PS Vita firmware 3.15 to be released soon! – Offers full PS4 compatibility for the PS VitaTV!

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22 Responses

  1. lololow says:


  2. francis says:

    Information is power…a great power comes great responsibilty…. wololo-power!

  3. Techni says:

    “Both devices have to be in the same network, ”

    The internet.

  4. mixedfish says:

    Interesting how you can both the DS3/DS4 simultaneously on the VitaTV.

  5. Hunt says:

    That makes me wanna buy a vita tv. It’s a good thing that it is available in my country and also a ps4 with ps camera bundle that is not even available in the US :p

  6. internetsream idtv mediaserver for xbmc and ps3 clients

  7. Vita means Life. says:

    Finally. Now I will finally import a Vita TV.

  8. razor says:

    wtff why don’t they release some new games and cool apps for vita instead of useless firmware updates every day !!?

  9. U2 says:

    I like my Vita TV, it works great with PS4 & Vita

  10. Hellishere says:

    I’ll keep waiting for new exploit to run psp games.

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