit
          >even with tuts

          Then they should go to School again and try to improve their reading comprehension.

  5. WetWoolley says:

    Great, but what about us Windows Mobile users? Thanks Sony.