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PSP/Vita : How to find your own exploits


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  1. STAticKY says:

    Excellent Article.

  2. LINK says:


  3. roswell108 says:

    Put this together with the last Vita exploit article and you get “Do you need new exploits? Do it yourself” hahaha.

  4. Nnuma says:

    thanks ^^

  5. ivo says:

    first. for this in an emulator finding exploits or live.
    u need to port usbtools to nettools for psplink wifi
    since it works without usb it has minimal usage
    and needs a port of tools from *.usb to *.net usage
    things like gdb debugger and others dont work with
    psplink wifi
    i never use a psp and usb anymore … nor will u i imagine.
    i use a vita and usb xor wifi but thats something else
    as i cant use it to debug like with psplinkusb
    ps. and i need a live mysql database lol

  6. ivo says:

    hi, could u put the wololo.net/feed.rss back online ?
    so i can have fun reading parsed

  7. gdxht01201 says:

    “To five it a try.”
    Light Xela Error report 1

  8. Klauss says:

    20 exploits in 2 year, 1.8~~ per month, i guess; one person taking 15 days to find a exploit (more than one person working), ?… i dont know if a agree with “is reasonably simple”. Oo

  9. kepohe says:


    I don’t write many time but i read your site often (everyday). I think the psp is dead and people who wan’t to play emulator or psp game can buy a psp for little money.
    I think the psp scene is dead and we don’t need an other exploit on the ps vita. I hope the dev will try to find an exploit for ps vita game and not for psp emulator on ps vita.
    I bought the ps vita when she came in store at the begening and i have only 3 games and ps+ but i never play with my vita. She’s in the box.

    Sorry for my poor english, i’m french.

    • STAticKY says:

      I think there are elements of thruth there, possibly why this articles been put up. the latest under the hood changes made it near impossible to get kernel access so yea.
      anyone can go buy a used psp, but playing psp games on the vita is much nicer.
      you have bilinear filtering as well as being able to assign the touchscreen corners and right analouge stick, all this on a bigger screen makes for a much nicer psp experience in my opinion

      • Franz says:

        I finally updated mine and got when vicking attack and urban trial freestyle city rampage all for 3 bucks vita has nice deals now on psn that its better to buy another psp i honestly think its has a crsiper graphics cause the psp games are native on it while on the the vita it still stretched even with bilinear filtering.. Cant pass killzone merc online now with botmode beats tn-v all day

  10. solidsnake says:

    thanks i might five it a try too

  11. ivo says:

    what about a wololo.net rss parse reader for psp
    meaning an eboot rss reader :p
    but the feed ends in wololo.net/feed/
    and not in feed.rss
    is ther a script convert to xml or rss or any
    or even cvs
    lets code a feed parser

  12. ivo says:

    this is the php code on the webserver
    then how do i parse feeds from older than 2 weeks
    next is to add this php page on some sebserver to
    an eboot psp webbrowser mutex app
    anybody have a sample of hooks ?

  13. razor says:

    PSVITA Hacking for noobs!

  14. ivo says:

    the other way to run the rssreader script
    is to run a localhost apache plus php in a prx
    aside from ur demo eboot and just point
    the webrowser hook to localhost

  15. ivo says:

    pge phoenix game library has a lua utils browser script for an eboot
    next would be porting running host httpd and php as prx

  16. Jackattack says:

    I found four new games that seem to offer hope. Where do I share this info to see if they are indeed new?

  17. ivo says:

    what about sharing ur thoughts in /talk

  18. Top Secret says:

    If I am on the lastest firmware in PS Vita (3.12) but I’ll buy an exploited game for 3.01 (I read in this site they’re back in the PSN) can I install psp emulator? (I read the tutorial and i thought that and i understood that the savedata file don’t relate to the firmware).

    Thank You For Helping And Explaining.

  19. ivo says:

    what about a bluetooth network link from vita to a gateway(pc)

  20. zakwarrior says:

    I wanted for a long time to work on psp exploits, thanks a lot for explaining. every psp game that exist can be found on the psvita psn (except the ones that have been removed) ?

    • wololo says:

      No, not all of them are available. You should check on the PSN if it says “PSP/Vita” or “PSP” only, before looking for exploits in a given game.

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