Amazon Deal of the Day: 38% off Titanfall + discounts on NFS Rivals, Arkham Origins, Beyond Two souls and more


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  1. Reynkz says:

    Pretty good games, Beyond Two souls was pretty interesting game(amazing graphics), Origins had fun boss fight although I didn’t like the story as much, and titanfall was fun for first week for me then it got generic at least for me 😛

  2. thedicemaster says:

    is there a proper “news tips” contact method here?
    i just found out sony finally used a vita/psp anti-piracy method that is good for everyone: all psp games are now downloadable on the vita.
    no more need for TN-V for me when i can play my legal copy of PSP2

    • DeathOfChaos says:

      When did this happen?

      • Jd8531 says:

        Last night. All PS1 games and PSP games are now downloadable and playable. We will have a blog post up soon. It was posted everywhere, and on Reddit.

        But if you ever have a news tip just PM Me, Wololo or any other bloggers in the /Talk forums.

        • FoxSevent says:

          It isn’t all that special, Sony just made all PSP and PSone games that are on the PSN/SEN playable on PS VITA.
          Basically with the last maintenance they changed every PSone and PSP SFO file to add PS VITA compatibility, it’s still most likely untested of all games will work completely, plus the PSN/SEN store still lacks a lot of PSP, PSone games like Crisis Core, Kingdom Hearts BBS, Dino Crisis (EU) and many more, so TN-V is still very much useful.

  3. ivo says:

    can i get a discount ps4 now without preservation 😉

  4. DeathOfChaos says:

    Titanfall has never looked good to me and now that I know its online multiplayer ONLY, pretty unattractive, lol

  5. Nagstor says:

    Do you guyz get paid to advertise like this?

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