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[Vita] Release: Black list maker by 173210 (+ list of blacklisted games in 3.12)


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  1. BigBossJC says:

    I am running 3.01 with tn-v on it but i am a ps plus user so I want to upgrade to 3.12 to use online features. If i upgrade can i still use either my uno exploit or my 100 megamix to run vhbl? I don’t care about isos i just want to use online stuff while being able to use my old school emulators. Thanks for any help.

  2. franz says:

    by any chance? im on 3.01 is there any chance that i can use any proxy or working trick not to update to the latest firmware? by any chance if there is help… im dying to go back to my vita?

  3. nevercall says:

    they’re dropping the psp console. 🙂

  4. yo says:

    Heh. So there’s two games I’ve got that aren’t listed for 3.12.
    Would have been another but third was Valhalla Knights. Which would have been nice to use because it was free for a bit. Meaning a bunch of people already owned it.

  5. PS3Y2kvirus says:

    Pursuit Force was blacklisted last I checked before the store update you could not download on ps vita or transfer…

  6. max says:

    please i have 3.12, is there any chance to run an exploit on this version????

  7. Johnny says:

    There is a game that is not in the blacklist, its Locoroco

  8. Mystic_Shadow says:

    Sweet my game is off the list time to test it on 3.12 on my gfs vita.

  9. dgjg0622 says:

    Can I use the VHBL Arcade Darts at 3.12 yet?

  10. PlaGeRaN says:

    Still a very good chance they are stress testing save game data for exploit’s.
    Some of these games I’ve never heard of. 3 of them I happen to have lol!

  11. ivo says:

    so what about a re-enable tool for those exploited games ?
    is ther a way to install without said store ?.?

  12. SsJVasto says:

    Wait wait wait… Patapon was blacklisted?!?

    • yo says:

      Yeah, since the good ol’ HBL days on PSP. Can’t remember /exactly/ when but it was probably when Patapon 2 was blacklisted.

  13. 173210 says:

    >but if you happen to have your own kernel exploit, this will let you quickly get a list of the blocked usermode exploits.
    It doesn’t need a kernel exploit and I don’t have one.

  14. Cesana says:

    Can I use Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks on 3.12 FW?

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