EU PSN Store now also without PSP/PS1 restrictions! – Access to PSP Demos granted!

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  1. Type25pro

    And nice post thnx 4 the info

  2. Sky Yuki


  3. christoper

    and for japan and americas PSN store also is granted demos?

  4. Obito

    XD my memory card barely can bear 2 or 3 of these.

  5. NakedFaerie

    I really hope they haven’t done it as a mistake to the whitelist, they have to be nice once in a while so lets hope its them being nice and they keep being nice.

  6. reckizan

    lol and ihope from these demo, one of them are exploitable! Please make it happen ~~~!

  7. Dessel

    “unless the demo has a limited amount of time(s) it can be played”
    I didn’t know any PSP/PS Vita demos had this limit.

  8. NNNRT

    Yays! I can now play all these demos & TNT Racers without eCFW! 😛

  9. thedicemaster

    old news.
    i could already download all my psp/ps1/mini games from the EU store even before the post about the US store here.

    the restrictions where most likely lifted on both stores at the same time.

  10. So we could get the numblast demo and it can be exploitable just like the full game? And now instead of wasting time on full games(games you HAVE to buy) for the exploit just spend time on the demos. I’m sure there are plenty of demos that have exploits.

    • The Z

      The numblast demo has a restriction of 3 days usage.

      After these 3 days you have to go to the PSN store and re-“buy” it.

      It vanishes from your download list after said 3 days.

      It still stays free, but it is basically a “trial” version, instead of a “demo”.

  11. PlaGeRaN

    Will be cool to see the psp 3000 exploit can be ported over. Devs managed to convert ps1 isos to eboot files. From eboot to vita files. (I think its eboot files)

  12. Leon2342


  13. mattblack85

    Is it to transfer these demos on the vita with fw 3.01. Tried with the ps3 but wouldn’t work. Can’t see the downloaded demos.

    • thedicemaster

      they only changed the whitelist for the download history.
      ps3 transfer and ps store whitelists are still missing a lot of psp games.

  14. Orion

    For example if download the demo of numblast and load his savehack TN-V load or not?

  15. brunoso

    Freee exploitsss!!!!

  16. Trolly

    i want to update my vita, i have the xploit with isos! Worth it?

    • anonanon

      Right now, no. There’s no guarantee that these games will actually last, If it was a mistake, Sony could possibly withdraw the licenses for the games and invalidate them.

      There is no guarantee that any of the demos are exploitable, infact it’s incredibly unlikely any of them will be.

      And last of all, It’s unlikely there will be be another Kernel exploit for a long time

  17. Danzzz

    So if im on 3.12 version…and if i buy Numblast, im gonna have an exploit? or it doesnt work on 3.12 ?

  18. CPUzX

    Still no signs of Metal Gear Acid. Urghhhhhhh.

  19. I just checked my Vita and the NA store doesnt allow demos ***!!!!

  20. Gonzilla

    So this actually works for TN-V or not? if it works i will be thinking on update my Vita, beacouse im missing PSN Connection D: