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PS Vita TN-V Weird System Crash


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  1. jake says:

    teh scarez

  2. garrlker says:

    I’m glad it’s not just me.

  3. Jd8531 says:

    There is no reason to cause hysteria over this or make it seem like something worse than it is. It can’t cause any damage nor can you “lose control”. If this happens just hard reset the Vita.

    This bug has been an issue with exploits for quite some time. If I’m not mistaken its just an issue with the RAM clearing upon exit from the PSPemu. (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)

    • The Jay Doctor says:

      Yes. I forgot to mention that this could be fixed with a hard reset. There was a point where it couldn’t though (I think that’s in the video?). And lockups have happened to me without TN-V being involved.

      • Patrick_Stur says:

        Nothing’s ever worse than the bug where the ps vita gets stuck at the shutdown black(grey or whatever) but the backlights are still on. The only choice you have is to wait for it to run out of juice.

        • The Jay Doctor says:

          I know what you mean. It’s happened to me manyatimes

          • yo says:

            You do know that you can just hold the power button until it shuts off, right? This works regardless if the Vita is frozen and is the “easy” way to boot into safe mode. (Just keep holding after shutdown until menu appears)

    • Acid_Snake says:

      I have to agree with jd here. This has been happening since the beginning, it’s not an issue with TN-V and there’s no reason to make a blog post about it to scare users away, this is the kind of *** that ends up with noobs posting a lot of the same questions on /talk: c4n TN-Bee br1ck mah ps ve3tah?
      And its us moderators who end up paying for it.

  4. Weezer says:

    I guess this is a long time ago issue.. i just ignored it

  5. mangosteam says:

    its probably because of some memory issues

  6. GuitaristMatt says:

    Cool video

  7. DarkenLX says:

    If you hold the power long enough it will turn of you have to hold it longer than normal it will power off when you power on it goes to recovery just tell it start vita normally its an like an OOM almost bug most likely something did not exit cleanly in psp mode..

  8. NakedFaerie says:

    It’s not just TN-V as I have had lockups and crashes similar with Vita games. Even the PSN Store locks up sometimes.
    Nothing to be alarmed about thinking its a TN-V thing when it’s not.
    $ony need to stop trying to block exploits and start making the OS more stable and fix the bugs it’s got. I would like to see an OFW that actually removes some real bugs instead of just patching exploits.

  9. Epoke says:

    I had a few crashes myself.. always when i use USB to FTP or a FTP.
    I transfer/delete/move/copy something with the FTP, then it says impossible to connect then vita freeze. then i close FTP close the game (Numblast and others)

    Then i try to launch the game again, the game as been deleted and all my saves..

    I need to re-connect with OCMA then re-send the game and the TN-V save then it boot normally but nothing appears in folder, then i need to go in recovery mode and then restore QSB folder..

  10. taronish3 says:

    Its happen in any time it feels like .it trigger some other vita side error.

  11. darktbs7 says:

    I had an error once, tried to play an iso of naruto ultimate ninja heroes 3, froze to black screen, couldn’t do anything but tap ps button and swipe to quit, thats when it got weird. Trying to start the exploit game caused the circle to zoom out the way it would before allowing you to tap to start, then the circle just stayed in the centre of the screen, nothing else happened or could happen. Just deleted naruto and never played it.

  12. gbot says:

    This is not weird, it also happens when you crash vhbl in some specific way. Devs will know about this. No need to aggravate it, its just a memory issue

  13. TechWolf says:

    I had a crash similar to this just this morning. It happened when I hit the PS button as the PSP splash screen for the FTP program came up. Vita locked up. Held my power button for roughly 60 seconds and it brought up the recovery screen. Hit “Reset Vita” and plucked along with my file transfers. Seems like don’t do anything with the Vita dashboard as you load up apps in the PSP sandbox and everything will be fine.

  14. haorye says:

    Well, it happened to me once when i updated the tn-v and accidentally used the “older” tn-v version Save folder to copy games to my vita. After that, i just restored my memory card and use the correct one, and nothing has happened since then (the exploit is Megamix). Or maybe, the crash in the video is caused by Numblast itself (an unstable exploit, then? Not sure)

  15. zik says:

    i’m not sure if any of you are aware, but if these happen when you’re running the expolit, i don’t think the exploit accounted for the home button, which wasn’t used in the original psp.

    so, if you’re running the expolit, i would highly suggest that you refrain from pressing the home button on the vita to check anything…

    and as for those glitches and crashes, it hasn’t happened to me, but i fear the day it will…but i hope it happen within the year of my warrenty, because if it happen out of warrenty, sony has BETTER offer to fix my vita as i didn’t violate the ToA yet.

  16. SotonaAdsky says:

    Buffer overflow crash, maybe? Can we get from there to VITA core memory?

  17. AsDraS says:

    happpened to me many times. i thought its already known so i did not report it 😀
    i think its just the software part of the vita which emulates the psp which is nit able to clear the old stuff in its part of the ram which causes it to fail at restarting.. a reboot of the console fixes this issue

  18. GovanifY says:

    I already had this glich, but iirc not w/ the TN-V. He was pretty annoying, but I was still able to force the console to power off.
    And there’s always an option: waiting the battery go down :p

  19. Gameblamer says:

    Couldn´t we use that Crash for exploiting the vita System? I mean the Crash occurs to the VITA System…So when we can Trigger a Vita system Crash, could there be a chance to use it for us?

    • AsDraS says:

      ich glaub nicht, dass wir dadurch zugriff aufs system der vita bekommen.. es scheint eher ein problem des psp-emus zu sein, welcher die vorherige instanz nicht richtig schliessen kann und dadurch keine neue öffnet (evtl restdaten im ram).
      seit wann bist du eigentlich bei wololo? hab dich bisher nicht gesehn^^

  20. deaos says:

    to solve this problem you need to wait until the battary is empty.
    after that jut charge you vita and start to play agine.
    that’s happend to me alot.

  21. mcallbosco says:

    i have never had it crash but i have had the bubbles come on the sceen for one or 2 seccents before the live area screen comes up. it might of been the vita recvering itself from allmost crashing. it happoned on the 3.10 ofw.

  22. Siyan says:

    Wow, nice to see not only happened to me. This happened at least twice with UNO exploit. I cannot power it off, and only thing I can do is waiting battery runs off.

  23. NinDTendo says:

    haha XD I always take ot the battery when it happens…^^

  24. Nnuma says:

    If i remember well it happened to me when I was loading something but I do not remember what… –‘

  25. riddle43 says:

    I’ve had the same crash it seemed to happen to me when i was doing a lot of testing of PSP games and emulators. it is very scary the first time for sure but I’ve been playing with hacks on meany different systems over the years and as far as I can tell the PS Vita has troubles with or with out a hack but it does lead me to wonder if we could use something like this to run an custom code on our vita. I’ve had this happen also the most when i go from vita game to vita game what seems odd is it just takes a hard reset to get back to playing if it is the ram wouldn’t that be our way in? sorry just thinking out loud.

  26. Trunk208 says:

    I have never experience this before on the youtube video. But I did have it happen once just like what @Patrick_Stur and @The Jay Doctor have happen to me, so the solution was really what @yo say hahha that really works for that crash.

    The Most frequent I have for this crash as of now is that everytime when the PSP Homebrew launch it stucks to black Screen. Then I have to press the White PS BUtton and restart the game exploit and realize it turn black screen then you have to wait for 10 or so seconds maybe less for it to work :I

  27. fatman01923 says:

    It simply amazes me that people can’t look online to know that all *modern* electronics should automatically cut off if you hold the power button down for like 15 seconds until it shuts off. I mean, I see comments above talking about taking the battery out! (Facepalm)

    • Chaosruler says:

      it amazes me more that you failed to notice that it has been tried, even on that youtube video which you probably didn’t watch – something that created the panic for TJD to open this thread, though I disagree with that panic

      also, the PS Vita’s long press of the power button is still software emergency powerdown, the real hardware powerdown is power+home+select+start buttons, they will work on all the crashes obviously, along with some small data erasure such as clock and other CMOS-like data

      • fatman01923 says:

        You point is still invalid, it takes two seconds to google a the hardware reset combo if one does not know. It solves all problems you shouldn’t have to take out a battery…

  28. elPanchoLoco says:

    LOL. This same crash happened to me about 2 hours ago. It was wierd because the vita wouldnt do anything. I had to press the power button for like 1 minute then the vita turned off. Its been working great after the freeze up. No Biggy!!

  29. progamer1515 says:

    I hold down power even if it looks like it is off. This shuts down the system and it can be rebooted.

  30. Giovanni says:

    One day with the UNO Exploit my Vita crashed and hooked up in black screen. I had no chance to either turn it of or press any button, so I took my screwdriver and pulled out the battery. after update tn-v 4 and the change to king of pool this kind of crash did never appear again and my vita is working perfectly till now.

    • Giovanni says:

      @fatman01923 sure I know how *modern* electronics work but when the vita does not react on anything (yes even pushing the power button for like…1minute) I have to do something. Not everyone who took out the battery was just do dumb to turn the vita off.

  31. noaec says:

    I had a same case with Ark loader with the last exploit.
    after reset my vitav, it looked like normal but after i download from psn ps1 or psp game, the hard buttons didn’t work at all, only touch, power worked.
    finally i sold my vita for parts. i think bookr with ark or tn series are not good. after I bought a new vita, i don’t use bookr. stay away form bookr.

  32. reaper6666 says:

    odd … i just let the bat run dead then i can power it up … its like a really long hard reset

  33. reaper6666 says:

    havent tried it currently tho ..

  34. Meler says:

    Yeah its kinda not so stable as we all expected ,had few of them on difrent exploits and softs,so the worse is hard reset happen 2 times 🙁

  35. JUN says:

    Just reading through all the comments here to find that a lot of you are making this bigger than it is. I have had this happen to me quite a few times and I feel this is pretty normal using any hack. Some PSVitas may act different from others, some people may have never had such a crash. Some people may hold power button for a minute and you can reset your PSVita, while some may take a few minutes to get into recovery to reset the PSVita. IMHO, not a big deal, nothing is perfect and there are always a bug here and there in these hacks.

  36. gunblade says:

    Yea happen to me with my ps vita 3g that was on firmware 1.60 think it was the first or secound firmware update think it’s wen Sony add. the recovery menu the dude at gamestop or chick I think said to jus hold the power button and not to charge and play and not to have to much apps Oprah at one time jus the ps vita got overclocked but I was hot like wen my android has a bunch of apps running in the background.

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