PS4 firmware 1.70 to be released on April 30th!

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  1. yo says:

    Yeah waiting for it!!

  2. AL13NCRY says:

    Go and have fun with your ps4 and the wonderful psvita tv

    I will stick around with my vita … the most useless device i ever had

    Thx sony for being such cu*ts.

    • drd7of14 says:

      You must be thinking of the Wii U…

    • mamimi says:

      So, can you tell us why Vita is “useless”? I use mine every day, and have more games on it than i have time to play. So what’s your personal issue with it?

      • XmXY says:

        i agree with you , with all the ps vita , psx and psp games i have , and with the mp4 video streaming from my pc , and web browsing with html5 support , and emulators and homebrew that i have in tv-n i find myself having more than i need , and i actually like the vita , i might want them to just care about developing some more exclusive titles for the system that should attract more players to the vita , they ar enot supporting it as much as Nintendo’s doing with the 3ds.

        • jake says:

          “Vita is useless”

          Said by thousands who’ve never used a Vita.

          Verdict: Vita is not useless

          Supported by thousands who owned a Vita

          • gamr13 says:

            Not to start a war or anything, but the Vita is utterly useless. Most of the games for it are just re-releases of titles. The PSP will remain my favourite, but for those who don’t/couldn’t get TN-V or VHBL The Vita is mostly useless, None of the games catch my interest, Like I stated before, The old gen did it better, such as PS3 and PS2, PSP, and so on. My Vita sits in dust, I do have most of the “good” titles for it and still I don’t find it that interesting, I’d sell it to Game Stop but their offering sh*t money for it, None of my friends want it even with the games ’cause they heard it’s *** and I don’t blame them either…Sure, with even VHBL then I’d find it great and have it everywhere with me, but for now, the PSP sits with me.

          • gamr13 says:

            The ONLY things the Vita is useful for is YouTube, Web browsing, Skype and Remote Play, which is how I play my PS1 games from PS3

          • Norrei says:

            Since i got my 3DS XL, my Vita has taken the backseat because there isn’t much that excites me about it anymore.

            I find the 3DS more fun because of games like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Mario Kart 7, Scribblenauts: Unlimited, the 3D effect, the touch-screen gets more use, Street-Pass, apps let you play around with music, videos, photos, and the child-like simplicity of the UI.

            I love my Vita because of the crisp OLED touch-screen, the web browser, Youtube videos in HD, Cracked app, Visually-better portable multi-platform games, Skype, can take better videos, not limited to 10 mins, and photos, and can hold entire movies without splitting them into parts.

            The PS Vita is a great system with lots of games, it’s just that i only care about playing a few like LBP: Vita, FFX HD, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and those particular games that are ports of the best ps2/ps3 games to play on-the-go and Vita exclusives that push the system to it’s limit like GTA: San Andreas and the God of War games did for the ps2.

            I am really looking forward to when the Vita and 3DS get 8-16gb storage in their game cartridges so we can have home console ports that don’t have to get a reduction in game quality like The Amazing Spider-man and Borderlands 2, and games like FFX and FFX-2 HD being separated as a physical copy and digital-only download.

          • Sky Yuki says:

            I kind of agree with gamr13
            I got really low interest in vita EU library (Yeah because it doesn’t have a games that i wanted)
            However i still got use for it thought
            I’m only play vita for most of JP games so it’s useful
            But the fact is half of JP games is untranslated so i don’t really buy a one that is dialogue heavy
            So a game that most people wanted is untranslated
            And EU games suck
            Anddddd all my use for vita goes to PSP games library and youtube i would mainly use nico nico but it’s require firmware update so no

  3. DeathOfChaos says:

    I don’t really understand why the whole thing about HDCP being able to be turned off is such a big deal, really. It’s supposed to block us from doing what again? I can upload a gameplay capture to facebook and facebook has a download button… that’s kind of what HDCP was keeping you from doing, only it’s not keeping you from doing it, lol.

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