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8 Days of Gaming, Day 2: The worst console generation?


I like beer.

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  1. pejman1998

    acid snake keep it going tanks

  2. Bullshiters

    copy pasted from wikipedia 😛

  3. Sh4rkoon

    Thanks for finally releasing the second part. I look forward to read about Nintendo, because the NES was my favourite console.

  4. Mamimi

    “there was only one ghost” Did you base your entire article off of screenshots, or just this comment? Obviously you never played the game, or even YouTubed a video of it.

    Man, the quality of the writing on this site gets worse every day. Just a lot of opinions from people who don’t have any actual information about a subject, bad formatting and grammar, fearmongering, and buildup that doesn’t go anywhere. I think I’ll stick to only reading articles Wololo himself writes from now on. He’s competent.

    • Bullshiters

      My thoughts exactly, I don’t know if the author just didn’t elaborated it clearly or he doesn’t really know the fact that four ghost can chase you at the same time but they take turns displaying on the screen(only one ghost is present in every frame), which makes enemies to appear like its flickering, and I consider that as hardware limitation not “lazzzzzynesss”

      I learned that by taking a quick look at wikipedia, only took me like 2 minutes 🙂

      • birdyhands

        Wow, do you guys really need to complain about every little bad article that someone writes on this blog? First of all, wololo.net would probably have an article released maybe once a week if it weren’t for the the authors that Wololo allowed to write on this site. Next, Acid_Snake started off by saying that he got the info from Wikipedia, so MOST people would have expected unreliable or incorrect information anyways. So think twice before you guys decide to go and blow up the comments section with stupid and ignorant opinions that you have.

        • birdyhands

          sorry about the double comment, I thought the first one didn’t go through

        • Acid_Snake

          yeah I don’t care about the historical part, we all know that ***, that’s why it looks like a copy-paste from wikipedia. There’s no copy-paste, *** happened how it happened. I mostly care about the ranting I want to do to the consoles themselves, but with the atari 2600 all the rant I may be able to do has already been done.

          • Shuu

            Well, I did had a good laugh with this article. I don’t care where it comes from and I don’t understand why someone should *** this post.

  5. WhyNott

    It’s funny how you whine about third party games “killing the generation”, while writing on a blog about homebrew games and hacks.

    Both pac-man and ET were first-party games, made by atari. On the other hand, games made by Activision (you seem to dislike this company for some reason) like Pitfall and such, are considered to be timeless clasics.

    Sometimes to write journalistic articles you need a bit more then just a Wikipedia article opened in another window

    • Acid_Snake

      It’s a black and white scenario. Third party developers are a good thing (I say that in the post but I guess you can’t read well), but it was bad on the atari 2600 cause there was barely no quality control and most third party devs of the era weren’t even game devs, the only ones who made good games were activision and some others.

      • MarSprite

        I would argue that the existence of shovelware brought about the evolution of game review and advertising material. Plenty of shovelware for the nintendo too.

  6. shapeshifter

    imho, the next worse era is ps3-xbox360, the prices were bad, games lacked story like prev gen consoles like the ps2,alot of piracy for valid reasons given games , accessories and console were all very expensive
    the best era was the ps2 and psp eras,after that pc gaming such as steam box is looked forward more than ps4-xbox one, atleast in my country, where it costs $1000 and games are easily $80-100
    plus the heating issues etc arent worth the trouble, i had 2 ps3s and one xbox 360 die on me and my launch day ps2 and psp3000 still work perfect

    • Acid_Snake

      I’m gonna have to agree, last gen was horrible for gaming in general.
      Playstation started loosing its charm, although it gradually started getting it back. The Wii was a big middle finger to core nintendo audience (I loved the GameCube but the Wii seems like Nintendo not appreciating that and kissing casual gamer’s *** instead). The 360 is probably the worst: it started ok with great games but the hardware was horrible and pushed too early, and by the time the hardware became decent, the system had already become a brodude machine riddled with FPS and corporate *** that just got worse with the Xbone.

      • jd20dog

        im not sure what the gripe on games being cheaper back in the day, maybe just they’re parents buying them for them, or just seeing them used for years at flea markets

        atari games where $10-40usd new
        nes games where $35-45usd new back in the day
        super nes though n64 was $40-45usd($45-75usd for collector sets)

        ps1 was $35-50usd ($45-75usd for collector sets)
        dreamcast,ps2 ,gamecube and xbox made the $45 norm

        wii tended to be any were from $5-40usd depending on the title type, and market

        ps3 and 360 averaged around $40-60 and tended to be more controlled by marketing group testing….
        ps4 and xbox one seem to be holding around the same point with last gen pricing

        • shapeshifter

          keep in mind just because usa is cheap doesnt mean the rest of the world gets good prices
          ps2 games and even psp games were definitely cheaper than ps3/ps4 and ps vita games
          they used to cost $10-40 for a decent title

          • jd20dog

            look at cost of development time through production to full release, these cost are usually divided into the end game release cost.. for some markets, local issues lead to larger cost, like importation laws, product manufacturing limitation, and additional local market issues that must be addressed before production, like translations or additional language packs,updated patches, or included dlc that must be included on the final media format

            each step adds to the end product cost
            sadly many small countries have to deal with importation tax on several steps of production witch can be ridiculous on its effect on the end price

            then there is the horrid group marketing testing witch only seems to pay the shopaholics with no concept of money management to be in they’re focus groups….

  7. riddle43

    ok im old lets just get that out of the way…. I remember the awfulness of the early 80’s The Atari 2600 was a bad and wonderful system the company was bad and there stores (yes i said stores) were a land of gaming joy. The problem came with the fact that every game was just about endless if you don’t know try an emulator you could get a high score but never complete the game like today. Atari was bad as a company and in my mind set the stage for all movie based games to suck the were trying to cash in on all the money from ET and it backfired bad to this day i never touch a movie title cause 99.9% of the time its going to be really bad. Also if i remember correctly Pac Man if you upped the difficulty you had more ghosts but it has been years. The ColecoVision was awesome and the worst system I’ve ever played (and I’ve played the Virtual Boy lol) so i would say to all who are under 25 here reading this get some emulators and see for your self how bad it was before Nintendo. Also on a side note Nintendo had issues with game developers not getting rights to make games like bible adventures. Back in 89 i had a Mario 1 game cart my dads buddy put 50 nes games on and i was able to play on a unmodded NES it was a blast that’s why to this day Im always looking for the joy of the game as we all should. Sorry to ramble it’s just the early years of gaming was an awesome and odd time to grow up in not like today with all of this online and DLC stuff but C’est la vie what will be will be. Thanks for your time on my opinion.

    • Cosmos43

      I remember it from a kids perspective. I was born at the perfect time to experience all the gaming history to date, and I’m still a hardcore gamer and collector. The kids love it. And yeah E.T. was the cause of some of my first uses of bad language. I still love those memories though.

  8. NoSpam

    Snake, you need to up your game, I don’t what’s going on but the quality and accuracy of your articles is declining at an steady rate. If you’ve got deadlines or something then you need to re-evaluate the workload and how much time you’re spending writing. Sometimes it feels as if certain sentences are trolling… if it’s intentional then keep up the good work.

    • Acid_Snake

      That’s because I didn’t live in this generation so i try my best to just say what I know from second-hand reports rather than personal opinion, this will be true until we get to generation 5 onwards. I would love if older gamers who were in that era shared their thoughts and experience with the system, I always love to read those comments and stories those gamers have to say, but instead I mostly get 10-year-old brats complaining and whining, one of the mayor factors of me being a *** in /talk

  9. Thrawn

    Ahh yeah the consoles of the 80’s… what garbage they were.

    I so just had to rewatch the AVGN episodes about pong consoles, doublevision, atari 2600 & 5200…. oh my tummy still hurts from laughing. XD

    • Acid_Snake

      My favorite hobby when I have some free time is to watch youtube channels dedicated to gaming, I love everything from super old-school to the newest piece of software the industry has to offer: AVGN, NecroVMX, Angry Joe, jontron, The Completionist and The Game Theorists are examples of channels I like to watch.
      Sadly Youtube has been a huge pain in the *** for gamers lately with channels getting their videos flagged and taken down due to some music from the game being heard on the background when the game is being reviewed.

      • Thrawn

        Yeah I know what you mean. I also like watching the old stuff and sometimes new games.

        About the “copyright infringment stuff”, there is only one cure to this.
        Don’t advertise their stuff!!!
        Ignore it or blackmail and blackmouth it.
        Post wrong or only partly true reviews.

        Infact, if a company tells me not to use something showing footage of their product, which I indirectly advertised this way, I WILL TELL PPL TO JUST PIRATE IT.

        I’ve had a few movies of me playing deleted, everything shown was footage from original snes with original games and with links to buy the console including games plastered all over the place. I earned nothing this way, those were MY private videos, then SH*TENDO jerked up and tried to squeeze money out of that, ***?

        This filled me with such a rage that I edited every video, removed every SH*TENDO advertisment and replaced it with “PIRATE IT”.

        End of story.


      • shapeshifter

        check out classic game room its epic

  10. Mikedaburner

    At 1st i thought damn why is there a news about old gaming systems…
    But the article was very interesting. Keep up the good work.

  11. hunt

    Looking forward to this article series. Keep it up ^^

  12. Ken Arromdee

    Almost every nontrivial statement in this article was false, including the one about every adult having started on a 2600 (because apparently there are no adults less than 40 years old), the sales of E.T. (The number produced is 4 million with a low estimate, the number returned is 3.5 million with a high estimate, but it’s either 5/3.5 or 4/2.5; 4/3.5 is right out). and the chronology which puts “Atari becoming the norm” *after* the creation of the Colecovision and 5200. Not to mention thinking “people didn’t really know which console was better” and “most consoles just seemed to be exactly like the one before” as if you couldn’t compare a Colecovision and a 2600.

    • Ken Arromdee

      Correction: The Wikipedia article seems internally inconsistent. It says that 3.5 of 4 million were returned or unsold, but elsewhere says that 1.5 million were sold and 2.5-3.5 unsold. This is only possible if 1 million out of 1.5 sold were returned, which seems unlikely.

      To make up for it, here’s another inaccuracy: Atari in Japan. A minute of Googling shows http://www.usgamer.net/articles/why-did-atari-fail-in-japan which explains that the equivalent of the 2600 didn’t debut in Japan until after the Famicom.

  13. HitoriYamazakiKuzakiMuramakiKo

    Why isn’t the Vita on the list? I think it deserves to be there, not nr. 1, as it has some use to it, but at least a mentioning should be there.

  14. Tinker

    Mikundu yenu wote mnaoponda.

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  16. davide

    Amiga 500,Super Nintendo,Playstation 1,xbox and Xbox360 was the best for me i never forget they until i die.
    Also arcade machines Top Hunter,Street Fighter 2 ,The NewZealand Story ,Mk2 etc.
    I don’t hav like the ps4\xboxone gen sadly.

  17. Peter

    I think the current gen consoles are the worst in history. Why? Due to the lack of innovation. Eg;

    Ps1 – CD Multimedia
    PS2 – DVD multimedia
    PS3 – Bluray Multimedia
    PS4 – Bluray Multimedia

    Yes the PS4 graphics are better then PS3 graphics, slightly, but compared to the upgrades in the past, this console lacked that..

    Ps4 should of been 4k discs from the start.

    The Atari come out at the point of its technology. We have 4k bluray tech for a while but Sony did not invest in it.

    • Have to agree. Also, the only thing that really saves this generation is indie games. Why? Because the big companies just do the same times a lot of times and, sadly, it sells. Shitload of useless DLCs, remake and remaster a lot of times, and no real innovation at all.

    • Litium

      You better list cpu/gpu insteady of mass memoty support used

  18. I like your amazing post.thanks for share this with us.
    Good and full of knowledge.

  19. Paul

    Huh?? The Internet was only young and new back in those days of the Atari 2600 and not many people had it????
    Are you guys serious???? Lol
    The Internet wasn’t even thought of back then… around 1979.

    Amazing journalism

  20. Duwen

    Most poorly conceived and written article I’ve read on any gaming blog, ever.
    Overflowing with inaccuracies, personal bias (without first hand/historical experience), and grounded in the realm of opinions held by very few of the consumers of the actual generation being dealt with.
    You can still write a good article about something you obviously have no experience of; by doing your own extensive research and approaching the topic from a new viewpoint… but just regurgitating untruths is poor.

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